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Free wedding logo maker

Create a custom wedding logo for your big day or to brand your wedding related services. No design skills needed.


A free logo that you’ll create in minutes

With pre-set templates and easy design tools, Zyro’s Logo Maker allows even those with no design skills to make a wedding logo they’ll fall in love with.

Choose the shapes, colors, text, and fonts that represent you best, and use a simple editor to bring your logo to life.

It’s free to download and use wherever you need. No account required, just an instant logo that’s free and easy to make.

Wedding logo being made in Zyro's logo maker

Wedding logo inspiration

Are you tying the knot? You may decide you want a wedding logo or wedding monogram to help give an extra special personal touch to your big day.

You can use a wedding logo on invitations, place settings, photos, and your wedding website, even.

Or, if you’re running a company that makes weddings special, from planners to musicians, making a custom logo for your business is a must.

A wedding logo being used on stationery in a mockup image

Unique wedding logo ideas

Black and white combination wedding brand logo example
Rustic wedding logo example
Combination wedding planning company logo example
Wedding planning brand icon logo example
Combination logo example for a wedding planning brand
Stylish wedding logo example
Modern wedding brand logo example

What to consider before creating a wedding logo

Before you get started designing your wedding logo, there are a few decisions you need to make.

If you need it for a menu, it’ll tend to look more decorative, but if you’re designing a logo for the side of your wedding business van, it’ll likely be more functional.

Sure, your logo should reflect who you are, either as a couple, or as a brand. But any logo you design should also be fit for purpose.

The design choices you make will depend on the style of logo you’re trying to design.

Monogram logo

Monogram logos generally combine the initials of the couple getting married into a single design.

The font is one of the most important design elements when you design wedding logos. It gives the text personality and sets a tone for the design.

Monogram logos call for a highly stylised font, as the letters are what communicate the wedding theme.

Monogram wedding logo example

Wordmark logo

A wordmark logo is a simple logo which includes no icon and only words. It may be the names of the couple marrying, a business title, or some meaningful phrase.

In a wordmark logo, the fonts are very important. Make sure your choice is stylish and attention grabbing.

Cursive wedding logo example

Text and icon logos

Combining text with a meaningful image is the perfect way to set the tone for your wedding.

Typical icon choices include flowers, doves, rings, or a silhouette of the couple, but you can choose any image which represents your union.

Anna and Tim wedding logo example

Traditional style

If you want to achieve a more classic wedding aesthetic, your color scheme might include colors such as white, purple, gold, silver, blue, or red.

A vintage wedding design will likely have a more ornate design, and the fonts you choose might be either an elegant Script style, or a combination of serif and script fonts.

Text and date wedding logo example

Modern style

If you want to have a more contemporary look for your logo, you can achieve that by having a less stylized design and using plain serif fonts, rather than script.

Modern wedding logo designs incorporate colors like beige, grey, pastel green, or royal purple.

Minimalist wedding logo example

Wedding business logo

The logo styles advised mentioned above are for couples getting married. But what if you’re not designing a logo for your wedding?

If you run a wedding related business, e.g. you’re a wedding planner, you may decide to have a simpler logo which incorporates your business name.

Wedding planning brand icon logo example with a cream background

Create a logo in 4 easy steps

Use Zyro’s Logo Maker to create your beautiful wedding logo.

  1. 1. Choose a starter logo

    Pick one of dozens of ready-made logo layouts to form the foundation of your design.

  2. 2. Select a color scheme

    Your logo can feature one color or many. Match the color to your couple personality.

  3. 3. Choose a shape

    Select a shaped icon to add character to your logo design.

  4. 4. Add text

    If you want to include text in your logo, you can choose its position, size, color and font.

What’s next?

Every wedding needs a beautiful website. Show off your new logo and create a wedding website today.