8 Fantastic Blog Examples to Give You Inspiration

Starting a blog needs dedication and thorough planning. You have to think of the blog design, type of content, and how to engage readers.

To show you how to write blogs, we’ll take a look at 8 successful blog examples that can offer you inspiration.

We’re going to break down the different approaches they use, identify the key features that make their blog design effective, and find tips you can apply to your own blog.

1. Breaking Into Startups

#121 Kesha Lake article on breaking into startups blog example

Breaking Into Startups is an inspirational content marketing blog that shares the stories of startup professionals and entrepreneurs.

This blog looks really simple. There is an image slider at the top, blog posts in the middle, and a newsletter form on the footer.

In terms of content, Breaking Into Startup proves that you can publish anything on your blog. Each post has an accompanying podcast in addition to the actual blog post.

To help visitors learn about the context of the post, there’s a short description of the episode’s interviewee, just below the podcast. This shows blogging can be multi-media.

Breaking Into Startups also teaches us that we don’t have to worry about how frequent content is as long as it’s quality material.

The blog is only updated once a month. However, since the blog does a great job of giving people valuable information, readers are happy to wait.

What makes this blog more engaging is that it offers a free guide called “The 5 Step Challenge”. The course explains all the important steps that you should take before jumping into the startup industry.

2. 500px

Featured Article of blue clear ocean and 50+ adorable couple poses article

The 500px blog is one of the best places to learn about photography, thanks to its up-to-date and insightful content.

If you want to create a successful blog of your own, there are few practices that you can learn from this photography blog.

First, categorize your posts so the visitors can easily find articles that they want to read. In the 500px blog, there are thirteen categories available, from Tutorials to Gear Reviews.

The most inspiring categories are A Day In The Life and Humble Beginnings. People can read about a photographer’s daily work life and how they become professionals in this field.

Secondly, you should integrate your blog with social media accounts. This lets you connect with the readers and other users who also like photography, and promote your business.

The 500px blog uses two widgets on the right side of the page to show its Facebook and Twitter timeline. The blog even uses Facebook to replace the built-in comment feature.

Lastly, a good blog should offer variety, so invite your readers to write for your blog.

The 500px blog does this so that the range of content is more attractive and engaging. Just make sure that the guest posts are still on relevant topics.

3. Wellness Mama

Wellness Mama website for healthier families

The Wellness Mama blog example mostly shares tips for recipes, lifestyle, and beauty. It is a reliable learning source for mothers and women who want to live a healthier life and be eco-friendly.

The team behind this blog is aware that health-related subjects are very sensitive. Therefore, it asks for professional help on almost every blog post.

That’s why you will see a doctor’s profile along with the author’s details at the top of the article. This is one of the most reassuring ways to maintain your credibility and build trust when blogging.

Wellness Mama also writes a full disclaimer to remind its visitors to consult a professional before following the blog’s recommendations.

This is a great example of how to write blog posts on complicated topics, without the risk of legal problems.

Another reason subscribers love Wellness Mama is that it seldom displays sponsored content. Even if a certain product appears on a post, it is usually because the writer personally uses it.

To top it all off, the comment section on every blog post is active and engaging. The writers and readers don’t shy away from giving answers and recommendations if someone asks for help.

4. Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog blog example with photo of girl sitting on the beach

Thought Catalog is a blog geared towards teens and young adults. Readers can submit personal stories and get feedback from the community.

People love this blog because they can be fully honest, get support from people with the same experiences, and don’t have to be an experienced writer to get published.

Currently, there are over 110,000 articles and most of them are user-submitted.

This crowdsourced method is helpful for the owner and the readers. The owner doesn’t have to worry about running out of articles, while the readers have a place to voice their thoughts.

If you want to allow user-submitted blog posts, we recommend setting up clear guidelines that your contributor can follow — just like what Thought Catalog provides.

Be sure to pick article topics that are aligned with your brand and values.

5. Create Cultivate

Create Cultivate website

Create Cultivate is an online blog example for female professionals and businesswomen. It offers tips and tricks on how to advance your career, start your own business, and improve your skills.

Writing articles related to finance and career development requires Create Cultivate to find credible sources. Most of the blog posts are interviews with employees or business owners.

People share insights from their experiences, so you gain a different perspective on the topics subjects.

Create Cultivate likes to use pull quotes throughout blog posts to highlight the important takeaways.

This is especially helpful for skimmer readers, so that they don’t miss out on essential information from the interviewee.

To increase engagement, the blog organizes conferences or casual meetups where they share knowledge and collect feedback.

6. The Kitchn

Kitchn blog example for baking

As you might’ve guessed from the name, this blog mainly talks about homemade recipes and topics related to kitchen life.

It’s the go-to place for anyone who wants to learn how to cook, plan a diet program, or organize a kitchen.

The Kitchn is another great example of how to organize our blog. Aside from providing categories, The Kitchn has subcategories so people can easily find articles of interest.

Under the Recipes category, for example, you can filter out the posts based on their ingredients, meal types, and dietary restrictions.

However, that’s not the only reason why people prefer The Kitchn over the other food blogs.

All posts include a link from Chicory where you can buy all the ingredients mentioned in the article. In a few hours, you can have all the materials delivered to your home.

The Kitchn also provides affiliate links for the required tools should visitors not have them already.

This is one thing we highly recommend implementing this on your own blog.

It is a great way to make your blog more convenient. What’s more, you also open up the opportunity to increase your income through affiliate programs.

7. Dan Flying Solo

Dan Flying Solo blog example

You might be surprised to know that Dan Flying Solo is a one-person blog. Dan, the owner, and sole contributor, shows that you can design, write, and grow a blog all by yourself.

Dan is passionate about sharing his traveling experience. He gives useful tips, lists his favorite destinations, and even recommends local businesses in every country he visited.

The page navigation demonstrates great blog design. The countries are listed by continent, and there is a complete list of social media links at the top right corner — making it easy for readers to reach him out.

Although he’s alone, Dan manages to keep his blog frequently updated — even if he has to write using his phone.

To create a compelling traveling blog like Dan Flying Solo, note that you also need to master your photography skills.

Just like Dan, the ability to take stunning photos will help you with your blog visuals.

8. Forbes

Forbes website blog example

Forbes is a popular media company that specializes in business-related topics.

The blog divides its content into several categories, such as Innovation, Small Business, Lifestyle, Technology, and Money.

On its main homepage, the headline news is categorized based on three continents: Asia, the U.S, and Europe. This way, readers can quickly find news that is related to their countries.

To bring visitors up to speed, the blog also features a sidebar to showcase the most popular articles and editors’ picks.

However, one thing that makes Forbes unique is that the posts’ positions are constantly changing based on the real-time number of visitors.

As for the design, Forbes went with a simple approach, with a clean white background and black accents on the header.

Nonetheless, the simplicity doesn’t stop it from including cool details. Things like a Quote of The Day section and a reader counter help to break up the content of the homepage.

All in all, Forbes shows how you can manage a large blog while still making it clean and unique.

What makes a good blog?

From the blog examples above, we can take that a good blog should have:

  • Simple design. A clutter-free design will improve the reading experience, and encourage people to stay longer.
  • Good page navigation. Make it easy for the readers to jump between pages by providing a simple menu, categories, and subcategories.
  • Regular content. Consistency is important to maintain the number of readers and keep them coming back.
  • Uniqueness. Your blog should have a distinct voice so it can stand out among competitors.
  • Engaging activities. Connect with your readers through the comment section by answering their questions and being open to their suggestions.
  • Informative content. Write posts that are useful and compelling while making sure they align with your brand image and style.

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Blog examples recap

With a new blog, you have a great opportunity to create a strong online presence, make money online, and boost your business performance.

To build a successful blog, however, there are several factors to consider — from the blog content to the design.

We hope the examples above give you an idea about how to make a great blog on your own. Learn why many people enjoy the blogs so much and then apply the best practices listed above.

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