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19 Divine Church Website Examples for Inspiration

Praying hands church website examples

These days, every church needs a website.

The best church websites should make your church easy to find for existing church members and new visitors. 

Besides showing service times and upcoming events, a well-designed church website should be easy to navigate and offer new options to the church community.

Top 19 best church websites 

If you need inspiration for a beautiful new church website, check out this list of the best church websites in 2022.

One church

One church is an informal church with several locations across the US. 

What makes the One church website stand out is its commitment to minimal navigation and large inviting visual aspects.

One of the brightest web design trends for any type of website in 2022 is the micro-interaction. 

Notice the small arrow at the bottom of the hero section? 

That’s a micro-interaction. It’s a modern, stylish way that makes it easy for a new visitor to work out precisely what to do on your website.

The Journey

Despite being based in Madison, Wisconsin, The Journey makes its services available to people worldwide.

Besides maintaining a stylish and well-designed website, notice that the navigation bar includes a link to a live streaming option.

Also, the blog offers a chance for the community church to interact with the congregation outside of service hours.

The Journey does a great job crafting their call to action, identifying with their target audience and making an all-around excellent church website.

Heritage church

Heritage Church is a non-denominational church with multiple locations in Illinois, USA. 

The Heritage Church site may seem like one of the more technically complex church sites on this list due to the background video front and center on the site.

But, this background video is a static image slideshow set to a high refresh rate. It’s straightforward to do with the right pictures, and most website builders will offer this functionality.

Video elements aren’t just for church members to look at either. Statistics show that video makes new visitors more engaged with a website. This will result in more compelling calls to action and a church packed with visitors when Sunday comes.


Vestry has 23 churches in cities all across America. With such a large number of different locations, building an effective church website to display service times is essential.

Still, Vestry goes one step further by offering modern, multimedia options on their church site.

Browse the navigation bar to find sermon playlists, contact information, church values, and everything you need to know to plan a visit in real life.

Aside from a well-designed logo and a simple main navigation bar, Vestry makes it easy to find information through high-quality design.

Freedom Church

Freedom Church is a modern church committed to sharing their experience of God in new ways and that is reflected in their church website design.

Somewhere between a Ted Talk and sermon, Freedom Church has committed to live streaming, which is evident in the homepage video.

On the church’s website, the essential elements are easy to find—most notably the live streaming section and space for people to donate to the church. 

Both are backed up by large hero images and strong calls to action to emphasize their importance on what is otherwise a straightforward and effective website template.


Renewal is a church site that appears to place a slightly different emphasis on their online activities.

Minimal design highlights the main options of “give” and “shop,” making it clear that this is an eCommerce site.

It is one of the best and most complex website designs on this list. It makes excellent use of social media integrations, micro-interactions, and call-to-action buttons in its clean and straightforward web design and color scheme.

Renewal is an excellent example of a modern and stylish church website that needs to cater to more complex needs.

City Life Church

City Life Church is a church in Melbourne, Australia, with multiple locations that are neatly organized into one church website. 

City Life Church is an excellent example church website because it successfully identifies the pain points of the people that use the church site and immediately addresses them in its web design.

Finding clear information on available services, both online and in-person, is the main problem for the church community.

City Life Church solves this problem effectively with a simple online calendar that allows prospective visitors to RSVP and share the information on social media.

While the web design is reasonably basic, the church website homepage is attractive and engaging and strives to solve the user’s problems first and foremost. 

A recipe for success.

Emmanuel Covenant Church

Styled as an intergenerational church, Emmanuel Covenant Church’s website has the express goal of attracting as many new visitors as possible.

The church website places new and featured events just below the fold after their core messaging and call to action. 

This emphasizes the events as a core part of the web design strategy. 

The website makes good use of visual hierarchy, presenting the most important information on the church’s website in an ‘F’ shape which mirrors the natural reading patterns of the human eye.

Many people might view this as a simple website, but this church makes an effort on its site when it comes to helping visitors find information.

Faith Community Church

With its oversize fonts, bold color scheme, and well-crafted calls to action, Faith Community Church is a good example of a church website that stays up to date with all the most current web design trends, and it pays off.

Church websites often suffer from slightly old-fashioned design ideas, which may deter new visitors. 

The focus on design doesn’t mean that the Faith Community Church website is light on information. It is just displayed in clever ways. For example, the location of the church is included in the domain name.

The site uses a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency and remind visitors that there are always new events and services on the horizon.

Loft City Church

Church websites like that of Loft City Church are easy to build and very effective.

It works on a simple template that is equally easy to navigate on desktop or mobile devices and can capture a larger amount of traffic. 

The website even attempts to capitalize on that extra capability by including a newsletter sign-up form to keep its community as engaged as possible.

It is a clean and stylish template that can be easily replicated with any website builder.

The blog section adds extra value for visitors to the church’s website without cluttering the homepage.

Summit Church

Swish and stylish, Summit Church has one of the best church websites we’ve seen.

Modern multimedia elements show off the time that has been invested in trying to inspire visitors to come to services and present the different locations on an interactive map for absolute clarity and ease of use.

The main appeal of the Summit Church site is its excellent UX design. The whole setup is designed to ensure that even new visitors will immediately understand how to interact with the site from the very first moment.

If you’re looking for inspiration, this Christian church uses all the best techniques, so look no further. This is the place to be.

Risen Church

One of the Risen Church’s goals is to be a place that is relevant to modern culture. 

You can see that commitment immediately in the way that the website uses new website design techniques on its site to advertise information about its services.

A modern Christian church with a current website, Risen Church uses a one-page website builder approach that is very user-friendly and: no added extras, no confusion, just great design choices.

Village Church 

Services are the center of attention at Village Church. Whether it be online, at home, or in the churches themselves, you can find whatever information you are looking for immediately.

This is a great way to use CTA buttons that allow you to focus on building an attractive homepage without sacrificing clarity or navigation.

No surprise to find the Village Church among the top church websites as this is one of the few churches out there also to have their own app which syncs perfectly with the site.

The website uses hidden sidebar navigation to keep focus on the most important information. 

This is a great technique to employ if your church site will feature a lot of pages or information.

Hill City Church

Hill City Church services are slightly different from traditional church services. Hill City let you know that right off the bat with the careful design on their church site.

The Hill City Church is prominent on social media. The website displays this on the homepage. This helps widen the reach of church websites like this, but it also allows members of the church to engage with the broader community.

One innovative feature of the Hill City site is how it transforms the traditional newsletter sign-up box into an interactive button to encourage users to leave their contact details.

It should go without saying that the more engaged members you have on your email list, the more successful your site will be.

Hills Church

Not to be mistaken with the last example, Hills Church is a totally different organization which makes the list for having an equally brilliant site.

Like many other successful church websites on this list, the Hill City site makes excellent use of a hero video on the homepage.

It might seem like a complex element, but due to the increasing capability of website builders and ever-improving internet connections, you don’t have to be scared about video slowing down your page load time.

We love the way that information is displayed on this site, whether it is through clear and concise CTAs or through micro-interactions that allow the user to experience detail without clutter.

Our favorite thing about this site, though, is the dedication to lead capturing. No matter where you go on the site, the email sign-up is pinned into the navigation bar at the head of the page – try it yourself and watch your leads grow.

Mount Chapel

Mount Chapel is another example of a site that values information ahead of everything else.

It is always worth designing with the needs of the user in mind. If that means there are unexpected changes in time, location, or availability, this should be the first thing that a church site should show.

The site stays up to date with a simple hero video (don’t worry, it’s easy to add these kinds of elements) while streamlining the rest of the site for a clean look that focuses on getting the basics right.

Mount Chapel is the perfect template to follow for anyone that needs to make a site quickly but has less design confidence. It’s a real example of how to use a website builder to make a fast, stylish site.

Kingsgate Church

The strong design focus and the on-trend gradient color palette of the Kingsgate Church site was the first reason we decided to include it on this list.

Still, beyond aesthetic choices, there’s plenty more to dig into here.

We loved the simple navigation and the effective use of the header and footer sections to make sure that users can always navigate from page to page without confusion.

What’s more, Kingsgate has made the transition from physical services to online services as smooth as possible.

This extra element is placed second only to location information in the navigation bar, and it is a perfect example of how to employ the idea of visual hierarchy best.


Oasis hasn’t let the current restrictions on pubic gatherings affect the way that they worship their god. Instead, they have quickly pivoted to a stylish virtual church set-up.

Look at how Oasis uses CTA’s to convey this change in information. It is all about getting the user’s information as fast as possible and giving them everything they need to know in that one instant.

Aside from that, Oasis shows that pop-ups don’t have to be annoying. By making the pop-up slightly more transparent, it doesn’t block any information.

The pop-up offers added value by bringing users to the Oasis YouTube channel, where they can find out more about the church if they are interested.

Trinity Hills

The last site on our list is all about the power of interaction.

People just love interactive elements on websites, and better yet, including things like buttons and arrows actually encourages users to spend more time on your site.

For Trinity Hills, the most important information is about their interpretation of God. 

You can see that in the way that this section is foregrounded with a large CTA and elegant web design.

No matter what the key info that you want to convey on your church site is, you can follow the trinity template to achieve it effectively.

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