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A free logo that’s simple and quick to make

Take matters into your own hands and create a logo today. With our restaurant logo creator, you could have your brand sorted in minutes.

With plenty of restaurant logo designs to choose from, pick a template that resonates with you the most. Then, tweak the fonts and colors – you’re done.

There is no need to hire a graphic designer or to go through a complicated design process. With Zyro’s logo designs, you can brand (or rebrand) your food business today.

Restaurant logo inspiration

Your restaurant logo should be a direct extension of your brand and communicate your values to your customers.

Whether you’re a trendy Italian wine bar, an edgy burger joint, or the town’s best Italian restaurant, a good logo boosts your brand recognition and builds trust with your target audience.

Get inspired by having a look at the logo templates on our logo maker, or browse through the websites of your competitors.


Unique restaurant logo ideas

Things to consider before creating a restaurant logo

Do you need a logo and you’re itching to get started? Hold your horses for just a moment longer, because there are a few things to consider before you jump onto our logo editor.

You need to decide what type of information you want to include on your logo.

As you dive deeper into restaurant logo design, there are a few things you should keep in mind while designing your new logo.

After all, your logo is the cornerstone of your restaurant branding: it will be visible not just on social media, but on your business cards and on your chef hat, too.

Icon logos

When it comes to logo styles and logo design, icons are very popular. And for a good reason: the industry has a lot of items that you can draw inspiration upon for an icon logo.

If you’re a family-friendly eatery, for example, you could consider having a cartoon mascot for your restaurant. The kids would sure love it.

Or, you can take the more classic route for your restaurant logo and feature a whisk or a spatula in it.

Text logos

Some of the biggest restaurant brands out there are built solely around the restaurant name (just think about all of the Jamie Oliver franchises).

When designing a text-based logo, pay attention to your business name and the fonts you want to use.

Your restaurant logo should be legible from a distance, so pick a serif font that’s easy to read.

Minimalist style

There’s no need to cram your logo full of things – sometimes a small and simple design works like a charm.

For an exclusive and high-end business, a logo based on a single geometric shape (a circle or a diamond, for example) could be the right way to go.

Other commonly used icons for restaurant logos include cutlery, crockery (ever seen a mug in a café logo?), and signature food items from the menu.

Traditional style

If you’re looking for something more distinctive and traditional, consider using font families that have more winged or jagged letters.

This way, you can create a logo design that feels handwritten and has that air of nostalgia.

Serif fonts have a somewhat timeless air about them too, making them perfect for a traditional restaurant.

Modern style

Do you offer a dining atmosphere that’s contemporary and chic? Such restaurant logos opt for a plain color scheme, full of muted and neutral shades of green, blue, peach, and purple.

The company name is either omitted completely or spelled out using a bold sans serif font.

Catering business logo

Do you run a food truck or a pop-up restaurant? Use your niche or vehicle to your advantage and base your restaurant logo on it.

A fun and tongue-in-cheek restaurant logo might be just the thing you need to make your business memorable in the minds of your customers.

Create a logo in 4 easy steps

Create a logo fast with the easy-to-use logo maker.

  1. 01

    Choose a logo design

    Get ahead and pick your favorite from our ready-made logo templates.

  2. 02

    Pick the icon

    Get more out of your logo and decide on your symbols and icons.

  3. 03

    Settle on the colors

    Go for a single color, or pick multiple – just make sure they work well together.

  4. 04

    Choose the perfect font

    Pick a font that stands out and can be seen from afar.

What’s next?

Keep up your momentum. Build a website for your restaurant that looks just as good as your new logo. Become the talk of the town.