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NOT Just Another Blogger: 9 Tips to Stand Out and Cash In

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Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please. 🥁

Zyro’s blogging tools are now live and ready to be put to good use!

Excited to get started? The most important part here is to NOT become yet another blogger.

So, here are 9 tips on how you can become a rockstar blogger and create a brand that stands out.

Start blogging with Zyro.

1. Make friends with robots 

It’s so 2016 to not use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate your work (and life). 

That includes your blog posts.

For example, rather than settling for a mediocre blog title, you should use a blogging platform that has the AI tools to generate an amazing one for you. 

Not only will your blog titles be memorable and fun, but you will also save time. Score.

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2. Don’t be a generalist

One sure way to become an ordinary (and boring) blogger is to not have your own niche. 

While your mom will want to hear about everything and anything you’ve been up to, your readers won’t. 

If you’re serious about growing your blog, writing about vastly different topics won’t build a loyal fanbase, nor will it score you returning visitors. 

Instead, pick a topic you’re passionate about and plan your content around that topic.

This way, you’ll get other hobbyists and enthusiasts to return to your blog, hungry for some more. 

3. Be consistent

All great things take time – your blog won’t break the internet the day you launch it. 

As long as you have a consistent blogging schedule and work on building awareness about your blog, you will see a steady increase in traffic

Plan ahead, keep a list of potential blog ideas handy, and draft your blog posts when inspiration strikes.

This way, you only have to check that whatever you’ve written makes sense, add some pictures, and press ‘publish’.

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4. Own it on Google 

Push your blog to the top of the search results with a solid SEO strategy. 

Organic search results don’t just happen overnight but don’t get discouraged.

You’ll get far understanding these basic SEO principles:  

  • Use relevant keywords. Use keywords that are related to your content. Keyword research tools like Ahrefs and Moz can help.
  • Image alt tags. It might seem unimportant, but Google takes the descriptions of your images very seriously. Make sure you’re naming the image file correctly and describing the image well in your tags. 
  • Use heading styles. It does matter how you format your blog posts, so make sure you’re using heading styles to help Google navigate your content correctly.
  • Only one H1 on any page. Your H1 should include your keyword and be used exactly once in each blog post.
  • Get others to link to your blog. The more external links you have to your blog post, the better Google will consider your content to be.
  • Meta lengths. Pay attention to the lengths of your meta title and meta description – double-check them on Serpsim. Too short or too long, and you’ll hurt your search engine rankings.

5. Engage with your readers

No man is an island.

For your blog to be successful, you should shower your readers with love and attention. 

Make sure you’re:

  • Replying to comments,
  • Hosting reader competitions
  • Organizing live streams
  • And more – get creative

Get your readers to engage with the content you’re producing by running polls. Not only will it help you understand what content they enjoy. the most, but it will also help them remember your blog.

You could even consider setting up a live chat on your blog so that you can answer all questions as they arise. 

6. Try out affiliate marketing 

The most successful blogs run affiliate marketing campaigns. 

And for a good reason: the moment you can monetize your blog, you are one step closer to being able to live off the fruits of your labor. 

But you shouldn’t accept just any old affiliate campaign. 

Keep things real and only accept partnerships that are a natural fit.

If you blog about gardening, don’t suddenly publish a post on the top 20 motorcycle trends. You’ll lose your user’s trust immediately.

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7. Less text, more media

Would you want to read a wall of text? No one does, no matter how good it is.

Liven your blog up with pictures, videos, or maybe even GIFs if you’re adventurous. 

Considering that half of the internet users browse on a mobile device, make the formatting of your blogs easy to skim on smaller screens. 

Use bullet points, bold text, and even emojis to make your text an interesting read. 👍

8. Never copy-paste 

This one is really a no-brainer. 

Google hates duplicate content and no one really needs a legal battle due to copyright violations anyway.

Blatantly copying the work of others and passing it off as your own will lead to your swift downfall.

Make sure you always link to your sources and use your own words in your blog posts. 

You’ll build trust with your audience and with the search engines.

9. Create a brand 

You should treat your blog with the same seriousness as you would a business if you ever plan on monetizing it.

So, how do your visitors see your blog?

Pay attention to how your blog looks and sounds.

And use the same color palette and illustrations on your social media channels and in your newsletters to slowly build a brand behind your blog. 

Not only will you be taken more seriously, but you might also score better advertising deals and make some money in the process.  

Become the next extraordinary blogger 

The worst thing you can do when starting a blog is to become a copy of dozens of other blogs.

Make yours stand out for all the right reasons – be bold and be daring.

And don’t forget to give your niche a lot of thought; the right target audience will always return for high-quality content.

The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll start seeing the results. 

Check out the new Zyro blogging tools and get going.

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Martina is an expert in writing about website building and eCommerce, but her real passion is helping others grow their small business online. From solid branding to punchy marketing strategies, you can count on her for the best growth tricks. In her spare time, Martina loves nothing more than a good scoop of ice-cream and a sweaty match of tennis.

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