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It’s a Celebration: More than 100,000 Websites Published with Zyro

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Today, we’re celebrating a major milestone – our customers have published more than 100,000 websites with Zyro. 

The fact that so many people have put their trust in us and the product we’ve built feels incredible. 

We owe each and every one of those 100k customers our heartfelt thanks. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️

Thank you for trusting Zyro when we were just starting out and you had no idea if our builder was reliable. 

Thank you for trusting Zyro when you had to wait for a new feature to be released ‘soon.’

And most of all, thank you for being an early adopter of Zyro – your support and feedback have helped us more than you know. You’re a superstar! 

But first, a little background

Zyro ballpit

Zyro’s team members come from all kinds of different industries, from hosting companies, SaaS startups, web design, and digital marketing agencies. They have years of experience in helping clients with their online presence. 

However, be it design or development that our team members worked on in the past, they all shared this universal struggle – the services and platforms that were available were not that great, nor easy to use. 

Some of them were too bloated or required advanced technical skills.  

Others were simply too slow, something that is a major hurdle in the way of someone achieving online success. 

It was not just painful for our team members themselves, but it was also very disheartening to watch their clients. 

They were continuously getting lost in the dozens of features of web building platforms or they had no idea how to work them at all, immediately losing their motivation. 

So, we thought: 

We should create something different, a platform so easy to use that would just let the people focus on what they do best – making their ideas happen and scaling their businesses. 

Meanwhile, our platform would take care of the rest for them. 

After all, people who are buying a drill do not actually want the drill. They want a hole in the wall. 

We also want to change the perception that people have about website builders. They don’t need to be these clunky platforms that create decent looking, but terribly slow websites. 

And when it comes to website loading speed, making visitors wait too long will result in brand damage, loss of potential clients, lower rankings on search engines, and more. 

While some of the older platforms can’t easily change their infrastructure and architecture to give you maximum website loading speeds, we realized that we could. 

And that’s how Zyro was born – a platform that would let someone build a website or launch an online store with absolutely no design or coding skills, quickly, and for an affordable price too. 

No more hurdles 

Zyro Event Archery

Our main goal is to make online success achievable for everyone. 

And while we all have different definitions of online success – more awareness, conversions, sales, or whatnot – we can all agree that the easier and the faster it is to reach it, the better. 

So, we focused on those two key aspects of easiness and speed when creating Zyro. The only way we could fully control the user experience was to build Zyro totally from scratch. 

By using Vue.js and the CSS Grid layout system as some of our main technologies, we’ve made it incredibly simple for our users to build websites with Zyro. And, their websites load incredibly fast too. 

The agility of the technology that we use has also allowed us ship new product features at maximum speed. 

For example, after we launched Zyro in January, people came to us asking about selling online. So, we had eCommerce implemented and ready to go in May.

And when more and more of our clients wanted to set up blogs, we added that functionality to Zyro in July. 

Another important part of Zyro is our artificial intelligence (AI) toolbox and we’re continuously adding to it too. 

For example, our AI Writer can generate search engine friendly text for your new restaurant website. Meanwhile, our AI Heatmap tool will help you optimize your online store for conversions before you actually launch it. 

By having various tools and integrations, we’re taking care of a lot of things for our clients. These are either things that can get repetitive or things that are important to one’s online success but which our users simply don’t know anything about.

What we’re trying to say is that Zyro will help you do it all by yourself, without needing to call that friend who does ‘computer stuff.’ 

No more feeling inadequate.

And if problems do arise, we’re here – holding the (virtual) hand of all of our clients by offering 24/7 chat support. 

What makes Zyro work?

When we launched Zyro half a year ago, we could only hope that people would like the product we created.

And they did. 

Here are the key ingredients that have taken Zyro from zero to over 100,000.  

1. Our users

Povilas Customer Success Screenshot
Here is our Head of UX Povilas wrapping up a conversation with one of our clients. Who says bearded men aren’t cute and cuddly?

Even though you aren’t sitting in on our Zoom meetings, you are there in spirit. Every single team member at Zyro is advocating for you.

And how could we possibly know what your needs are? 

Easy: each team member does shifts in the Customer Success team.

This keeps us grounded and offers real insights into the issues that Zyro users are facing. It also helps us find out what features they’re craving and what functions would help them reach online success faster.

The feedback that we receive from our customers every day has directly shaped Zyro. Instead of guessing what the product should be like, we let our clients tell us about their needs.

2. Our team 

100k Websites Published Cake

We love Mondays. Working at Zyro for us isn’t a drag that gets in the way of family time. 

Instead, it’s a job that motivates us professionally and makes us feel fulfilled too. 

From our very early days, we’ve hired new people not only for their incredible skills, but also for their positive attitudes and their ability to share Zyro’s vision and values. 

We’re not just another team of developers, designers, data engineers, marketers, IT specialists, AI researchers, HR advocates, and Customer Success agents. 

We’re a team, where every single member understands what Zyro is trying to achieve and focuses all of their energy on making it happen. 

Where to next?

We can hardly believe that our builder was still in beta just half a year ago. 

Reaching this major milestone has made us pause for a while… and have some cake, of course! 

Here’s proof. 

We’ve got our eyes fixed on our main goal of becoming the world’s best website builder. 

So, thanks for helping us reach the 100,000 published websites. Ready for the journey to 1,000,000 happy customers

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Giedrius Zakaitis

Without Giedrius, there would be no Zyro. Delivering empathic guidance, strategic direction, and just the right words of encouragement at the right time, Giedrius is the CEO of Zyro.

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