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Sell on Amazon with Your eCommerce Website

Sell your goods on the world's biggest $120+ billion marketplace.

Build your store

Become an Amazon seller with a website and eCommerce store from Zyro, and reach millions of customers worldwide.

Sell on Amazon

Launch a successful seller account

If you're United States-based, you can sync your Amazon seller account with your own online store. Increase the reach of your products, find new customers, and let users shop for your items without having to leave the Amazon platform.

Centralized management

Take control simply and easily

Take the hard work out of eCommerce and handle it all from your Zyro dashboard. Manage your inventory, product listings, inbound orders, shipping, and even customer service, all from one place.

Enhanced marketing

Reach millions of customers

As well as helping you list and sell your products, Zyro lets you introduce them to new customers. Use SEO tools, Google Ads, and social media marketing to reach huge audiences. Start selling on a bigger scale.

Everything mobile

Sell products on the go

Zyro empowers mobile buying and mobile selling. All Zyro websites are mobile-friendly as standard. Additionally, you can manage your entire store, including your Amazon listings, via mobile too.

Quick site builder

Start selling in minutes

With Zyro's professional templates and easy to use drag-and-drop builder, you can publish your online store in no time. Create product listings in minutes, connect your store to your Amazon account, and get started.

Examples of Zyro templates

Sell everywhere

Sell products on other platforms

As well as helping you set up your store and sell on Amazon, Zyro empowers you to list and sell your products on other platforms too. You can begin selling on Facebook and Instagram the same day as you open your Amazon store.

Choose the right plan for you

Zyro gives you the choice of eCommerce plans. Choose the plan that suits the size and purpose of your business, and only pay for the features you really need.


The Zyro Online Store plan offers all you need to build, launch, and grow your online store. Manage product listings, promote your brand, and optimize your marketing and website to boost your sales.


The Zyro Advanced Store offers a few more features to improve customer experience and enhance your brand. Offer abandoned cart recovery, group discounts, and even feature multiple languages in your store.

How to become an Amazon seller with Zyro

Follow these simple steps to set up your online store and start selling with Amazon:

  1. 01

    Join Zyro

    It's free to sign up. You can build a website without spending a dime, so you can make sure you like the platform before financially committing. Upgrade your site to an Advanced Store plan when ready.

  2. 02

    Design your store

    Choose a designer-made, SEO-friendly template. Then, use Zyro's drag-and-drop builder to quickly and easily customize your online store to your liking.

  3. 03

    Connect to Amazon

    Connect your store to your Amazon account. Sync up inventory, product listings, shipping options, and other preferences. Once your account is connected, you won't have to manage the two channels separately.

  4. 04

    Handle orders easily

    Zyro helps you keep track of everything in one place. Manage orders and handle shipping for Amazon customers, all from one handy dashboard. Add a product listing once and it will be displayed everywhere.

  5. 05

    Grow your business

    Zyro provides detailed sales reports and analysis of your traffic and visitor behavior, thanks to tools like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and Hotjar. Use these insights to boost your sales.

Selling on Amazon FAQs

  • If you're joining Amazon as a product seller, you'll need to sign up for a Professional plan. This gives you the ability to sell as many products as you like for $39.99 a month.Don't worry about costs mounting up. Zyro doesn’t charge commission on sales. You’ll get to keep everything you make from selling through Amazon and other platforms.
  • Every day, more eCommerce sellers are turning to marketplaces like to reach new audiences and sell more products.Whether or not you're already selling online, it's remarkably easy to set up an Amazon seller account and start making a profit through the platform.If you're new to eCommerce, you can follow these easy steps to start selling on Amazon. Identify your target market. Knowing the kind of people you're aiming to sell to will help you choose the kinds of products you need to offer, and inform your marketing strategy too. Get your products. You might already have products in mind or you may still need to choose them based on your target market. Make sure you know where your inventory is coming from before selling. Build a website. Use a website builder like Zyro to create an online store. You can sell on Amazon without a website, but there are many reasons to have one. Open a seller account. To start selling on Amazon, you'll need to head to Amazon Seller Central and open an account. Once your Amazon account is open in Seller Central on Amazon, you can connect it to your Zyro store. Market your products. Use a range of techniques, like SEO, social media marketing or Google Ads, to reach your audience. Zyro eCommerce packages offer access to all these marketing tools. Optimize your selling. Use insights from sales reports and analytics tools to learn more about your customers, and tailor your user experience to their expectations.For more helpful information, you should check out the seller pages on There's a lot of information about starting a seller account on Amazon.Struggling to build your website, connect to, or manage an order? Zyro's customer service agents are available around the clock to help you.
  • It's not a requirement of Amazon that you have your own online store. However, there are a number of benefits of having one connected to your Amazon account. Don't rely on Amazon. If Amazon goes offline or changes its rules, you may lose this source of income. Having your own store keeps you independent, and makes it easier to diversify. Sell on multiple platforms. If you don't want to be limited to just one audience, you should launch an online store. With it, you will be able to sell on Amazon, and other marketplaces and platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Collect user data. If you only sell on Amazon, all information about your customers is kept by Amazon. With your own online store, you can collect information about visitors to improve your website and marketing. Increase your credibility. Shoppers are more likely to trust your brand if it's transparent. With an online store, you increase your company's credibility, which will lead to increased levels of trust from customers, and more purchases.

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