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Free gaming logo maker

Create a unique gaming logo design for your gamer avatar, your gaming team, or gaming channel with Zyro’s logo maker.

Design a gaming logo

A free logo that you’ll create in minutes

With Zyro’s gaming logo maker, anyone – no matter their level of design skills – can make a free logo suitable for use online, in competition, or on t-shirts and merch.

Pick a template, add images or text, change the color and layout of your logo, and you’re ready to go.

Your gaming logo design will be unique to you, is free and easy to make, and is free to use wherever you need.

If you run a gaming related business, you can incorporate your business name into your gaming logo, and use it on your business cards and website.

A logo being made in the logo maker

Gaming logo inspiration

Are you ready to make your own gaming logo? Whether you want an online logo for streaming or want a logo to print on merch, you can create a gaming logo with Zyro’s logo maker.

Think about the gaming brands you identify with the most, as well as the gamers who you think have a cool aesthetic.

Your gaming logo should be unique, but it’s great to draw inspiration from the greats who came before you.

A gaming logo on a business card mockup

Unique gaming logo design ideas

Eagle gaming team logo example
Modern gaming logo example
Speedhack icon logo for a gaming company
Rocket games logo example
Text and icon puzzle logo for a gaming brand
Icon logo for a gaming brand
TXS gaming logo example

What to consider before creating a gaming logo

While Zyro’s gaming logo maker is easy to use, there are some things you need to decide on before you make a logo for your gaming brand.

While the colors, shapes, and words included in your logo should be unique to you, there are a few classic logo designs that you can choose between.

Firstly, you need to think about the purpose of your logo. The look of a professional esports logo is going to differ greatly from gaming logos of an average streamer.


Wordmark logos are designs which graphically spell out the name of the person, company, or gaming team that the logo represents.

This kind of logo is great if your name is your brand, as it puts the title front and centre.

Some brands will use relatively simple fonts for wordmark logos, but in gaming this type of logo tends to be a lot more stylized.

Modern retro logo for a gaming brand


Similarly to a wordmark logo, a lettermark logo is a gaming icon which includes only letters.

However, instead of using the full name, these logos usually include the first letter or initials of the brands they represent.

TH word mark logo example


Many gaming brands decide that they're best represented by a symbol or an icon style logo. This kind of a gaming logo tends to be the most unique, because it opens the door to wild creativity.

If you want to create a print or an online logo with a symbol or icon concept, you should think about the shapes or words associated with your gaming persona, and go from there.

Combination gaming brand logo example


Emblems are usually the most complex and layered type of logo, because they combine text and images in a highly stylized way.

Emblems are particularly popular among gamer team brands, since they are similar to the crests and emblems worn by traditional sporting teams.

A small Speedhack icon logo for a gaming company


Is your gaming brand or team represented by a character? Perhaps your gaming avatars are iconic? You should consider a mascot style logo.

This kind of gaming logo incorporates an animal, character, or object into the design. You can either make it really clear what the mascot is, or design your mascot logo to be more abstract.

Small version of the Eagle gaming team logo example


Although not super common in gaming, an increasing number of players and brands are designing abstract logos to stand out from the crowd.

These gaming logos don’t represent anything in particular, and are really just a cool shape that represents your gaming persona or team.

Combination logo for a gaming team or brand

Create a logo in 4 easy steps

Creating a logo for your gaming brand is as simple as following these 4 steps:

  1. 1. Choose a logo template

    Browse through a selection of pre-made gaming logo templates to find one similar to your preferred logo styles.

  2. 2. Choose your colors

    Whether it’s the colors of your gaming clan or simply your favorite color, you can choose the palette to apply to your gaming logo.

  3. 3. Definite your shape

    Gaming logo designs are a place for creativity. Use unique shape combinations to produce a characterful logo.

  4. 4. Add text

    Add the name of your streaming channel, your username, or your team motto. Each logo template has space for personalized text.

What’s next?

Serious gamers need a website. Share information about your streams and sell merch with your logo on it – build a website today.

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