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22 ‘About Us’ Page Examples to Inspire Your Brand

First impressions are just as important online as they are face-to-face.

That’s why an ‘about us’ page is a vital component to any brand website – after all, your product or service only tells half the story.

An ‘about us’ page is a brand’s opportunity to demonstrate why they’re so special and introduce you to their team members and company values. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

The best ‘about us’ pages include only a handful of key ingredients:

  • A mission statement, boldly stating what the business stands for.
  • A history or timeline to contextualize the brand. 
  • An insight into the company culture.
  • A few stats, call-to-action buttons, or videos.

Sounds a little boring, right? Potentially – there are definitely some snooze-fest ‘about us’ pages out there. 

But they can also be inspiring, hilarious, or even surprisingly emotive. Let’s check out 22 of the best ‘about us’ page examples online right now.

‘About us’ pages to inspire your brand

Whatever the industry, the humble ‘about us’ page has a pivotal role in sharing brand values and the brand story with potential customers. 

Find out how a cross section of companies tells a story with these ‘about us’ page examples – you might be inspired:

1. Zendesk

Zendesk about page

Straight away, visitors are greeted by a short, high-impact introduction to the business. 

Rather than just describing what Zendesk does or providing a long-winded version of the company’s history, this summary is a value proposition – it explains what sets the company apart. Then there’s the mission statement.

Huge text on top of an ever-changing reel of employee photos states ‘we’re people people’. Simple yet effective. 

Here’s what else makes this a great ‘about us’ page:

  • Plenty of links. Zendesk’s ‘about’ page leads site visitors to its diversity & inclusion policy, charitable foundation, and more which give a more personal connection to their core values. 
  • Simple design. There’s no need to go overboard with the page design when you’re sharing tons of information.
  • A dash of humor. If it suits your brand, a subtle comic tone is a fun way to appear approachable.

2. Chime

Chime about page

Your ‘about us’ page is one of the best places to humanize your brand, especially if you’re playing in a straight-laced industry.

Judging by its ‘about us’ page, Chime doesn’t look like an ordinary bank. There are heart icons, bright colors, and compassionate words.

This brand does a great job of sharing its values and providing social proof:

  • Everything website visitors need to know is above the fold. Sure, you can scroll to see the leadership team, but right as you land you’re shown a clear summary.
  • It puts faces to names, shows you the team members, and is transparent about company culture, one of the most important things to both individuals and B2B customers. 
  • There’s an immediate call-to-action button right below the main ‘about us’ content, allowing visitors to open an account.

3. Wendy’s

Wendy's about page

You don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find out the story of Wendy’s. The link to their ‘who we are’ section is clearly located at the top of every page and it’s just what visitors need to get involved with a more personal story from a big brand. 

With a big brand comes a lot of history, and Wendy’s has plenty of stories to tell to any potential customer.

It does a great job of helping people to get to know the business without searching too hard – here’s what we love about the brand positioning:

  • The bold headline and bold colors, stating ‘we’re Wendy’s kind of people’ with a big, juicy burger in the background – what else?
  • The navigation buttons take you to places like the timeline of the brand’s history, or franchisee testimonials making the entire website so easy to navigate.
  • The focus on personal brand values and leadership. It’s good to be reminded that human beings are behind the business and really helps to establish the brand voice for prospective clients.

4. Brooklinen

Brooklinen about page

Sometimes, human beings become the focus of an ‘about us’ page, and when they do it’s often a big part of a brand’s personality and marketing strategy.

This homewares store features a photo of its co-founders at the top of its ‘about’ page, paired with a brief introduction. It’s a very personal first impression that makes sure the target customer knows exactly who created this small business.

But if you want to know more – and you should – the one page has other great features that give plenty of context to the store itself:

  • Simple graphics that have impact, showing customers why there’s something special about how this brand sells products.
  • Core values that emphasize how Brooklinen is playing its part in disrupting the industry. Plus, each value is a clear selling point.
  • Technical information to help customers understand the product and that this brand is totally specialist.

5. Liftoff

Liftoff about page

When it comes to B2B selling, sometimes only stats will do. This ‘about us’ page shows off the company’s figures with finesse.

The page design Liftoff has used is super simple. With just one massive logo, plus one bright color, their ‘about us’ page gets a clear message across.

Here are the features to make a note of:

  • A handful of impressive real time stats displayed in a vivid blue ribbon across the ‘about us’ page. It tells the potential customer exactly what they need to know.
  • A clear mission and a clear vision, side by side on the page. This business is not the fussy type. 
  • A photo of the core team members. Even tech-centered B2B brands should make sure their human side is visible, too, and cut down on the industry jargon. 

6. Allbirds

Allbirds about page

If you run the type of brand that has an important message behind its products, your ‘about us’ page is your chance to shout about it.

Using an embedded video overlaid with a catchy motto – ‘mother nature made us do it’ – this ‘about us’ page makes the brand origins clear.

Allbirds does a great job of:

  • Selling its product. While they’re great for stories, ‘about us’ pages also give you an extra chance to sell the benefits of your products.
  • Giving a really brief history of the brand. It doesn’t take tons of content – just a couple of paragraphs will do.
  • Showcasing achievements. The bottom part of the ‘about us’ page is focused on what impact Allbirds has already had. 

7. Transferwise

Transferwise about page

At the heart of many ‘about us’ pages are team photos – after all, why not? You want people to get to know the employees behind the magic.

While there’s an obligatory feature of the founders, Transferwise’s ‘about us’ page is headed up with a photo of their employees.

It’s a neat way to introduce a banking app. Here’s what else the page features:

  • The three key principles that guide the business, plus how they end up benefiting their customers. 
  • Prominent call-to-action buttons and links – like all great ‘about us’ pages, this one drives people to other parts of the website. 
  • Content that sells the service. Rather than simply tell the brand story, the writing is focused on how to use Transferwise.

8. Estrid

Estrid about page

This is a great example of an ‘about us’ page that carries the brand’s marketing message.

Estrid sells shaving products without the pressure for perfection – the whole website is beautifully curated, and the ‘about us’ page is no different.

With its cute pastel-colored web design, the page sticks hard to the company values, telling visitors:

  • Estrid’s uncompromising mission statement, placed next to a big flash photo and accompanied by a call to action.
  • Where to shop for products. The design of this ‘about us’ page leads visitors to explore the store wherever they read.
  • How the brand can solve a problem. Customers need to be convinced that a business is worth their time and money, after all. 

9. Graphcore

Graphcore about page

Website visitors often know what it is a brand sells, they just need to know why they should buy from them. That’s when ‘about us’ pages like the one on Graphcore’s site are ideal.

With a sophisticated color palette and neat design elements, this ‘about’ page gives a great first impression to B2B companies.

Here’s why Graphcore’s story sticks out:

  • The brand vision takes priority. Positioned at the top of the ‘about’ page, it’s a great way to add personality to something highly technical.
  • There’s a timeline which tracks the company story, from inception to present day. Plus, it features photos – everyone loves photos.
  • The companies who have invested in the brand are featured. This shows transparency as well as credibility. 

10. Etsy

Etsy about page

Maybe this global creative marketplace doesn’t need an introduction, but there’s always a lot of value in having an ‘about us’ page. 

If anything, it’s interesting to know how to get started with building a mega brand.

That aside, Etsy users need to be reassured that this marketplace is one that they want to be a part of. Here’s what they’ll find:

  • The company’s mission of supporting small businesses, in large font next to a cute, responsive animation.
  • A snapshot of information on how to sell or buy on the website – paired with call-to-action buttons to make it happen.
  • Responsive web design all the way down the ‘about us’ page, making sure it fits with the rest of the site.

11. Upkey

Upkey about page

If responsive design is your type of thing, Upkey’s ‘about us’ page should give you plenty of ideas.

The website is focused on preparing students for professional life, so this has got to be one engaging page. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Some of the top features on Upkey’s ‘about us’ page include:

  • An illustrated guide explaining how the service works. It’s short and concise, keeping visitors engaged as they scroll.
  • A breakdown of the team behind the business – except, they’re all illustrated, too. It’s a playful way to introduce the company.
  • A well-placed call to action at the bottom of the ‘about us’ page, taking advantage of users who are ready to explore further. 

12. Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild about page

This flower company wants to be much more than a florist. In their marketing, products, and even their ‘about us’ page, Bloom & Wild is obsessed with being caring.

You don’t always have to share the history of your brand. If your mission is important enough, why not let that do all the talking?

It’s what this company does – check it out:

  • It shares user-generated content on the ‘about us’ page, to show how effective organic marketing is at spreading its message.
  • It promotes a charitable cause to reassure customers that even though they’re spending money on gifts, they can make a difference.
  • It introduces its own values, in this case the ‘thoughtful marketing movement’, and encourages readers to explore.

13. Eventbrite

Eventbrite about page

Some of the best ‘about us’ page examples are the most simple – like this one by Eventbrite.

The ticketing company has a short and sweet ‘about us’ page, dominated by an inspirational image overlaid with a mission statement.

This is more of a landing page, leading people to other parts of the website and keeping the ‘about us’ section clean. Let’s break it down:

  • A navigation bar at the top shows visitors where they can read about the team, investors, and more.
  • A few key statistics are featured on the main ‘about us’ page. This makes an impact without confusing the reader.
  • Simple calls to action instruct people to leave the page to either ‘host’ with, ‘discover’, or ‘join’ the company. 

14. Greatist

Greatist about page

Like the idea of simple ‘about’ pages, but want to strip it back even more? Take a look at how Greatist tells its story.

The content on this ‘about’ page is really only focused on one thing – what the company does for its readers. 

If this approach suits your brand, go for it:

  • Share your brand storytelling in a way that emphasises how small businesses can solve a problem for your customers or users.
  • Use inspirational imagery on your ‘about us’ page that reflects your community, whether that’s your team or your audience.
  • Show people how they can get involved – this brand has an easy three-step list for ‘how to be a Greatist’. 

15. Yellow Leaf Hammocks

We love this ‘about us’ page from Yellow Leaf Hammocks. If you’re looking for examples of slick design and powerful brand messages with great social proof, you’ve found them.

This is more than a garden furniture online store, and the ‘about us’ page is where Yellow Leaf Hammocks can really showcase its incredible purpose.

Here’s what potential customers will find:

  • A full page video showing the origins of the store at the top of the ‘about us’ page. Users can hit ‘play’ or scroll on by.
  • Links to related articles about social enterprises that the company is involved in, as well as team member stories. 
  • Product features and a call to action button which leads customers to the store once they’ve read about the brand’s story.

16. Dribbble

Dribbble about page

As you’d expect from a website for creatives, Dribbble’s ‘about us’ page is one of the best examples of engaging design on our list.

There’s nothing fancy here – just cute, responsive illustrations and diverse content that keeps people scrolling. 

From slick design to individual ‘about me’ pages, here are the highlights from Dribbble’s site:

  • The ‘designer story’ feature. The company is all about community, and this pop-out video is a great way to showcase its global network.
  • The ‘get to know us’ section. Users can hover over an image of an employee to find a pop-up link to their personal ‘about me’ page.
  • The branded portfolio links – you can click on a brand logo to discover more about their collaboration with Dribbble. 

17. Pasta Evangelists

Pasta Evangelists about page

Make sure you have some snacks close by – this ‘about us’ page might make you hungry. 

This pasta delivery company has the most appetising layout on our list. A parallax scroll design lets visitors see delicious foodie photos while they learn about the brand’s values.

There’s a lot to like on this website. Here are our favorite features:

  • The story of the company doesn’t take up much space on the page, but it does make sure to highlight why the brand is unique. 
  • You can meet the whole team, not just the board members. From pasta makers to the marketing team, everyone is visible.
  • Great design isn’t compromised. Just like the rest of the website, this ‘about us’ page is visually appealing. 

18. Samsara

Talk about a team photo – this is one of the best examples we’ve found on the internet. 

Samsara’s huge team of employees takes priority on their ‘about us’ page, giving a positive insight into the values of this company.

There’s plenty more to the page, though. Check out what else it contains:

  • An intuitive design. The content on this ‘about us’ page is spaced out by vertical lines, encouraging readers to scroll. 
  • A full story of the brand, from the beginning to the present day. Something like this doesn’t have to take up tons of space.
  • Features of press articles and blog posts that mention Samsara – sharing newsworthy links with visitors is a nice touch. 

19. Calm

Here’s another big team photo, but a very different brand. In fact, visitors could learn a lot about Calm from the lead image on its ‘about us’ page.

The employees are in nature, taking part in a group photo, with big smiles on their faces. Sharing examples of how your company lives its values can be a really smart move.

If you ask us, it’s a perfect example of how you can use an ‘about us’ page to solidify your business’s marketing.

Calm is a sleep and meditation app, so it makes sense that we should see the employees in a relaxed state enjoying something different from the typical eight hour day.

Your ‘about us’ page should be more than just an afterthought or a part of your SEO strategy, it should offer the visitor instant access to the values that really drive your company forwards.

There’s more to this ‘about us’ page, though, including:

  • A list of statistics and awards that the business has achieved, which adds credibility to the service being offered.
  • A breakdown of the features on the app, sharing right away what customers will get if they purchase it.
  • A handful of visuals that quietly elevate the ‘about us’ page, taking it from just an information portal to an interesting part of the website.

20. Divvy

Your value proposition will be one of your brand’s most important features, so be sure to show it off at any opportunity.

This startup company has a unique business model, so uses the ‘about us’ page to prioritize its value proposition and help visitors understand its purpose.

Aside from that, we love the design of web pages like this one. There’s plenty of white space which keeps everything clean and tidy.

After all, there is nothing worse than seeing an about us page crammed up with partner logos. That’s a sure sign that the personal side isn’t important to a company.

Here’s what else the page tells you about:

  • The full team. You’ve already seen tons of examples of employee photos on ‘about us’ pages, but here’s another way of doing it.
  • The investors. Like any startup, it’s important to make a note of who has invested in helping you scale your company. 
  • The CEO’s objectives. This page features a direct quote from the woman in charge, which is a great endorsement.

21. Nike

Nike about page

If you want to learn about effective marketing strategy, sometimes, it helps to check out examples from some of the biggest brands in the world.

Nike focuses on its mission – the statement is displayed on top of a video reel showcasing a diverse range of people doing sports.

If you want to know the story about Nike’s founder, there’s a whole book on the subject. For everything else about the brand, start on this page:

  • The team is a huge feature. After all, people work for Nike all over the world – find them here.
  • Product innovation is paramount. Links will take you to the latest post about Nike shoes, or to the sustainability section.
  • Social impact is important to this global brand. From the ‘about us’ page, you can discover Nike’s community values and this is reflected across all their social media accounts.

22. Purple, Rock, Scissors

Purple, Rock, Scissors about page

It’s hardly surprising that this design agency hasn’t just reached for a standard ‘about us’ page template. 

Purple, Rock, Scissors has used the opportunity to showcase several responsive design features, which makes the page just as engaging as the rest of the website.

While there’s no lengthy story, vibrant images, and a visual timeline will surely show you a thing or two about what you can expect from the stylish brand.

Whether you’re an aspiring graphic designer or a customer looking for a new creative agency, this ‘about us’ page is pretty much a perfect sales pitch wrapped up in a friendly way.

  • Its people come first. Don’t forget that prospective employees will be checking out your ‘about us’ page, too. So think about including a group photo or something similar to let people know what you’re about.
  • It encourages global working. While the business has a base, employees are able to move around the world. 
  • It has a whole section on approach. If the way you work is a little complicated, don’t be afraid to create a separate page. 

How to make an ‘about us’ page that converts

Now that you’ve fed your imagination with some great examples, it’s time to work on your brand’s killer ‘about us’ page. Here are a few tips that you can use on your own site.

Make a list of objectives

While most ‘about’ pages contain similar features, think about what the most important messages are for your brand that you would want to include on your own page. For example:

  • If you’ve found a unique business model, lucky you. You’ll need to make your value proposition super noticeable so that users can understand your brand better.
  • If you’re scaling at speed, maybe you want to showcase all the great reasons why someone would want to work with you.
  • If you have an online store, why not talk about all the cool features of your products? Your customers need to pick you over any other store. 

The benefit of an ‘about us’ page is that it doesn’t have to be focused on one topic. You can talk about community issues, product features, and employee characteristics.

That said, prioritizing a feature that is important to your business will pay off. 

Remember that you’re storytelling here. This is your chance to guide the reader where you want them to go, so think wisely.

Write your mission statement

Every brand needs something to focus on. You should have a mission from the outset so that it leads you through every business decision.

Take note from the examples we’ve just explored, and put your bold statement right at the top of your ‘about us’ page. 

Make it short, impactful, and relevant to your brand and its target audience.

Make a genuine connection

When you’re writing your ‘about us’ page, you really need to think about what the value of your business is to your prospective customers.

It’s probably the one place on your website where you would do better to write everything yourself than to hire a freelance writer.

After all, you need this to be heartfelt and real, rather than a disjointed third-person story.

If you have built your business from the ground up then you should have no problem telling your story the way that you want to.

Think about the struggles that you faced in your business and how you overcame them to offer a product that you can be proud of and that people will want to invest in.

That’s the kind of story that anyone can get behind if you just give them a chance.

Go behind the scenes

You’ve seen it before on social media, companies giving you an exclusive peek of their offices or their warehouses.

It is known to be a great strategy for increasing customer engagement, but why does it work and why does it make for a great ‘about us’ page, too?

Well, simply put, it makes your company more real and more relatable.

You can write the greatest story ever about your brand but if people see your business practice what it preaches, then your customers will be much more likely to believe it and convert.

Find great ‘about us’ page templates

Website design doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. You can build your site using a template, so why not use one for your ‘about us’ page?

There are just tons of great page templates out there that you can use to streamline the design process of your about us page and help you to tell the great story of the humble beginnings of your company to your customers.

Zyro makes it easy to create a website in literally minutes, although you might want to spend some time perfecting your content. 

Pick a designer-made template from the ever-expanding list, and get to work. You can edit text, typography, colors, images, and the positioning of everything.

Add links and calls to action

Telling a story is great: it shows the human side of your business. It helps develop connections with customers, and it contextualizes your brand.

But a story doesn’t sell by itself. That’s where the call-to-action button comes in.

Don’t forget that you’re not writing an autobiography here – you’re marketing your business. Your ‘about us’ page is another chance for you to sell.

After all, users are in the discovery mindset when they’re reading about your brand. This is the ideal opportunity to show them some products.

Position call-to-action buttons throughout your ‘about us’ page, or right at the end – be sure to use a snappy command, like ‘shop now’ or ‘sign up’.

Use this chance to generate leads. If people aren’t ready to buy, ask them to join your email list, read your latest blog post, or follow you on social media. 

Add a contact form

Sure, it might seem like a really simple thing, but let’s not forget that this isn’t rocket science.

Great ‘about us’ pages are the definition of a quick win and many companies like to include contact information and a contact form on their ‘about us’ page.


Well, think about it for a second. If you’re writing a great story about your company or business with the objective of getting people to relate, then you’re going to want to give them a way to get in touch with you if they resonate with what you’re saying.

Stylish imagery, a colorful page, or slick animated gifs will only take you so far if your customers can’t find a way to get in touch with you.

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