7 Business Website Examples to Get Inspired By

Did you know 48% of internet users judge the credibility of businesses on the web design of their websites?

No matter how big or small your company is, it needs a business website. How it looks matters.

Establishing an online presence is essential for all businesses in the modern economy. It’s a powerful yet affordable marketing opportunity that complements traditional marketing efforts.

Once you manage to climb the search results pages (SERP), your website can give you more exposure and expand your market share.

To help inspire you in creating your own, we’ve selected seven business website examples that show the best approaches to taking a business online.

If you’re keen to get started, we will also show you how to build yours for free with Zyro.

7 examples of business websites

1. Zenefits

An example of a business website with orange contrast color by Zenefit

With a bold and contrasting colored typography, Zenefits’s homepage establishes what the company does straight away.

The website highlights service descriptions, testimonials and contact details with classy fading effects and animations.

For easier website navigation, the business website utilizes a fixed top menu. With easy-to-use navigation, visitors can browse easily and find important information without being distracted.

Despite displaying quite a lot of text, the site is easy on the eyes thanks to its minimalistic design and pastel color palette.

Zenefits is a content-packed yet clutter-free website layout that is an ideal example for businesses that want to be perceived as trustworthy and professional.

2. Uniel

An example of a business website in white and black by Uniel

Uniel is a web design example that represents what the brand is about from a glance, by incorporating visual media and animation.

It gives a modern and futuristic vibe — hinting at the web design agency’s work style.

The unique scrolling transition effect immediately steals the show. While the page transitions take longer due to intensive multimedia use, the loading effect provides a welcome distraction.

There’s also a navigation menu to help find the information you’re looking for faster.

Uniel proves that you can have a great business website that doubles as an online portfolio.

If your company provides services, you should take note of their web design.

3. Mighty

An example of a business website with a bright green highlight by Mighty

Mighty is another company with a minimalist business website that mostly relies on text. Despite this, the bold fonts and clean interface make it skimmable and easy to navigate.

Design-wise, this website is much simpler compared to the previous examples. The whitespace and the soft color palette enhance the user experience.

Even so, the site still serves its purpose and gives a professional vibe — a good perception for any type of company to have.

4. Rivers Smokehouse

An example of a four rivers smokehouse restaurant website showing ribs

Being a barbeque restaurant, 4 Rivers Smokehouse works up your appetite from the moment their website loads.

Featuring enticing photos on almost every page, the site relies on their food’s appearance to influence customers’ buying decisions.

The rustic color palette compliments the website’s retro theme and gives the restaurant a warm and inviting vibe.

Since the restaurant chain has branches across the US, you can access business information by clicking on the chosen state.

Alternatively, the Order Online call-to-action button will take you to Google Maps that pinpoints all the branch locations.

4 Rivers Smokehouse demonstrates how food business websites can do more than just show off their menu to attract potential customers.

5. Nalen Ayurveda

An example of a natural skincare business website with a bowl of ginger

Nalen Ayurveda’s commitment to natural and non-toxic ingredients is clearly apparent through the visual language of their website.

By complementing the product packaging, the earthy color scheme instills elegance and naturality. The subtle animations and simple fonts also work well with the minimalist style.

Nalen Ayurveda focuses on their product descriptions as the company’s most significant selling point. This information appears on the homepage to grab visitors’ attention.

You can also easily make a purchase on the site if you like what they offer. Having the company profile, product descriptions, and the shop at the same place makes it more convenient for customers to do so.

It’s a good way to enhance customer experience and influence their buying decision.

If you sell products, combining a minimalist template with great photography is a great way to promote them.

6. Alexander Real Estate

An example of Alexander Real Estate's business website showing a white door and garage

Alexander Real Estate’s choice of a clean layout, luxury color scheme, and classic typography is no accident.

The foundation of the design has as much power as the content itself when it comes to getting people to stay on your page.

The real estate agency uses these design elements to target clients who appreciate order and beauty — just the way they want customers to perceive their agency and properties.

As a way to promote properties, the site features several listings and a blog section on their homepage.

The agency’s social media buttons and contact info are visible at the top of each page for easy access, encouraging users to engage with the company.

All in all, Alexander Real Estate successfully exudes professionalism and credibility on its website, by tailoring the website to the business’s tone and voice.

7. The People Vs Coffee

An example of a The People vs Coffee's business website showing three takeaway coffee cups and muffins

The People Vs Coffee’s website design gives a playful, friendly vibe — embracing all types of customers.

The floating logo animation is a nice addition, making it feel like you just took a peek inside their cafe.

Instead of relying on a colorful palette, the site includes still life photography of the food truck in action to emphasize its mobility.

It also displays a sticky social media bar on the left side, encouraging people to reach out to them via those channels.

Other highlights of the site include the fade-in effects and a small animation on the vision and mission sections.

You can find several call-to-action buttons recommending potential customers to book the mobile cafe.

If you’re running a food business, The People Vs Coffee’s website can serve as useful inspiration for your website.

How to create a business website

If seeing those beautiful websites convinced you to create or update your own website, there’s good news. Zyro Website Builder can help you build a professional business website effortlessly.

Zyro's create a free website landing page
  1. Set up a Zyro account and click ‘Continue’.
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  4. Click ‘Preview’ to see the final result, click ‘Publish site’ once you’re happy with what you made.
  5. That’s it, you have created a business website with Zyro Website Builder.

Besides providing a feature-packed website builder, Zyro gives you access to Unsplash’s high-quality stock images.

All of our web templates are fully responsive and SEO-optimized, giving you a better chance of climbing the SERP ranking.

Want to have a professional logo? Zyro Logo Maker can help you create one.

With the drag-and-drop feature and unique designs to choose, you can design a stunning logo without technical or drawing skills.

Get more traffic by producing fresh content with the Zyro AI Content Generator. Simply input your needs, and it will generate unique texts in the blink of an eye.

To improve the site’s credibility, consider registering a custom domain. Make sure that the domain is memorable, unique, and aligns with your business.

After securing the right domain, make your company look even more trustworthy by owning a custom business email.

Zyro’s free plan equips you with everything you need, including web hosting and an SSL certificate.

If you want to connect your existing domain, get more storage space, bandwidth or other neat features, you can opt for an upgraded plan instead.

What makes a good business website

A business website is the online representation of your company. It offers insight into your business profile and the products or services you sell.

While the website’s function may vary, its end goal is always to influence customers’ buying decisions.

As an integral part of your marketing strategy, a business website helps shape the public perception of you.

By establishing two-way communication between your company and the customers, it allows you to build lasting relationships with them.

A website is a cost-effective tool to expand your market reach. By making the information accessible 24/7, potential customers can discover your company regardless of where they are.

When building a professional business website, there are certain pages you probably need to include.

  • About us — consists of the company’s profile, brand story, and other information you want everybody to know about the business.
  • Products page — contains product or service descriptions and information on how it can benefit buyers.
  • Blog — informs visitors about your product knowledge and company-related news.
  • FAQ — contains answers to customer’s most commonly asked questions.
  • Contact information — provides information on how customers can reach out to you. The best place to display your contact details is the homepage.

Besides having thorough content, your website must have an appealing web page design. Not only does it have to be aesthetically pleasing, but it must also support website navigation.

Last but not least, a business website should also be responsive. Considering that mobile devices comprise 51.51% of the global website traffic, having a mobile-friendly website is vital for the growth of your business.

Create your business website now

Since first impressions matter, choosing the right design that aligns with your brand is more important than ever.

Some of the best business website examples have been featured, and we hope you get inspired by them.

No matter what kind of business you have, Zyro provides an easy and affordable solution for building your desired website.

By using our website builder, creating a professional website is no longer difficult or costly.

You have seen some of the best business website design examples on the web. Now, it’s time to call on your creativity and create your own.

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