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14 Best Business Website Examples of 2021

Did you know that 48% of internet users judge the credibility of a business based on web design? 

No matter how big or small your company is, how it looks online matters.

The stakes are huge and if you’re like most of the other small business owners, you won’t have a clue as to where you should start with website design

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 14 business websites that are professional, inspirational, and strike a great balance between form and substance. 

As they say – copy with pride. Then go and make your business website ever better.

1. Sugaro

Sugaro Zyro Website Screenshot Hero

If you’re looking for great business website examples, you should pay attention to Sugaro.

This bakery website features a playful design, a pastel color scheme, as well as bold fonts. All of that combined make the browsing experience smooth and pleasing to the eye. 

We love the product photography of Sugaro too. The cakes and desserts that this shop produces make this business website look delectable. 

Need a one-page design that’s perfect for a simple site that gets all of the important information across? 

Draw inspiration from Sugaro.

Best practices you should copy: professional product photography, one-page layout.

2. Zenefits

An example of a business website with orange contrast color by Zenefit

We can’t have a list of business website examples and not feature one that’s gotten typography as right as Zenefits. 

Not only do the contrasting colors help draw attention to what’s really important on this home page, but it also makes it super clear what the company does. 

The website also highlights service descriptions, testimonials, and contact details with fading effects and transitions.

For easier website navigation, the business website utilizes a fixed top menu. Visitors can find important information without getting distracted.

And even though there is quite a lot of text on the home page of Zenefits, it’s easy on the eye – thanks to the minimal design and a light and pastel color scheme. 

Want to strike the right balance between content and clutter-free website layout? Zenefits has done it. 

Best practices you should copy: outstanding typography, transitions.

3. Uniel

An example of a business website in white and black by Uniel

Uniel is a website that makes it crystal clear what the brand is all about from just a quick glance. 

Its visual media and animation game is spot-on. 

It’s also quite eccentric in its design and it has this futuristic vibe, hinting at this web design agency’s style of work.

The unique scrolling transition effect immediately steals the show, even though they take a little longer to load due to intensive multimedia use.

To aid navigation, there is a handy menu to help visitors find the information they’re looking for much faster. 

All in all, Uniel proves that you can have a great business website that easily incorporates a portfolio of your services. 

Best practices you should copy: visual media, animation. 

4. Surf Happy

Surf Happy Website Homepage Screenshot

Here’s a website example for anyone looking to give off that feel-good vibe while still showcasing all the products in the best possible way.

This small San Diego-based surf apparel company does a great job of incorporating its mission for happiness and positivity to its site. 

The navigation and menu structure is simple and intuitive, while the products reflect the overall website design through the color palette and background photography choices. 

Sun, palm trees and glimpses of the sea are bound to get you thinking about surfing, right?

Best practices you should copy: clear mission statement, consistent branding.

5. Skipperi

Skipperi Website Screenshot

This Finnish boat rental business has built its website to clearly reflect the nature of its business. 

The nautical theme becomes evident right from the start: check out the boat wheel shaped favicon.

The site itself has a minimalist and clean design, and the color palette revolves around blues, whites, and light greys. 

This makes the red call-to-action (CTA) buttons stand out on the page, making it impossible for the visitors to miss.

Best practices you should copy: contrasting colors, maximum attention to detail.

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6. Mighty

An example of a business website with a bright green highlight by Mighty

Mighty is another company with a minimalist business website that mostly relies on text. 

Despite this, the bold fonts and clean interface make it skimmable and easy to navigate.

Design-wise, this website is much simpler compared to the previous examples. The whitespace and the soft color palette enhance the user experience.

Even so, the site still serves its purpose and exudes professionalism – a sign of a website well done. 

Best practices you should copy: uncluttered layout, bold CTA color.

7. 4 Rivers Smokehouse

An example of a four rivers smokehouse restaurant website showing ribs

As soon as you land on this website, it’s obvious that it’s a barbeque restaurant.

Featuring enticing photos on every web page, the site lets their food photography do the heavy lifting. It’s a great strategy for a restaurant or a cafe website. 

The rustic color palette compliments the website’s retro theme and gives it a cozy and inviting vibe.

Overall, the 4 Rivers Smokehouse demonstrates how food business websites can do more than just show off their menu to attract potential customers.

Best practices you should copy: uncluttered layout, bold CTA color.

8. Nalen Ayurveda

An example of a natural skincare business website with a bowl of ginger

Nalen Ayurveda’s commitment to non-toxic ingredients is obvious – the visual language of their website exudes naturalness.  

Their products are prominently featured, and the look and feel of the packaging is reflected in the website too. The early color scheme instills elegance.

The subtle animations and the simple fonts also work well with the minimalist style.

By having the company profile, product descriptions, and the shop all in the same place, it’s made the shopping experience much  more convenient.

Speak about a site that takes customer experience seriously. 

If you sell products, opting for a minimalist design and combining it with outstanding photography is a bullet-proof way to get sales.

Best practices you should copy: minimalist layout, an in-sync color palette.

9. Daily Doodle

The Daily Doodle Store page

Looking for stylish business website examples? 

This artist collective store lets the product photography do most of the selling. 

The website centers around detailed profiles of the different artists and dedicated gallery pages of their work, making it easy for customers to get a clear idea of what the store is selling. 

Being transparent about your products has an immediate trust-building effect, and bigger product photos have even been linked to better sales

The menu structure is also simple, making the overall navigation easy and straightforward. This way the visitor doesn’t get distracted from the buying process. 

Best practices you should copy: professional product photography, simple navigation.

10. Alexander Real Estate

Alexander Real Estate website home

Alexander Real Estate’s choice of a clean layout, luxury color scheme, and classic typography is no accident.

The foundation of the design has as much power as the content itself when it comes to getting people to stay on your page.

The real estate agency uses these design elements to target clients who appreciate order and beauty.

As a way to promote properties, the site features several listings and a blog section on their homepage.

The agency’s social media buttons and contact info are visible at the top of each page for easy access, encouraging users to engage with the company.

Best practices you should copy: professional typography, clean web design.

11. The People Vs Coffee

People vs Coffee Website Screenshot

The People Vs Coffee’s website design has that playful and friendly vibe that welcomes all types of customers.

Does that speak to your company values? Then you might want to take notes. 

Instead of relying on a colorful palette, the site includes still-life photography of this coffee truck in action to emphasize its mobility.

It also has a sticky social media bar on the left side, encouraging people to reach out to them via those channels.

You can find several call-to-action buttons on the website, making it super easy for customers to book the mobile cafe. 

Best practices you should copy: strategically placed CTAs, playful animations.

12. Stounson

Stounson store art page

Here’s a website example that all artists could learn a thing or two from. 

Selling unique paintings, Stounson’s online store is clearly structured and intuitive to use, making the user experience very pleasant for any new visitor. 

With a bare-bones menu, it’s easy to find your way around the different store sections.

The store gives a clear and concise overview of each product on the product overview pages, making it easy for the customers to know exactly what they’re buying. 

The clear categorization between art pieces and clothing creates a minimalist and clear atmosphere in the store overall, helping to build trust and to put potential customers at ease.

Best practices you should copy: intuitive web design, approachable branding.

13. Mama Bear Birdie Care

Mama Bear Birdie Care Website Screenshot

There’s no reason why your business website can’t just be a simple one-pager

Take Mama Bear Birdie Care, for example. 

This small business is able to fit everything from their rates to past client reviews on a simple, scrollable one-pager. 

The dark minimalist design benefits from a lot of empty space, which helps to emphasize the text and picture elements. The white text against a black background is also easy to read. 

For simple websites like Mama Bear Birdie Care, using a different color to contrast your CTAs or different sections is a great way to grab the visitor’s attention.

Best practices you should copy: empty space, contrasting colors.

14. Breadcrumbs 

Breadcrumbs Design Agency Website

Want your business to have a website that is bold and modern? Take a page out of Breadcrumbs’ book. 

Breadcrumbs, an Indian marketing and design consultancy proudly displays its references and portfolio right on their homepage. 

This builds trust with potential clients and allows the company to demonstrate their know-how. 

Another nice personal touch that Breadcrumbs adds to their website is featuring the pictures of their team members. 

Talk about building trust and making the company appear more human – instantly. 

Best practices you should copy: photos of team members, references.

What makes a good business website

A business website is the main online representation of your company. It offers insight into your business profile and the products or services you sell.

While the website’s function may vary, its end goal is always to influence customers’ buying decisions.

A website is also a cost-effective tool to expand your market reach. By making the information accessible 24/7, potential customers can discover your company regardless of when they visit or where they’ve located.

When building a professional business website, there are certain pages you probably need to include:

  • About us. It consists of the company’s profile, brand story, and other information you want everybody to know about the business.
  • Product page. This page contains product or service descriptions and information on how it can benefit buyers.
  • Blog. Inform your visitors about your product knowledge and company-related news.
  • FAQ. It contains the answers to the questions that are the most commonly asked by your clients.
  • Contact. This page provides information on how customers can reach out to you. The best place to display your contact details is on the homepage.

Create your business website now

Since first impressions matter, choosing the right design that aligns with your brand is one of the most important things in website building. 

No matter what kind of business you have, Zyro can help you build a website or an online store easily and quickly. 

We hope you got inspired by all of our business website examples above. Now, it’s time to get creative and build your own website.

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Martina is an expert in writing about website building and eCommerce, but her real passion is helping others grow their small business online. From solid branding to punchy marketing strategies, you can count on her for the best growth tricks. In her spare time, Martina loves nothing more than a good scoop of ice-cream and a sweaty match of tennis.

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