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18 Best ‘About Me’ Page Examples to Amaze

Do you have a personal website

Whether you’re building a personal brand or simply running a successful blog, like many business owners, you too should pay attention to how you’re selling yourself (and your services) to your website visitors. 

That’s where ‘about us’ pages step in. 

They are the prime real estate on your website to introduce casual visitors to you and your business, share your mission statement and company’s purpose, or your personal values and fun facts with your audience. 

Not sure where to start? 

With 18 inspiring ‘about me’ page examples to choose from, there’s something for everyone. 

1. Marcia Cocco

Marcia Cocco about me page

As far as ‘about me’ page examples go, we love what Marcia Cocco has done with hers. 

Being an illustrator and visual artist, she uses a self-portrait of herself in the hero section of the page. 

Hero sections are a wonderful way of grabbing new customers’ attention when they land on a new page – commonly, you see large images, slideshows, or videos used in the hero section of a web page. 

On Cocco’s ‘about us’ page, different page sections are clearly separated from each other, making it easier to follow the content on the page. 

She also alternates the location of the text and images in each section, creating an engaging and intuitive page design that keeps readers scrolling.  

2. Niqvist

Niqvist about us page

Regardless of whether you’re a company, a brand, or a band (like in Niqvist’s case), an ‘about us’ page is the best place for introducing the team to your customers. 

We love how this ‘about us’ page consists of the story of the band as well as the introductions to each member. But on top of that, Niqvist does a great job of giving the users a reason to stay on their site. 

Pay attention to the dedicated section to promote their upcoming tour and the way the band shares links to the most recent news on their blog.

You could promote your blog and portfolio in a similar fashion, or add a contact form at the bottom of your page and encourage users to get in touch.  

3. Linas Thoemke

Linas Thoemke about me page

Just what should you include on an ‘about me’ page for a personal website?

If you’re building a professional portfolio website, take a page out of Linas Thoemke’s book. 

The fashion photographer does a wonderful job in making sure that the ‘about me’ page fits his creative professional brand. Consider using stylistically similar photos across your website to achieve the same effect. 

Thoemke also dedicates a considerable amount of space to highlight his achievements on his ‘about me’ page. 

Notice also how the only links available on this page focus on showcasing his clients, and giving customers an easy way to get in touch. 

4. Ginza

Ginza about us page

Yes, even restaurants should have a website. And more importantly, your restaurant website should include an ‘about us’ page. 

Take the Japanese restaurant Ginza as a prime specimen. As ‘about us’ page examples go, we love that Ginza has opted to call the page something a little different in its menu (‘our story’ instead of ‘about us’). 

Like the business itself, this page focuses on both looking and sounding minimalist and stylistic. You too can create an airy and minimalist feel for your ‘about us’ page by allowing for enough whitespace between different page sections and page elements. 

5. Dovile

Dovile about me page

If you’re building a personal brand or a service-focused company, you want to check out Dovile’s ‘about us’ page. 

See how the writing is compelling and addresses the reader directly, creating an instant personal connection? 

Consider trying out this strategy, especially if your brand is all about your customers taking the center stage. 

Dovile also uses a couple of large images in the main page design, but also includes smaller pictures at the bottom of the page, similar to a social media feed. 

Images liven up the ‘about us’ page and help visitors visualize who you are and what you do. 

6. Presson

Presson about us page

Looking for a way to implement your web design to your ‘about us’ page? 

By using a handful of selected icons, your brand can also look as stylish and put-together as this real estate website. 

What we love about this business the most is that it has a separate page section for the company mission and vision statements. 

If you want your mission to stand out on your ‘about us’ page, consider using a different background color like Presson to highlight an important page section. 

Presson also does a wonderful job of showing the people behind the company. Create a separate team section on your ‘about us’ page to bring your team to life for your customers. 

7. Julian Mack

Julian Mack about me page

When it comes to ‘about me’ page examples, here’s a good one for the creative folks out there. 

If you have a resume or a portfolio website, chances are that you want to use your ‘about me’ pages to create a story that engages the reader. 

Mack does this well: he uses the top half of the page to tell his personal story in a creative way, as a professional writer should. 

See how the top paragraph describes the story behind Mack’s motivation as a writer. Consider using a storytelling approach on your ‘about us’ page if you want to build an authentic and approachable personality for your company. 

8. Kristine Henderson

Kristine Henderson about us page

Looking for ‘about us’ page examples to inspire your business website? 

Check out Kristine Henderson’s beauty salon’s website. 

For starters, Henderson not only shares her story and mission with the readers: she also promotes her company blog and Instagram profile, shares customer testimonials, and uses icons to communicate the company values to the user. 

The different page sections breathe fresh life into the page and keep the reader engaged. 

Your ‘about us’ page doesn’t have to be just full of text. Instead, you should use the space to show in a creative way what makes your company unique and appealing to your target market. 

For example, don’t write and talk about your history in great lengths on your ‘about me’ pages if your audience prefers pictures and videos over long chunks of text.   

9. Enson Fitness

Enson Fitness about us page

When it comes to ‘about me’ examples, sometimes more is more. 

The ‘about us’ page of Enson Fitness is actually split into two separate pages – one page for the company history, and one dedicated to the products alone. 

You might want to try out this tactic if you aspire to have extremely easy and streamlined navigation on your website overall. In this case, Enson Fitness uses a dropdown menu to further simplify the user’s journey to the ‘about us’ pages, while also maintaining a clean overall web design. 

By having dedicated ‘about us’ pages for different sections of your company you can go into more detail. 

For example, Enson Fitness uses the ‘about our products’ page to not just describe the process of creating the products but to also link users to the items available in the online store. 

10. Poveda Travel

Poveda Travel about us page

Even if your company doesn’t specialize in travel, you could look for some ‘about me’ examples inspiration from Poveda’s direction. 

Visually, this ‘about us’ page ties in beautifully with the rest of the website’s design. Look at the square design used to introduce the people behind the travel agency, or how the header image tastefully includes both the landscape of Bali as well as the team itself. 

Rather than offering random facts about their business on their ‘about us’ page, Poveda focuses on brand building. 

To ensure your website lands on a ‘top about me examples’ list, think about how you can use web design to your advantage. 

For example, learn about color psychology and create brand guidelines before you start to write your site content. 

11. Millaw Kids

Millaw Kids about us page

As ‘about me’ pages & examples go, there’s a certain down-to-earth charm when it comes to Millaw Kids. 

Run by a mother of two, the ‘about us’ page has been written in a warm and conversational tone, making it clear that the owner is the best person to run the shop. 

Featuring high-quality images and plenty of white space, the page feels airy and easy to skim through. 

If your online store is your full-time job, consider adopting the same casual tone and using only the best product photos available. 

12. Shleps

Shleps about us page

If you’re tired of big hero sections, take a leaf out of Shleps’ book – use a quote or a statement to draw the reader in instead. 

The footwear brand uses its ‘about us’ page to discuss in depth their brand mission and values, and give visitors some background information of the business as a whole. 

If you love to write and your brand is built on advocacy or other charitable endeavors, your ‘about us’ page is the perfect place to talk about it. 

Remember to now fill your page with walls of text when you write: do what Shleps does and keep paragraphs relatively short and surrounded by white space. 

13. Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf Hammocks about us page

When it comes to ‘about me’ examples, Yellow Leaf Hammocks really scores high with their hero section. 

Using a full-width video, instead of an image, the page instantly draws the visitor in and invites them to scroll further down the page. 

Yellow Leaf Hammocks also uses call to action buttons well on their page. See how almost all individual sections of copy invite the reader to visit another page on the website. 

If you’re concerned about your website’s bounce rate (the number of people who leave your website after landing on it initially), think about adding call to action buttons and sections to your pages. 

Remember to keep each call to action relevant and engaging. For example, if you want visitors to view examples of your previous work, make sure you’re not selling yourself short. 

14. William Joseph

William Joseph about us page

We love how this marketing company uses animated illustrations to liven up their ‘about us’ page. 

By keeping the colors and overall animation style consistent, each page section seamlessly ties into one another. 

If you don’t want to write a bunch of words for your ‘about me’ page, consider using illustrations, too. 

Images have a certain universal aspect to them. This means that even if people speaking different languages would find your website and use a translation tool to understand what you write about, there’d be less margin for error and miscommunication. 

Plus, a dedicated illustration style lends itself to your marketing strategy and materials as a whole.

15. Zoella

Zoella about us page

One thing we love about Zoella’s ‘about me’ page is the collapsable FAQs. 

If you notice that your inbox or customer service team is flooded with the same questions over and over, it’s not a bad idea to include answers to the top frequently asked questions on your website. 

And your ‘about us’ page is the perfect place for any and all questions related to your brand, your production processes, hiring, social media presence, and so on. 

A collapsable FAQ section makes it easy for anyone to see at a glance the questions that you most often get asked. Any question that intrigues the reader enough is easy to expand with a simple click of the mouse. 

16. monday.com

Monday.com about us page

Some ‘about me’ examples can feel impersonal and downright dull, but not monday.com. 

The SaaS provider’s ‘about us’ page bursts with color, and focuses around one question – how the brand came to be in the first place. 

If you have a particular story of your company’s inception, don’t be afraid to centralize your ‘about us’ page around it. 

Similarly, by having a brand story doesn’t mean your whole ‘about us’ page needs to detail the entire journey. 

See how monday.com also shares some key figures about the company, and goes into detail about its company culture, physical presence around the world, and even shares various resources with the reader from news to blog posts and podcast suggestions. 

17. Google

Google about us page

Google’s ‘about us’ page opens with Google’s aspirational mission statement, surrounded by white space.

Below the fold, readers can find a recently published and promoted news story, as well as more company-related news in a carousel format.  

Google also dedicates a big section of the page to promote their products, and guides the user towards their careers, history, and contacts webpages. 

Especially if your brand gets a lot of media exposure, or has a strong PR presence overall, it’s a good idea to feature company news as a section of your ‘about us’ page. 

18. Copyblogger

Copyblogger about us page

What’s interesting about Copyblogger’s ‘about us’ page is its formatting. 

Compared to many others on this list, Copyblogger’s ‘about us’ reads more like a blog post, with its short paragrahs, formatted headings, and bullet points.

Considering the business offers content marketing and copywriting services, it only adds up that all sections of the website reflect this – including the ‘about us’ page. 

If you work in a very niche market, it’s not a bad idea to reflect your main selling points across your website, like Copyblogger does. 

How to create a perfect ‘about me’ page for your target audience

News flash – you don’t need to have the copywriting skills of a seasoned professional to update and upgrade your ‘about me’ page. 

In fact, with a few simple changes, you can give potential customers plenty of reasons to do business with you. 

Here are a few tips on how to easily create an ‘about us’ page that helps you keep readers engaged and scrolling on. 

Choose a template

You want your ‘about me’ page to make sense from both a content and a design perspective. 

And if you’re not a graphic designer yourself, you can save yourself a lot of time and headache by opting for a ‘about me’ page template instead. 

Website templates are ready-made websites that you can customize to fit your needs, and they are one of the worst-kept secrets of small business owners. 

With templates, you can easily and seamlessly create different web pages for your website, without having to worry about things like SEO or mobile optimization. 

For example, all of Zyro’s site templates are designed by professionals, especially with smaller screens and search engines in mind.   

Think about the page title and opening line

The first paragraph and the title can make or break your ‘about us’ page. 

Often a bold statement or the setting of a great story are common tactics for drawing the reader in and keeping them reading. 

You should also decide whether you want to use first or third person on your ‘about me’ page. Usually, if there’s just one person manning the fort, and you want to come across as someone approachable and human, it’s recommended to use first-person pronouns in your writing. 

But if you’re a bigger company, it makes sense to use third person to talk about the co-founders and core values of your business. 

Tell them what you do and stand for

Your ‘about me’ page is a space for you to explain your core values and maybe share your mission with the world. 

You can create a separate page section for your mission and vision statements, and use a colored background to make sure it stands out on the page. 

Or, use visual cues like illustrations to demonstrate the values your business is based around.

Think of your audience

You should also cater your content to your target audience. 

Think of their pain points, and how you can use your site to help potential customers find answers to whatever challenges your products or services help them solve. 

Use internal links to guide your audience to relevant pages and sections on your website, and give them a reason to do business with you. 

Social proof is a powerful digital marketing tool that helps you build credibility, authority, and trustworthiness in your field. Even if you don’t want to include customer testimonials on your ‘about us’ page, consider linking to some of the most visited pages on your website instead. 

Include images or videos

Your ‘about us’ page doesn’t have to be just a wall of text – spice things up with images and videos related to what you do, instead. 

Multimedia will make your page more engaging for the casual visitor, reducing the overall bounce rate of your website.

Videos and images also make it easier to demonstrate how your products or services are used in real-life settings, or how your production processes look like. 

Suggest a call to action

Don’t assume readers know what you expect of them – be clear about the actions they can take based on the information you’re offering them on your page. 

Usually, people add links and create dedicated ‘call-to-action’ sections to give readers more reasons to stay on your site.

You could use your ‘about us’ page to encourage people to view your blog or sign up for a newsletter or visit your online store. 

This way, you’ll increase the overall time people spend on your site, making it easier to rank higher on search engines, among other things.

Proofread to avoid mistakes

Like with all content, one of the most effective ways to come across as unprofessional is to not have anyone proofread your writing. 

While it might seem like a time sink and a bother, chances are that someone with a fresh pair of eyes and a bit of distance to your company or brand sees your page content in a different light. 

Not only will proofreading help you catch embarrassing typos and grammatical errors, but they can also point out paragraphs that are exceptionally well-written, and similar places where you could improve your writing. 

Put your knowledge into practice today 

With so many ‘about me’ page examples to inspire, there’s no better time to put your newfound knowledge into use. 

Remember that in order to convince potential clients to do business with you, you want your ‘about us’ page to: 

  • Include text, images, and testimonials from happy customers 
  • Share your story, and company mission with the world 
  • Offer visitors reasons to stay on your website through call to action sections 

Most importantly, your ‘about me’ page should reflect the core of your business and give the visitors a glimpse behind the scenes. 

With Zyro, customizing your ‘about me’ page is both easy and fast. Simply drag and drop various page elements around the pixel-perfect grid until you’re happy with the result. 

Don’t take our word for it, though – try it for yourself.

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