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Free food logo maker

Create a professional logo for your food business or brand. No design experience required.

Design a food logo

A free food logo that’s simple to create

It’s quick and easy for anyone to design food logos with Zyro’s Logo Maker. Get started with professional templates, then customize it to make it your own.

Whether you own a grocery store, run an ingredient delivery service, operate a cafe, restaurant, fast food outlet, or manage any other business within the food industry, a well-designed logo is crucial.

It’s the first thing your customers will notice about your business, making your logo the perfect way to tell the world what your business is all about.

Food logo inspiration

Do you run a food business? Logos help food brands get recognized, and establish their place in the minds of the consumers.

If your customers are other businesses, your logo can become a guarantee of quality and professionalism, used on trucks and email footers.

If your customers are consumers, the design of your logo can evoke trust and hunger. Use it on your packaging, website, and marketing materials.

Create a food logo

Unique food logo design ideas

What to consider before creating a food logo

The design choices for your logo should make it possible for you to use your logo wherever you want to.

Before diving into creating new food logos with Zyro’s logo generator, you need to decide which style of logo will best suit your brand.

Make sure it looks as good on a social media profile as it does in the footer of an email, or even on a t-shirt.


Wordmark logos are food logos which are primarily or entirely made up of a word or set of words, without any symbols. Usually, this would be the name of the brand the logo represents.

The design of a wordmark food logo hinges on the font and colors you choose. They dictate the mood and character of the food logo design.

This kind of logo is popular for food companies, as it offers the clearest way to share the name of the brand without other distractions.


The food industry is unique among all other industries for brands boasting logo designs incorporating mascots or characters.

Trust in food products among customers is highest when people associate your brand with a personality. That’s why thousands of companies choose to devote their logo, and frequently their business name as well, to the creation of a mascot or character.

Usually, mascot logo styles include either an animal or human character which is associated somehow with the products customers expect from the brand.


Icon logos involve a design that, instead of words, is a logo wholly made up of graphical icons or symbols.

Unlike mascots, these are not distinct characters, but usually more an abstract or recognizable design related to the products the company sells.

If you choose to use an icon logo, make sure that the design captures the character of your brand.

Text and icon

As the name suggests, a text and icon food logo incorporates elements from both wordmark and icon logo styles.

Most usually, this kind of food logo involves teaming the company title with some kind of image that represents the company.


An emblem is a type of food logo that layers of text and images on a stylized background, often in a round design.

While these are among the most complex types of food logo to design, they have an impactful look once created.

If you choose to use an emblem design for your food logo, it’s advisable that it would be for companies that want to express a high-quality and refined vibe.


Finally, we have the lettermark design which you may use for your food logo. This kind of design includes only letters and is usually made up of the initials of your food company’s title.

It’s similar to the wordmark food logo layout, in that fonts and colors are key to the character of the design.

Create a logo in 4 easy steps

Designing the perfect logo for your food brand is as easy as these 4 steps.

  1. 1. Choose your base design

    Zyro’s logo creator includes a number of logo templates for you to get started with.

  2. 2. Set your colors

    Your choice of colors is one of the most important parts of your logo design.

  3. 3. Adjust your logo shape

    Zyro’s logo editor allows you to customize your food logo in 360 degrees.

  4. 4. Add logo text

    Feature your company name or some other identifying text on your food logo designs.

What’s next?

Now you’ve got a beautiful logo, it’s time for a food website. Design a company website in minutes with Zyro’s website builder.

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