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How to Build a Resume Website to Impress Employers

Create a resume website

Having a resume website sets you apart from other job candidates.

It tells potential employers that you’re serious about your work, gives you more space to tell them about yourself, and offers the opportunity to demonstrate your creativity. 

With modern website builders like Zyro, it’s much easier for those without web development or design experience to create stunning resume websites. In this article, we will show you how to do exactly that. 

There are 6 basic steps to building an impactful resume:

  1. Find the right template in Zyro resume website builder platform
  2. Customize the look and feel
  3. Add your information
  4. Get serious about SEO
  5. Get feedback 
  6. Publish and share

Let’s break down each of these steps. 

1. Find the right resume website template

There are lots of resume website trends out there, but to make your life easier, you should choose a ready-made template that has the layout and features you’ll need for your website. 

When choosing your template, you should ask the following:

  • Does it give you space to present yourself the way you want?
  • Will you be able to display examples of your work?
  • Are there enough customization options to help you stand out?
  • Will the template be responsive for mobile as well as desktop visitors?

Remember, you can always change things on the pages and style the template how you want. This means it doesn’t have to be perfect, just close enough to what you’re looking for. 

Editor’s note 📝 – If you choose to make your resume site with Zyro, you’ll find dozens of professional, designer-made templates, including designs for resume sites. They’re all SEO optimized and mobile-friendly too.

2. Customize the look and feel 

Page from an architect resume website

While the content on your website will give details about you, the appearance of it will establish the first impression visitors will get. 

When you’re editing your site’s layout and look, you should:

  • Choose a color scheme that suits your personality, but remains professional
  • Limit your color palette to just one or two main tones, with one of two highlight colors
  • Leave enough space on your page for your content to breathe and attract attention
  • Keep your navigation easy to follow and put the most important content on the main pages
  • Include a professional picture of yourself in a prominent position

This is a chance for you to show a little creative flair and try something different. Consider using bold or contrasting colors, or coming up with a novel way to lay out your website. 

If you’re building your website with Zyro, customizing your layout with the drag-and-drop builder is quick and easy. You can add, move, edit, and delete any element in moments.

3. Add your information

The details you share about your skills, education, and experience are what will tell employers whether you’re right for their job. Make sure you share the right information in an easily digestible way. 

When adding information about you to your resume site, you should ensure that:

  • The information you’re sharing is relevant to the types of jobs to which you’re applying
  • You’re as concise as possible, while still giving enough details for employers to assess your qualifications
  • The most important and recent details about your education and work history come first
  • You consider including work examples, personal interests, and positive testimonials about your work
  • You include contact details so that the employer can reach you for an interview

4. Get serious about SEO

Example of SEO optimized resume website

While you’ll often be sending potential employers a link straight to your website, it’s also great for them to be able to find you. An easy way to help this happen is to have your website appear in relevant search results.

To make sure your resume site is SEO-friendly, you can do the following:

  • Make sure your website is responsive on mobile devices. This means that the layout first any screen size, and the loading time isn’t super long on mobile networks. 
  • Include keywords in your content that relate to the kind of work you do. You might keep a blog to get fresh content on your site and increase the number of keywords. 
  • Add meta information to pages and images. This tells search engines like Google what your website and pages are about, so it’s easier for people to find you. 

If you’ve chosen to make your website with Zyro, you’ll find that all of the templates are SEO optimized as standard. You’ll also be provided with help to ensure that your content and meta info is SEO-friendly. 

5. Get feedback

Before sending your website to potential clients or employers, it’s important to get feedback from other people. This will highlight errors you missed, and help you understand your user experience.

When getting feedback from family and friends, ask the following questions:

  • Is there anything missing you’d like to know about me or my experience?
  • How easy is my website to navigate?
  • Did you find all of the relevant information quick to access and easy to understand?
  • Do you have any improvements you’d suggest?
  • Would you hire me based on this resume website?

6. Publish and share

Once you’re happy with your website, have received feedback and made improvements, it’s time to get your website published. If you’re using Zyro, it just takes the click of a button. 

Once your website has been published, you can send links attached to your applications for jobs. Though you’re finished, remember to keep updating your website to keep it fresh. 

You might consider:

  • Updating your blog with new content, telling people what you’re up to
  • Making sure your skills and experience are up to date
  • Ensuring your picture is recent, and the appearance of your site is modern and fresh
  • Tracking the performance of your website with tools like Google Analytics to make it more findable and useable
  • Advertising your skills on social media and update your resume LinkedIn

With all the tools you need to build and publish a resume website in minutes, Zyro can help you find your dream job. No web development or design experience required.

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