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16 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow

16 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow

Marketing is more than just advertising or promoting your products – creating a marketing blog requires creativity, patience, and a tremendous amount of hard work.

Though marketing theories are not difficult to learn, you may find yourself facing numerous bottlenecks in practice.

There are multiple ways to learn about marketing on the internet. These include taking an online course, reading an ebook, using entrepreneur forums to acquire information, etc.

However, marketing blogs are what really come in helpful for those who wish to learn about this industry for free.

Since there are thousands of marketing blogs out there, we need to pick the best ones. In this article, we have compiled 15 of the best marketing blogs to follow. Let’s take a look!

1. Zyro

Zyro is a professional website builder with some additional features, including AI content generator, designer-made templates, and logo maker.

This platform allows you to create a beautiful, fully-working website in just a few minutes.

Aside from its function as a website builder, Zyro also has a blog that contains tutorials and informative articles about digital marketing, SEO, and other tech-related topics.

In addition, if you are a beginner who loves to learn about starting an online business, this blog has some of the best tutorials to reach online business success.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs homepage

If you’re familiar with SEO and its practices, Ahrefs should not be a foreign name to you.

Known as one of the best tools for SEO optimization, Ahrefs has a well-maintained marketing blog that covers the latest trends, such as digital marketing tactics, interactive guides for online selling, and eCommerce marketing strategies.

However, since Ahrefs is focused on SEO optimization and traffic analysis, most of the content on their blog is related to those topics.

So, if you are looking for conventional marketing techniques such as direct selling or telemarketing, you will not find it there.

Moreover, the blog is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, and Russian.

3. Moz

The Moz Blog homepage

Moz offers an all-in-one website SEO toolset. It is useful for keyword researching, site auditing, and content optimizing.

Nevertheless, it is not the only reason why people visit the website — The Moz blog actually attracts lots of readers too!

Featuring a clean, fresh-looking blog interface, Moz provides a wide selection of topics you can choose from, including advanced SEO tips, branding techniques, email marketing, competitive research, social media marketing, and online advertising.

The Moz Blog is a fine source for anyone who wants to learn both basic and advanced internet marketing strategies without spending much money.

With that in mind, since Moz basically sells SEO tools, you may find that SEO topics dominate most of its content.

4. Hubspot

Hubspot homepage

Hubspot’s blog is a great learning resource for marketing enthusiasts that contains tutorials, tips, and insight about various marketing topics, such as customer-handling, social media marketing, and sales planning.

The blog implements a unique email subscription system that allows you to choose the topics you prefer — Marketing, Service, Sales, or Agency.

This way, you can stay up to date with the latest Hubspot blog’s content that is actually relevant to your interest. In addition, it can also be integrated with Slack.

Furthermore, the Hubspot blog offers free online training that will give you an inbound marketing certificate if you pass the test.

The company also gives free webinars and marketing courses for a number of corporations around the globe.

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5. Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch homepage

Search Engine Watch is one of the best marketing blogs which provides reliable information about SEO strategies and analysis, content development, and PPC topics.

The blog also writes a lot about current content marketing-related issues, such as voice search optimization or Google’s semantic search.

The articles in the blog are written by marketing professionals and SEO experts. That being said, Search Engine Watch allows you to apply as a contributor. By sharing your brilliant insights, your writing will be read by millions of readers out there!

Aside from sharing news, tutorials, and tips, Search Engine Watch also provides an online course for Amazon Advertising which requires you to pay no less than $249 to enroll.

This course is handled by John Denny, a digital marketing expert, and consists of 10 modules that can be learned in about 4 to 6 hours.

6. A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand homepage

A Better Lemonade Stand is an eCommerce-themed blog focused on providing useful tips and advice for entrepreneurs and digital marketers.

This neat-looking platform covers a wide range of entrepreneurial topics, such as product and niche selection, business strategies, and company branding practices.

Due to its popularity, the blog has been featured in various popular channels, including Forbes and Shopify.

Moreover, A Better Lemonade Stand provides a unique filter that can help you filter the article based on the business phase you are currently in.

The feature gives you three options – Build, Launch, and Grow.

7. Talkwalker Blog

Talkwalker Blog homepage

Talkwalker is a digital agency operating a variety of digital services, including public relations solutions and consumer insight analysis.

The company also sells a variety of digital marketing products, ranging from analytics tools, video recognition, and AI Engines that claim to be capable of comprehensive data analysis with 99.5% accuracy in just 30 minutes.

Business aside, Talkwalker blog is a great learning source for marketing newbies and digital marketing enthusiasts. The blog covers a variety of topics, including social media marketing, marketing tutorials, and data analysis.

The blog implements an endless-scroll system. Thus, you will find all of its content on one page.

While the page lacks categories to filter the content with, you can use the search tool at the top of the page to find the articles you want to read.

8. Bookmark This

Bookmark This homepage

Bookmark This is the blog belonging to which is known for its various online services, including CRM, data visualization, content marketing, and consumer insight analysis.

The company also provides branding services through design and public relations management.

The blog is dominated by content marketing-related topics. While it can be used as a reliable source for content marketers, you can actually find some interesting pieces about culture and social-themed topics here.

There are multiple categories you can filter to find the article you need, including Marketing, Media sales, PR & Events, Tech, and Data Stories.

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9. Orbit Media Studios

Orbit Media Studios homepage

If you need practical tips for content marketing purposes, the Orbit Media Studios blog is the first website you must visit.

Known as a trusted digital strategy company, Orbit Media Studios did a great job of creating a marketing blog that touches on various topics related to the current trends in digital marketing, such as social media branding and website optimization.

The blog’s content is divided into six categories – Analytics, Digital Strategy, SEO & Content Marketing, Social Media, Web Development, and Website Design & Usability.

Each article is equipped with infographics, screenshots, or even Youtube videos to help you digest the content.

10. Adweek

Adweek homepage

Adweek is a New York-based platform that has been operating since 1979.

As one of the most popular marketing blogs in the USA, Adweek is used as a source of learning and news for podcasters, advertisers and marketers.

This blog provides a wide selection of articles pertaining to various niches, including telemarketing, digital marketing, product branding, etc. Interestingly, Adweeks’s content often blends marketing learning material with popular topics, such as Superbowl, Starbucks, or identity resolution issues.

Celebrating its 40 years anniversary this year, Adweek also nurtures the marketing ecosystem by providing webinars and community events, such as Adweek’s Challenger Brands Summit, Adweek Experiential Awards, and Adweek Brandweek.

11. CallHub Blog

CallHub Blog homepage

CallHub Blog is all about campaign strategies and political branding.

It provides great advice for grassroots advocacy and text-based marketing. Fortunately, while these topics sound heavy, this Blog’s articles are actually pretty easy to digest.

Aside from the marketing-related articles, CallHub has quite a lot of content about fundraising.

Moreover, there are multiple categories you can choose in this blog, such as Advocacy, Campaign Management, Political, and Nonprofit.

12. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner homepage

If you are currently developing your social media marketing strategies or focusing on growing your business through such means, this blog is bound to be useful.

Just like the name suggests, Social Media Examiner is a marketing blog focusing on social media marketing and analysis.

This platform gives you everything you need to be an expert in the field – they have a weekly podcast, talk show, and newsletter.

Since they specialize in social media marketing, you can expect to see a lot of articles regarding mainstream social media feature optimization.

This includes Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin content strategies.

13. The Daily Carnage

The Daily Carnage homepage

The Daily Carnage is a blog for both professional and amateur marketers.

The blog provides tons of articles and learning materials for free. The posts are divided into six categories – Strategy, Content, Design, Development, and Marketing.

Uniquely, this blog also provides excellent content about career development and self-improvement.

These topics are a nice addition to the heavy-themed marketing articles and business-related topics in the blog.

Nevertheless, while The Daily Carnage provides really nice marketing-related articles, it lacks content when compared to similar blogs.

Browsing the “Development” category reveals no more than two articles, which is underwhelming for anyone who wants to learn more about the subject.

14. TopRank Blog

TopRank Blog homepage

Operating since 2001, TopRank blog has become a well-trusted marketing blog in the USA.

This blog has been cited in numerous prestigious publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The New York Times.

TopRank blog content is divided into four different categories, namely Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, SEO, and Social Media.

The blog also provides a well-updated News section which helps you access the latest information on marketing events in America.

Moreover, TopRank’s content is often created from a compilation of data and news from other sources.

For example, in this particular digital marketing article, TopRank cites at least 10 different trustable sources, including The Verge, Marketing Land, and MediaPost.

15. Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert homepage

Convince and Convert is a digital marketing solution company that provides professional consulting, training, and speaking classes.

The company is founded by Jay Baer, a popular marketer and customer experience specialist that has sold six best-selling books about marketing.

This company’s blog covers some of the most popular topics in marketing, including Content Marketing, Customer Service, Social Media Marketing, and Customer Experience.

The content structure varies from tutorials, data analysis, and marketing tips.

Moreover, Convince and Convert also have several marketing-related shows you can use as learning and information sources, such as podcasts and talk shows.

One such mini-series being Experience This!, showcasing great examples of customer experience from a marketer’s perspective.

16. Marketing Interactions

Marketing Interactions homepage

Marketing Interaction is a neat, simple-looking blog run by Ardath Albee, a successful marketing analyst with more than 30 years of experience in business management.

The blog is a perfect resource for those who are looking for B2B marketing-related topics and customer-related subjects.

You can also find some general marketing topics like Content and Social Media Marketing.

You can choose your preferred topic by clicking on the link in the Filed Under section or by choosing one of the Post Categories located on the bottom of the page.

Choosing the Continuum Experience category lets you read the personal insights of Ardath Albee regarding various marketing-related topics.

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Have Fun Reading!

With so many quality marketing blogs out there, the opportunities to develop your skills are endless. Keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends and techniques will help you become an expert in no time.

Even though the number of marketing-related blogs might seem overwhelming at first, these 15 blogs, in particular, are sure to be worth your time:

  • Zyro – an informative blog about online marketing, website building, SEO, and other tech-related topics.
  • Ahrefs – a well-maintained marketing blog that covers the marketing trends, including digital marketing tactics and interactive guides for beginners.
  • Moz – this blog provides a wide selection of topics, such as branding techniques, email marketing, competitive research, and social media marketing.
  • HubSpot – providing ample learning resources and materials about marketing, this blog is one of the best marketing blogs to visit for both professional and amateur marketers alike.
  • Search Engine Watch – a resourceful marketing blog with lots of PPC, SEO, and Content Development-related topics.
  • A Better Lemonade Stand – Covering a wide range of entrepreneurial topics, such as product and niche selection, shipping methods, business strategies, and company branding, this blog provides excellent insight into marketing trends.
  • Talkwalker Blog – a great learning source for marketing newbie and digital marketing enthusiasts who are eager to learn about social media marketing and marketing data analysis.
  • Bookmark This – with a variety of content marketing-related topics, this blog is a reliable learning source for those who are interested in that niche.
  • Orbit Media Studios – providing practical tips for content marketing purposes, the Orbit Media Studios blog definitely deserves keeping an eye on.
  • Adweek – this New York-based blog provides a wide selection of marketing content, including telemarketing, digital marketing, and product branding,
  • CallHub Blog – a marketing blog that mainly talks about campaign strategies, political branding, and fundraising.
  • Social Media Examiner – This blog focuses on social media marketing and analysis. It also has a weekly podcast and newsletter.
  • The Daily Carnage – this blog provides tons of articles and learning materials for free. Aside from marketing-related topics, this blog also provides career development and self-improvement content.
  • TopRank Blog – with a compilation of data and news from other sources as its content, TopRank is a great learning resource for both experienced marketers and those new to the field.
  • Convince and Convert – covering some of the most popular topics in marketing, including Content Marketing, Customer Service, and Social Media Marketing, Convince and Convert is a reliable marketing blog for any marketing enthusiasts out there.
  • Marketing Interactions – run by Ardath Albee, a marketing expert with more than 30 years of experience, this blog is a must-read if you want to know more about B2B marketing.

Do you have any other blog recommendations for passionate marketers? Kindly share it with us in the comment section below.

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