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How Do You Brainstorm a Business Name?


Naming your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when building a company. 

Good company names should reflect both your company’s identity and its values, not to mention sounding great.

Coming up with catchy business names requires a lot of research, testing, and feedback. 

You may not get it right the first time, but the perfect business name will eventually come into being.

If you’re stuck, why not try to brainstorm some creative company names. With the help of our guide to business names you’ll be heading in the right direction in no time.

In this article, we will cover all the basics of the naming process. 

We will cover how to effectively brainstorm creative business names, how to use brainstorming tools like a random business name generator or a brand name generator for ideas, and share success stories of a small business with a number of cool name ideas.

So with that in mind, let’s get started.

1. Start defining your brand identity

A brand identity is how customers in your target market perceive you. On the surface, it consists of your logo, tagline, and voice.

Beyond that, brand identity must also include:

  • Vision. It describes what the company aspires to be and what it aims to achieve in the long run.
  • Mission. These words explain how the company plans to achieve set objectives. 
  • Values. Your values should be one set of cohesive principles and beliefs that describes what is most important to your company or small business. 

Ask yourself these questions to help define your brand identity:

  • What’s the core purpose of my business?
  • What makes my company unique when compared to my competitors?
  • What are the values I want to uphold when I run this business?
  • Who is my target audience? Who do I aim to please?
  • How would my customers describe me in a few words?

Answering these questions will help you develop the perfect company image that appeals to your customers.

2. Use a business name generator

Zyro AI name generator landing page

Once you have established your brand identity, try using the Zyro free business name generator to flesh out your unique business name ideas list. Business name generators only need one word or phrase to get started.

Think of a list of keywords first. Use tools like or OneLook can help you find synonyms and other words related to your business.

Insert those keywords into Zyro’s AI Business name, and dozens of suggestions will be generated for you.

3. Choose a business name that matches your target audience

It’s time to narrow down the options. Compile a list of company name ideas that resonate with you, and begin from there.

You can pick any name and use it right away, or modify it a little bit. Change the spelling, add a prefix or suffix, or combine it with other words.

If possible, choose creative business name ideas with up to three syllables since they are easier to remember. 

Consider your audience as well. If you’re targeting a local market, it’s best to stick with brand name ideas that sound familiar and nostalgic.

Or, if you want to expand globally, make sure the names don’t have negative connotations in other languages.

4. Pick a provisional winner and ask for feedback

Test your provisional name against actual people and observe how they respond to it. You may ask feedback from your friends, colleagues, and peers from business-related groups.

Editor’s note 📝 – Search for unbiased feedback from the community on sites such as Reddit. GrowthHacker and Moreover, you can use surveys and present other options to know what your audience prefers.

5. Check availability of your name

Before you settle with the business name, check the domain availability, and see if it’s already registered on social media networks. This way, your username will be consistent across all platforms.

Namecheckr landing page

For domain names, the .com extension is the safest option because it’s suitable for all types of websites.

However, if your business name isn’t available, you may choose other options, such as .net or .store. It all depends on the type of business you own.

Say you want to launch an eCommerce site. In this case, you might consider using 

6. Register the name

Once you find your perfect match, buy the domain name and register it on all social media sites and create a personal email address matching your business name. 

For US-based companies, you can register your business name online via For European businesses, visit Europe Business register.

Tips for a great business name

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Keep it short. Use wordplay and keep the name up to three syllables. If you want to use multiple words, make sure to choose two-word names instead.
  • Make it meaningful. Your business name should hint about what you have to offer or how it is related to your vision and mission.
  • Read it aloud. Ask your friends for their opinion. See whether it sounds natural to you when reading out loud.
  • Avoid initials. Refrain from using anything that sounds personal. It’s ambiguous and will not reflect your business well.
  • Check for trademark. Visit your country’s patent and trademark office’s website to check if you can apply for the name.
  • Future-proof your choice. Pick a name that will not restrict you from branching out into other fields.

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