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Best 8 Time Management Apps to Get You More Organized

Time management is an important skill that allows you to work effectively in the time available. With the help of time management apps, you can organize and prioritize tasks easily.

We’re about to introduce you to the best time management apps to supercharge your time. We’ll also suggest life hacks that can help improve your time management skills.

1. Focus Booster

focus booster

Focus Booster is a simple timer app that uses the Pomodoro session, a technique that breaks up your working time into intervals.

This time management app boosts productivity, creates focus, and tracks working time.

Here are Focus Booster’s features that help track your time, tasks and productivity:

  • A time management framework with 25-minute intervals followed by 5-minute breaks.
  • Automatic timesheet reports based on the recorded sessions. If you like, you can also create manual entries to your timesheets.
  • A detailed report on your weekday tasks, productivity, revenue, and how much time you spent with clients. All your time management is handled in one place.
  • A simple and customizable theme (light or dark) to suit your needs.

Like many time apps, Focus Booster offers a free plan with 20 Pomodoro sessions per month. You’ll also get access to time tracking and productivity reporting.

Should you need more sessions, the Individual ($2.99/month) and Professional ($4.99/user per month) plans are available to choose from. They offer 200 and unlimited sessions, respectively.

If you’re having trouble focusing on your work, then Focus Booster is for you.;

The app also shows you how much time you spent on particular tasks, so you can use the data to improve your time management skills.

There are Focus Booster schedule apps available for download on Mac and Windows.

2. MindNode


Brainstorm, connect and clarify your thoughts using MindNode. This time and project management app will help you you to capture your ideas with mind maps.;

With the free version of MindNode, you can:

  • Create mind maps with unlimited branches.
  • See your mind map from a different angle. The linear layout is perfect for displaying mind maps on phones, the task-only mode lets you have a quick glance at your open tasks.
  • Simplify your mind map by folding or unfolding the branches.;
  • Sync your tasks or to-do lists via iCloud.
  • Export the mindmaps to formats like pdf, docx, rtf, and much more.

You can get MindNode for free or subscribe to MindNode Plus for $2.49 per month.

If an idea pops up but you don’t have time to open the app, the Plus plan allows you to create a mind map through your menu bar (Windows) or Today View (macOS).;

If you want to focus on one idea at a time, you can do so by using the Focus Mode. This prevents you from getting distracted by the other items and its branches.

Other premium features include tagging, customizable themes, and the ability to add images and stickers.

Before upgrading, you can try the 14 days trial to see whether the app matches your needs and that you like the interface.

You can get MindNode on iOS and macOS.

3. Clockify


Clockify is some of the best time management software on the market, allowing you to track time spent on certain tasks.;

You can also track hours spent on a project to calculate how much you need to charge clients.

This time management app has tons of features, such as:

  • Two modes of tracking time: Timer and Manual mode. Timer uses a stopwatch to track time, while the Manual requires you to enter time manually.
  • A comprehensive timesheet that includes a list of projects and how much time was spent on each of them.
  • A detailed dashboard showing what your team members are working on, your most tracked tasks, and what your team spends most of its time on. You can also track the progress of a project if you like.
  • A summary report of your team’s productivity.
  • An unlimited number of team members in a workspace. In Clockify, a workspace is where you add members, projects, tasks, and time entries.

All these features are available for free.;

However, three professional plans are available should you need other advanced futures: Plus ($9.99/month), Premium ($29.99/month), and Enterprise ($9.99/user per month).

The extra features in the Plus plan include auditing entries, time tracking reminders, and hiding timesheets from certain users.;

You can also lock timesheets to prevent regular users from changing any of their time entries. Only you, as the owner, can edit it.

Premium plan users, on the other hand, can get email alerts, hide pages from certain users, and access project management templates.

If you want to have complete control over this time app, go for the Enterprise plan.;

You can remove users from your workspace, change their names, stop the timer for them, and log into their accounts.

Furthermore, this top-tier plan also allows you to create a more secure workspace by using a custom subdomain (;

By using this feature, you can manage access and login credentials using your company’s identity provider.

This time management app is great for those who handle many teams and have a lot of projects. Thanks to Clockify, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of all the users’ and projects’ performance within one place.

Clockify is available as time management phone apps (Android and iOS), browser extensions (Chrome and Firefox), and desktop apps (Windows and macOS).;

You can find the apps to download on Clockify’s official website.

4. Forest


Forest, a productivity and time management app, allows you to stay focused by growing a virtual tree.;

If you leave the app to check on your social media or answer a message, your virtual tree will be killed and you will need to start all over again.

Each successful planting earns you a coin, which you can donate to Trees for the Future — a non-profit organization that aims to help communities plant real trees.

Here is how Forest can help get the most out of your time:

  • Choose up to nine different species of trees to grow. Keep growing trees and create a virtual forest.
  • Listen to calming music while using the app.
  • Set the timer, starting from 10 minutes and up to 2 hours.

A free version of this time tracking software is available on Android, but you’ll only get to grow virtual trees, and can’t donate to the tree-planting organization.

The pro version costs $1.99/user per month. This comes with phone usage and screen time tracker, statistics of the time distribution, and the ability to compete with friends.

What is more, it’s also possible to whitelist a few apps, so your tree won’t be killed when you need to use those applications.

For iPhone users, the Forest time management tool can be purchased from the App Store for the same price as the Android’s pro version.

5. TimeTree


TimeTree is a schedule app that puts your family, work, and social calendar in one place. It allows you to share your calendar with anyone you want, making it easy to coordinate events.

Keep as many team members, family and friends as you like updated about your free time and ongoing projects.;

Amongst all the time management apps we’ve listed so far, TimeTree is the only one that comes totally free.

Some of the core time management features are:

  • Create multiple calendars for different purposes; personal, work, family, and more.
  • Easily import and sync your Google or Apple calendar.
  • Add notes or tentative events to the Keep menu. You can add dates to the entries later.
  • Generate pie charts of how you are spending your time.
  • Upload pictures and add comments to events.

TimeTree can be used by anyone who wants to share their schedules with others — whether it’s between family members, couples, or colleagues.

As with the other time management tools in this list, TimeTree is available on iOS and Android.

6. Remember the Milk

remember the milk

You can create to-do lists with Remember The Milk, a to-do list app that aims to help make tasks and time management easier for users.

With the free version of Remember The Milk, you can:

  • Add tasks with email, Alexa, Siri, and Twitter.
  • Organize your tasks your way, in lists or in visual tags.;
  • Set reminders via email, text, IM, and Twitter.
  • Share lists and assign tasks to a maximum of two users.
  • Sync your tasks with Microsoft Outlook.;

A professional task manager plan for Remember The Milk is available for $39.99 billed annually.;

With that, you can create subtasks, share your lists with as many users as you need, color-code the tags, customize your theme as you like, and use badges and widgets.

Remember The Milk is available on Web, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Fire.;

Visit its official website to download this time management software.

7. Trello


Trello is a well-known project management app with over 50 million registered users. This task management app will help you and your team organize projects into boards, lists and cards.;

Boards are used to track and organize your projects. Then, each board consists of cards that function as a workflow.;

For instance, you can create upcoming, current, and completed cards for your projects. Each card then will also have a list of tasks that needs to be done.

Some of Trello’s free task management features are:

  • Add attachments you need from your computer or cloud storage with the drag and drop feature.
  • Install any additional features you like and integrate third-party apps with Trello’s Power-Ups.; For instance, you can add custom fields, connect to Slack and Google Calendar, and more. However, you only get one Power-Up per board.
  • Create automation and boost productivity with rules, such as filtering cards that are overdue and removing assigned members from completed cards. This feature can help reduce time spent doing tedious tasks. On the free plan, you only get one rule. On a paid plan you get as many as you like.
  • Add a layer of security to the task manager by activating the two-factor authentication.

Two premium plans are available for you to choose from: Business Class ($12.50/month per user) and Enterprise ($20.83/month per user)

With the premium plans, you will get access to unlimited rules and Power-Ups.;

You can also export your board’s data to CSV or JSON, group up boards to create collections, among other task management tools.;

If you are looking for a customizable productivity management app, you will like Trello. It can help you manage your workflow so that you can work efficiently.

Trello is available as a web app, mobile apps (Android and iOS), and desktop apps (Windows and macOS). Find the download links on Trello’s website.

8. Timely


Timely is great at productivity, scheduling and time-tracking app for people and companies.;

The app provides a calendar to help break days into hours. You can create time blocks for each day, move the blocks to a different day, and see how long it takes to finish a task.

For agencies and organizations, you can use Timely to:

  • Help visualize your team’s schedule for up to 60 days in advance.
  • Monitor your team’s work within a dashboard. You can see their timesheets, what they spend their time on, and reports on their performance and productivity.
  • Keep track of your projects’ progress through the Activity Feed.;
  • Automatically record time spent in other apps. Timely can also track GPS locations so you can view when you arrive or leave work.

You can explore Timely features with its 14-day trial, and then purchase one of its plans if you want to.;

The price ranges from $7 to $23 per month for the Individuals plan and $49 to $449 per month for the Teams plan.

If you choose the Teams plan, you can run up to 1,000 projects simultaneously, get priority support help, and organize up to 10 teams.

This time app keeps you accountable for how you spend your time, which will help lead to a more profitable business.

Timely is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Get the app from the official download links.

Why do you need time management apps?

Knowing how to manage your time is essential.;

You only have 24 hours in a day. Allocating your time well will help you to do more work, and thus contribute more to your company.;

When working in a controlled amount of time, you learn to focus on your tasks more, increasing the efficiency of your work. You spend less time on your task, but with better quality.

Now that you don’t have the pressure of time behind you, you can use that time for thorough decision-making. When you have more time to think through your options, you end up with better results.;

More importantly, you can relax. You can use that time to sleep more, meditate more, and unwind more.

The best time management apps don’t get in the way of your work but instead free up time and attention to do more of what you like.;

Using time management apps can be very helpful in achieving better work results, and a more comfortable personal life.;

More time management tips

Other than the use of apps to keep track of your time, you can also practice some life hacks to stay focused and boost efficiency.

  • Avoid multitasking. When you work on too many tasks in one go, you tend to do things in a hurry and end up losing focus.
  • Follow the 80-20 rule. This suggests that 20% of what you do produces 80% of the results. Simply put, only 20% of your tasks for the day are important, while the others are trivial.;
  • Cut down on your tasks for the day. Put more effort into the more important ones.
  • Organize your space to help boost your productivity. A clean workspace leads to a clearer mind.
  • Create to-do lists for the next day and set deadlines. When you plan ahead, you mope around less and start work earlier.

You can also take advantage of today’s technology to get tasks done much more effectively.;

Bloggers can use the Zyro AI Content Generator to create content for their sites, and the Zyro Logo Maker to create logos for their business, free of charge.

Lastly, remember to take breaks in between tasks. It’s good to rest your mind a bit so that when you come back, you can refocus and work better.

Time management apps recap

Now that you know the best time management apps out there, you can implement them in your life. Make work less stressful and more productive.;

Time management creates the perfect work-life balance. It helps allocate time to spend with family and friends, making your life much happier in the long-run.;

We hope this article has helped you realize the importance of time management and how you can achieve this skill.

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