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Make it Rein(deer): How to Attract Big Spenders During Christmas

Christmas Marketing Feature

While they might seem like an attraction for kids, mall Santas have always been a ploy to get parents out to the shops in the run-up to Christmas. Softening up mom and pop with a Christmas list to Santa is a surefire way to get them spending. 

Unfortunately, if you’re an online store operator, a seasonally employed fat guy in a beard won’t help you drive traffic in the run-up to the festive season. You need to be a little more creative to make sure shoppers want to hand over their dollars during the holidays. 

To help steer you in the right direction, Zyro‘s created a list of our top 5 ways to ensure your online store is the place for big spenders to visit for Christmas. 

1. Offer the big deals 

It might sound like a contradiction, but often it’s the big spenders who are most on the lookout for a big promotion. 

Yellow sale sign in shop window

In the run-up to Christmas, it’s totally possible to offer deals, or give the appearance of deals, without breaking the bank. 

  • Reduce everything. One straightforward approach is to simply advertise that there’s money off all the products in your store. 
  • Offer promo codes. You could keep things exclusive by offering special codes to customers in your database or on social media. 
  • Run special bundles. You could offer ‘gift’ bundles that group together a number of different products at a slight discount. 
  • Give a discount over a certain value. To encourage customers to spend more with you this Christmas, you could offer a certain amount off their purchases if they spend over a given amount. 

2. Produce videos that appeal to them 

If video isn’t already a part of your marketing strategy, Christmas is the perfect time to incorporate it. 

You don’t have to state a whole production department, in fact, you can get third-party creators to whip you up decent video ads at pretty affordable prices these days. 

Video camera recording

There’s nothing like the combination of Christmas music, appealing visuals, and attractive descriptions of your products to get people keen to buy. 

Be sure to tailor your videos to your target audience!

3. Dazzle them with your looks

It might sound basic, but appearances really are everything when it comes to making sales You should strongly consider giving your whole brand a Christmas make-over 

  • Update your homepage. Your first stop should be your customers’ first stop: your homepage. Add some Christmas decorations and links to Christmas deals. 
  • Create landing pages. Want to create a whole winter wonderland experience? Send your incoming traffic to specially designed Christmas landing pages. 
  • Add Christmas themes to product listings. Remember, product pages are your last opportunity to convert customers. They’re also the perfect place for some more visuals. 
  • Create show-stopping creatives. Whether displayed on your own website or used as ads elsewhere, visually-stunning, Christmas-themed graphics go a long way. 
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4. Give them valuable extras 

There’s no easier way to make a purchase seem like a good deal than throwing in something extra on top. During the season of goodwill, why not treat your customers to some nice freebies to sweeten the idea of shopping with you?

  • Free shipping. This is pretty much a must around Christmas. Discounting delivery charges for purchases over a certain amount is an easy win. 
  • Free gifts. Why not offer a small stocking-filler gift to customers who make a purchase over a certain value?
  • Subscriptions. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Offer customers the opportunity to continue receiving goods from your year-round. 
  • Prize draws. It’s like a free gift, but only one customer receives it. Adding customers to a prize draw is a nice way to encourage purchases. 

5. Customize your marketing and user experience

Tailoring your marketing message to specific customers’ needs is always a good idea, but if you want to attract the big spenders over the holiday period, then making everything super-customized is a must. 

Fundamentally, you need to make it as easy as possible for customers and visitors to your website to find the kind of products they’ll be interested in. 

Woman enjoying personalized experience

For those who have purchased from you before, it’s relatively easy to simply target them with products related or similar to those they have already bought. 

You might also consider adding tracking pixels for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to your website. They’ll allow you to see which products specific visitors are interested in, and retarget them will ads for those and similar products. 

6. Offer gift options 

This year more than ever before, shoppers are going to be sending gifts to loved ones they won’t see in person over the Christmas period. 

With that in mind, now is the ideal time to invest in some gift-wrapping equipment. 

While plenty of retailers are willing to keep details of contents off boxes in case they give a gift away, Christmas is your opportunity to go the extra mile and offer a whole gift-wrap service. 

With just a small extra effort from you, you could add a huge amount of value to customers keen to send beautiful gifts around the world. 

7. Create a sense of exclusivity 

More than anything else, those who are willing to spend the most money on Christmas are out to buy one thing: exclusivity. 

For many, Christmas is competitive, so to feel like they’ve secured that one gift that no one else has got their hands on is the ultimate shopping success. 

You can create that sense of exclusivity in a number of ways:

  • Genuinely unique products. The easiest way to create the impression that your products are unique is to actually offer unique products. 
  • Customization. Failing genuine exclusivity, you might customize your products with extras, engraving, or color options. 
  • A great deal. You can even make a product feel exclusive if customers pay an exclusively low price for it. 
  • First access to a product. We’ll let you in on a little secret: a product doesn’t have to be unique to feel exclusive. If you can offer your customers early access to a product, it’ll still have that special glow. 
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