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Cut Through: 10 Strategies to Get Your Black Friday Deals Noticed

Black Friday Deals Feature

Black Friday hits at the end of November, is your business ready?

You might have already come up with the best deals you can think of and updated your website, but without shoppers excited to buy your products, it’ll all be for nothing. 

A full 74% of online retailers are planning special sales events for Black Friday, so getting yourself noticed in the crowd will be harder than ever. 

Here are our top 10 tips for getting noticed as a small business on Black Friday. 

1. Get ready, NOW

It might sound obvious, but the shortest route to failure is if you fail to plan. 

As we publish this post, there’s only a couple of weeks left until Black Friday, meaning that, if you haven’t already, you should start making plans and taking action now. 

For most businesses, Black Friday represents one of the most important marketing campaigns of the year. With so many other things to prepare, getting your communications strategy out of the way early will be a weight off. 

Plan your target audience, channels, messaging, and design early. 

2. Advertise where your audience is looking 

The marketing channels you choose to target will decide your success. The golden rule: follow the eyeballs. 

Marketing to channels which your target audience either doesn’t access or ignores is a waste of time and money. 

For most small businesses, Black Friday marketing will include some combination of the following channels:

  • Google ads
  • Social media profiles
  • Social media ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Email marketing

However, the exact channels you choose, and the demographics you target will depend on your target market. 

Pull from your own experience, as well as market research, to decide which channels to target and when. 

3. Make your deals unmissable 

Black Friday is about not just big promotions, but HUGE promotions. We’re not talking about 10% off, more like 60% off. 

The deals you decide to offer your customers have to not only be eye-catching, but also be more attractive than your competitors. 

We get it, though, you’re a small business who doesn’t have the resources to compete with the big box stores on price. 

Don’t stress it, here are some extra sweeteners you might add to your deals to play to your strengths:

  • Offer free shipping on all orders
  • Run a prize draw for orders over a certain amount 
  • Give away gift cards or money-off vouchers with every sale
  • Add free gifts to orders over a certain amount

4. Customize your promotions

Nothing is more attractive than a deal that feels tailor-made for you. So, why not tailor-make each promotion for your customers?

Instead of trying a one-size-fits-all approach to Black Friday, consider instead using what you know about your customers to create deals that will appeal specifically to them. 

You could do this in a demographic way, using generalized trends about different types of shoppers to create promotions more likely to attract specific demographics. 

Alternatively, with even more targeting, you could look at the browsing and purchasing habits of specific customers. This allows you to retarget them with products they’re interested in, or suggest products similar or related to those they’ve already purchased. 

5. Produce eye-catching ads

It’s likely you’ll be running some kind of display ad campaign over the Black Friday period, even if it’s just creating graphics to run on your social media profiles. 

Remember that shoppers see hundreds of ads online every single day, so it’s crucial that you ensure yours stand out. 

Your ads should:

  • Stand out. Think bold colors, unique designs, and attractive imagery. 
  • Clearly state your deals. You should have a compelling promotion or two to offer, so put them front and center. 
  • Evoke emotion. Aim to get potential customers excited about your deals with emotive language. 
  • Invite consumers to act. You don’t want sales next week, you want them now. Use language which invites action. 
  • Match your aesthetic. Customers clicking your ads should not find a completely different looking website behind them. 

6. Create a soft landing 

If you want to keep visitors’ attention and boost your conversions, you should create landing pages specifically for the deals you’re promoting on Black Friday. 

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An effective landing page should:

  • Have a single purpose: to convert visitors to customers
  • Feature prominent calls to action
  • Have a short pathway to navigate to a purchase
  • Have design and content which is consistent with the ad a visitor clicked to land there
  • Feature no distractions from the conversion path

 7. Get seen as many times as you can 

Very few online shoppers will make a purchase on your store after seeing your ads just once. Ads work best as part of a sustained campaign, during which individual consumers see your ads multiple times. 

That’s why, rather than targeting lots of potential customers with a single ad, your ad budget is better spent targeting the most likely shoppers with multiple ads. 

8. Generate urgency 

Your Black Friday deals won’t be around for long, and neither will shoppers’ intention to buy. That’s why you need to create a sense of excitement and urgency in the run up to, and during, Black Friday. 

Adding a countdown timer to the end of the deals on your website is a great place to start. You might also try using language that talks about ‘limited time’ deals, or otherwise communicates urgency.

Be careful not to put too much pressure on your shoppers, as this will ultimately turn them off, but pushing them to purchase as soon as possible should be your goal. 

9. Encourage social sharing

Social media is an important marketing tool, not only thanks to your profiles and ads, but also because of the sharing customers can do on your behalf. 

Let social media users do your advertising for you by encouraging them to share news about your deals to their network. 

Offer referral codes or a prize draw to users willing to like and share your promotions. 

10. Recycle traffic into Cyber Monday 

So you’ve caught the attention of new customers or potential leads? Don’t waste that new interest after Black Friday. 

Consider rolling the deals over into Cyber Monday to capitalize further on the hard work you’ve put into attracting so much attention. 

67% of online retailers see a bump in sales on Cyber Monday, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of its closeness to Black Friday. 

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