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17 Times an Apps Landing Page Embarrassed the App Stores

Have you actually been on the App Store or Google Play store recently? It feels like 99% of every page is dedicated to another fake Game of Thrones mobile app.

Almost all the app reviews seem untrustworthy, to say the least.

Thankfully, that doesn’t have. tobe the case. If you want to create a trusted app in today’s saturated market you need a mobile app landing page. 

In this of mobile app landing page examples we’re going to be focusing on:

  • Web design
  • Conversion goal
  • Value proposition
  • User experience

If you ask us, that’s the golden combination for all mobile app landing page examples with the best conversion rates.

Here are 17 of the best mobile app landing page templates in the business.

1. Ribot 

Ribot template landing page

Ribot is a mobile app landing page that is extremely versatile. It’s at number one because this designer-made landing page could be used for any app website or marketing campaign.

It’s a template with a modern, linktree-style design that could easily function as a download button for your app, a call out to an FAQ section, app news, or display a powerful CTA to potential visitors.


  • App landing page template suitable for every purpose
  • Modern design and easily customizable hero image and body copy 
  • Quickly generate leads with a contact form
  • Maximize conversions with prominent buttons
  • Mobile-responsive design


  • Less space for app screenshots
  • Web templates are not specific to the needs of app websites

2. Cash App

Cash app landing page

Cash app is a peer to peer mobile app for payments backed up by online payment giant Square. 

This mobile app landing page is among the bolder examples on our list and it is also one of the app landing pages with the most playful landing page design.

Users scroll through the app landing page the same way they would use the app itself, it’s a clever way of introducing the users to the technology from the moment they arrive on the landing page.

Strong sales messages are displayed on every swipe of the page and the CTA, purpose, and features of the product is clear at all times. 

This is a perfect example of a product with an app landing page that is built for conversions.


  • Strong sales messages on all web pages
  • Interactive website experience 
  • Bold design suggests reinforces the technology focus of the app


  • App landing page lacks social proof
  • No space in the designs for features to generate leads or build an email list

3. Acorns

Acorns landing page

Acorns is an investment app with a simple design and some powerful features.

This app landing page is in our top three examples because of the way that the design of the app website suggests simplicity.

For a long time, investment was the realm of the wealthy and the in-the-know. In Acorns case, everything from the color palette chosen by the designer on the app landing page template to the way the features are displayed in simple bullet points suggests ease of use.


  • The ease of use of the app is reflected in the landing page design
  • Users can follow a video example of key features
  • Strong use of social proof and the business case is clearly defined


  • CTA doesn’t suggest that users download the product
  • Conversions may suffer as the pages are designed to generate leads

4. Invision

Invision landing page

Invision is a product design platform that allows developers and designers to collaborate on a version of a product in development at the same time.

As a highly technical product, this app landing page does well to follow the best practices of the app itself in simplifying complex information into animations of key features to help people understand the product.

It is among the most dynamic app landing page templates on this list and the way that the website demonstrates features to users in the page design is unique and should be an inspiration for every app landing page.


  • Exceptional landing page design reflects the quality of the product
  • Visitors are encouraged to create an account for free with clear CTAs


  • Large amount of visual elements on the page can be distracting

5. Appmicron

Appmicron landing page

Appmicron is a premium app landing page template that is designed to be used by any business that wants to create an app.

It is clear from the overall design that this landing page template could fit many categories of business apps. Mainly it’s geared towards start-ups and web products, though.


  • Clean and clear HTML template design and modern fonts
  • Suitable for a variety of different apps
  • Visitors can preview website designs and pages


  • Final app landing pages may look similar to competitors using the same template
  • Lacks a clear value proposition outside of landing page design

6. BrightLock

BrightLock landing page

BrightLock is an app with a mission to rid the world of keys and fobs by allowing people to literally open doors with their smartphones.

As app landing pages go, the design of this one is among the most modern and clean that we have seen anywhere on the internet.

Beautifully crafted visual elements are a big focus on all the pages and the modern design reflects the forward thinking purpose of the app.


  • Clean landing page design
  • Prominent CTAs


  • Visitors may not immediately understand the purpose of the product from the first page
  • Landing page design appears to override the value of the app itself

7. Nova 

Nova landing page

Nova is another premium app landing page template that markets itself on its ease of customization and the good conversion rates of its pages.

If you’re looking to make a sale or encourage users to download your app, Nova might just be the app landing page template for you.

The most recent version of this template has been optimized with mobile apps, web apps and startups in mind and any visitors coming to this landing page from Google will instantly be able to understand that the design is focused on maximizing app downloads.


  • Mobile responsive layout
  • Retina ready design
  • Google Fonts
  • Built-in animations


  • Every version displayed shows pages that look very similar
  • The landing page template has no clearly defined niche

8. Riga 

Riga landing page

The Riga landing page template is all about grabbing the attention of the visitor from the moment that they arrive on the page.

It makes use of interactive sliders, large screenshots, and trustworthy reviews above the fold to get its message across instantly: this is something special.

Riga itself is an app template, but rather than fill the page with unnecessary information, this landing page has been designed to drive downloads with clear information on key features and prominent CTAs.


  • Simple page design highlights download buttons
  • Easily customizable
  • Google fonts


  • Cookie cutter page design lacks originality

9. BetterMe 

BetterMe landing page

BetterMe is a fitness app with a bold landing page design and clean modern fonts that suggest this app is something a little bit more special than its competitors.

Everything about the design encourages users to download the app and this should be the mission of all good landing pages. 

The CTA “Try for free” is displayed on every scroll of the landing page alongside clear and concise information about the key selling points of the BetterMe app.

Landing pages like this work so well because the purpose is inherent in the design. No part of this page is solely an aesthetic choice, it is a conversions first approach that utilizes great marketing copy to soften the impact for the user.

Aside from that, BetterMe features some excellent screenshots that clearly demonstrate the most important features of the app.


  • Unique landing page design
  • Clear and actionable CTAs
  • Key features and unique selling points are well promoted


  • Some elements of the landing page don’t load smoothly
  • Download buttons are only displayed at the bottom of the page

10. Tapcart

Tapcart landing page

Tapcart is an app that is looking to tap into the world of mobile-first eCommerce with an innovative solution for brands allowing them to start selling online with no coding required.

The idea behind Tapcart is to transform a pre-existing Shopify store into a mobile app and the landing page makes that clear on first sight.

This is up there with the most important features of landing pages in general: the user should be able to immediately identify the purpose of the product without having to scroll. 

When this is not the case, you can be sure that your product will miss out on conversions. Some users will bounce if the purpose and value of the product is not immediately apparent.

That’s one of the reasons that Tapcart has made it onto this list of great landing pages. But aside from that, Tapcart also makes great use of visual elements and modern web design trends such as micro-interactions for an excellent user experience.


  • Clear call to actions
  • Stunning in-app visuals
  • Easy to digest information on key features


  • Page hierarchy could be improved 

11. Houseparty 

Houseparty landing page

Houseparty is a new social networking app that allows friends and family to hangout face to face in a virtual environment through video calling on iOS, Android, and as a desktop app.

If you’re a fan of bold web design on landing pages then there is no finer example than Houseparty. The high contrast color scheme is a very popular web design trend and this landing page has an up-to-date image and playful theme.

Of all the landing pages on this list, Houseparty probably has the least text and focuses on simplicity and interactivity to demonstrate the app.

This is an excellent tactic for an app of this type as it reflects the simplicity and visual focus of the app itself.

Good landing pages should reflect the experience of the product on the website and Houseparty has clearly spent a lot of time on user experience.


  • Minimal text highlights download buttons and key messaging
  • Bold color scheme is attractive and eye catching


  • Lack of unique selling point outside of video calling
  • Style over substance as a product

12. Clark 

Clark landing page

Getting back to the business end of things, Clark is an insurance app that aims to collate all your different policies in one place and take the headaches out of managing complex information.

This landing page works perfectly as it condenses that information into just a few easy-to-digest points.

Clark makes great use of illustrations and animations to keep the landing page clear and highlight the call to action which is to get as many sign ups as possible.


  • Clear CTA above the fold
  • Modern minimalist design
  • User triggered interactions for additional information


  • Download buttons are at the bottom of the page
  • Pricing structure is unclear at first glance

13. Bitpanda 

Bitpanda landing page

It should come as no surprise that one of the app landing pages on this list was going to be about cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is big business and more people than ever want in on the action. What was once an opaque and highly technical field has become increasingly easy to interact with and a large part of that has been the proliferation of applications like Bitpanda.

That simplicity is exactly what Bitpanda is trying to express on this landing page and it does an excellent job of it.

Bitpanda makes great use of in-app screenshots, animations, and microinteractions to simplify the mind-boggling world of cryptocurrency into one easy to use app.

If anything was going to convince you to take the plunge into cryptocurrency it would be a landing page like this.


  • Smooth animations
  • Clear CTAs
  • Strong social proof reinforces trust in a fluctuating industry


  • A large amount of competing information could distract from the main USP

14. Uber 

Uber landing page

Uber is a special case in that its landing page has to offer two applications at once. One for Uber customers, and one for Uber drivers.

It’s not an issue that any of the other applications on this list face and it is naturally difficult to create a single page that can accommodate competing calls-to-action and two different applications for two different audiences on the same page.

Uber’s landing page is a little bit more information-dense, but given the situation, Uber does an excellent job of condensing that information and directing users on the right path.


  • Complex user journey is well signposted
  • Clear CTAs
  • Minimal design highlights key messaging


  • Pop-ups can obscure information
  • CTAs could be moved above the fold

15. Tier 

Tier landing page

Tier is a mobility app that offers a range of shared electrical vehicles from scooters to mopeds that are perfect for short distance trips in an urban environment.

We love this landing page for its bold and innovative design and color scheme which instantly catches the eye and reinforces the key selling point of the product: Tier is a fun and modern way to get around.

The landing page is simple but makes great use of an automatic slider to display key messaging on environment, technology, and ease of use. Rather than focusing on sales messaging, Tier has got its branding down to a tee.

With limited space available on landing pages, this is a great tactic.


  • Bold and memorable design
  • Excellent brand voice


  • Download buttons could be more prominent
  • Page section hierarchy doesn’t maximize conversion funnel

16. Soft 

Soft landing page

Soft is a webflow HTML landing page template with a modern design featuring softer palettes, smart animations, and a trendy one page design.

You could really use this template to advertise any app that you like, it has a familiar design that inspires trust without feeling overly similar to the competition.

Just from the preview, you can tell that this template would be a perfect fit for almost any app and that’s perhaps what makes it one of the most popular application themes on the market.


  • Modern design and sleek animations
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Lead generation forms


  • Prior webflow knowledge needed for customization

17. Yolo 

Yolo landing page

Simple. Effective. The Yolo landing page couldn’t be more minimalist and as the last example on this list it stands out for its total focus on downloads.

There’s nothing to see here other than branding and app store links but it works, the design is playful and encourages the user to give the app a try.


  • Focus on maximizing conversions and downloads
  • Interactive design


  • The purpose of the product is not clear
  • Lacks an obvious CTA

Mobile app landing pages wrap up

As you can see the world of app landing pages is ultimately varied but there is a common theme.

Your landing page should reflect the experience of the product in its design, offer bold and obvious CTAs and prominent download links.

If you follow these simple steps, you might find your new app at the top of the app store rankings by taking the time to craft a beautiful app landing page.

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