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Free photography logo maker

Design a custom photography logo for your business or your professional portfolio. No design skills needed.


A free logo for photographers

Stunning templates and intuitive design tools mean you don’t need any design skills to make a photography logo with Zyro Logo Maker.

Use the logo editor to bring your logo designs to life with picture perfect shapes, colors, and fonts that represent your photography brand.

Download your logo for free to use it everywhere. With no account required, your free photography logo designs only take a moment to make.

Zyro Logo Maker being used to create a logo

Photography logo inspiration

Photographers know the power one image can contain. And your photography logo design can say as much about your photography business as your photos do.

Your logo will appear next to your business name, on your watermark, on social media, and at your photography studio.

Creating a custom logo for your photography business is an absolute necessity.

Text logos demonstrated on business card mockups

Unique photography logo ideas

Wilson pictures modern photography logo example
Text mark logo example
Media company combination logo example
Peter Hicks text logo example
Visional cursive logo example
Christa combination logo example for a photography brand
Abstract icon logo example
Montre combination logo example
Futuristic text logo example

Things to consider before creating a photography logo

Before you get started with the logo design process, there are a few aspects of your brand or business that you need to consider.

Logo styles need to be fit for purpose. A business licencing stock images should use logo templates with a more functional design, suitable for business cards and email signatures.

Make sure that your logo represents the kind of photographer that you are, the kind of brand that you want to create, and the services that you offer.

Meanwhile, customers looking for a creative director will want to see a design with vision rather than just icons and basic information.

Watermark logo

Every photographer should have a watermark as a way to protect their copyright. An icon or logo, coupled with your photography company name, is a great method to protect your brand in a unique and instantly recognizable way.

Your logo and your watermark can be the same thing. It should be clearly legible as a watermark logo doesn’t just protect your brand, but it also represents it on images across the web.

Picton text and icon logo example

Classic logo

Classic logos for photographers often look a little bit like an artist's signature.

Use a logo maker with a script font to write your name in clear, yet personal text, with that artistic touch.

Photography logos with a classic style are still widely used by professional portrait photographers.

Katie Evans text logo example

Abstract logo

A well made abstract logo can express your eye for aesthetics. It can also allow you to represent your brand in a way that is unique to your skillset.

Use geometric shapes and lines rather than text in this sort of logo to stand out from the competition.

Abstract icon logo example

Modern logo

A modern logo combines classic elegance with on-trend elements to create up-to-date designs that everyone can relate to.

This kind of logo needs more resources, but can be a huge boost for your brand.

Get creative with your photography logo and you’ll see that you can incorporate more than just your business name and an icon.

Photography brand logo example

Graphic logo

Photography is about capturing a feeling in an image. Why not apply the same logic to your logo?

A graphic logo can include words but the focus should be on an image that has been more closely designed and an icon won’t do the trick.

Try using graphics related to photography equipment or iconic vistas to draw attention to the fact that you are a photographer and not a graphic designer.

Lacey combination logo example

Business logo

A photography business is more than just taking photographs. Many photographers specialize in photo editing or digital printing.

For this, avoid abstract logos. Make use of serif fonts and simple icons to create an emblem with a more professional look.

Photo funnel text logo example

Create a logo in 4 easy steps

Follow these 4 easy steps to create your photography logo.

  1. 01

    Choose a starter logo template

    Zyro’s Logo Maker ready-made logo templates are the ideal foundation for your design.

  2. 02

    Pick your color palette

    Anything is possible. Use as many colors as you need to match your photography logo to your brand identity.

  3. 03

    Add shapes

    Make your logo files stand out. Choose from dozens of shapes in the editor menu.

  4. 04

    Add text

    Edit the placement, size, colors and fonts for the text you want to include in your logo.