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Personal website builder

Create a website that's as distinctive as you.

Create a website

Create a personal website, share your ideas and connect with the world. No card required.

Personal website builder

Be yourself, let Zyro handle the rest

You're perfect just how you are, even if you can't design or code. Our drag-and-drop website builder lets anyone build a beautiful website.

Personal website templates

Made with you in mind

Choose a professionally-made template that screams 'you', then customize it to let your personality shine through.

Examples of personal Zyro websites

Your unique domain

What's in a name?

Tell the world who you are. Secure the custom domain name you've always wanted or find inspiration with Zyro's Domain Name Generator .

Seo tools

Get yourself discovered

Connect with like-minded people and grow your following with Zyro’s SEO tools. You’ll get found in search engines, under the right keywords.

Outstanding templates

Pick a personal website template to make your own

Tati Uribe
Tati Uribe

Your website, your style, your rules

  1. Blog

    If you've got big ideas you want to share with the world, we’ve got you covered. Build your blog with Zyro and get your voice heard.

  2. Resume

    The best way to impress potential employers is to wow them with a personal website. Show them you're a professional and mean business.

  3. Portfolio

    Whether you take photos or design houses, a Zyro website allows you to show your work in its best light.

  4. Wedding

    Organizing your big day is extremely time-consuming. Zyro will let you breeze through contacting guests, collecting RSVPs and sharing memories.

How to create your personal website with Zyro

  1. 1. Sign in or sign up

    Getting a Zyro account takes just a minute.

  2. 2. Pick your template

    Choose a basic design that speaks to you.

  3. 3. Personalize your site

    Zyro websites are 100% customizable and simple to build.

  4. 4. Go live

    You'll be ready to publish your website in no time.

  5. 5. Upgrade

    Express your personality more by gaining access to extra customization tools.

FAQs about personal website builder

  • The short answer is: whatever you want it to be.You might want to start a blog to update friends and family, or feature a portfolio to attract clients. Or, perhaps, you want to grow your personal brand.Whatever your aim, websites are the ideal space to let people experience who you are, what you care about, and what you offer.Zyro empowers you to be as creative as you want, offering both out-of-the-box designs as well as the ability to create a totally customized site.
  • If you've read this far, you've already got some idea why you might want to have a personal website.From a professional point of view, they're a great tool for establishing a formal web presence, and allowing you to take control of how you're presented online.You might also have personal reasons for wanting to have a site. This might be time-limited like organizing a wedding or as a permanent place to store your drawings or poems.A personal website is an online space that's totally your own.
  • Starting to build any website can be daunting, but when you're using the space to share personal stories, it can feel even more challenging.Zyro is a good place to start.You'll get help every step along the way, from finding your domain and designing your site, to creating killer content and appearing in search results.
  • Before deciding what to include on your site, you should first think about what you want to achieve with it.If you just want to display photos or work, then putting visual elements in a prominent position will ensure that you deliver the impact you're aiming for.If you want to share ideas, news, information or guidance in the form of a blog, then you'll want to include sections where text is front and center, allowing visitors to quickly digest what you have to say.You might want to build an email list or connect visitors to your social channels to give you the chance to contact them again at a later date.With Zyro, the options to customize your site are pretty limitless, meaning you can showcase whatever you want in an appropriate space.
  • Zyro is never going to limit you when it comes to making edits and changes to your website.You can make small tweaks, add or remove content, and post updates whenever you’d like.If you decide that a total overhaul is needed, then all of Zyro's powerful tools will be at your disposal whenever you need them.
  • We're confident that Zyro's site builder is simple enough to use that you shouldn't run into difficulties.However, if you ever do need help, our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 via email or live chat.