Top 15 Clean Fonts for Your Website Design

When creating a website, it’s essential to focus on user experience and the content you present. 

Besides having a clear, simple and consistent design, a good site should be able to deliver information with clarity. 

Our list consists of the 15 best clean fonts that are currently trending.

1. Heebo 

An example of Heebo font

If you want to start with a generic, clean font, consider using Heebo. It’s the Hebrew version of the Roboto font and can fit on any type of website design.

This font family has seven styles based on their weight. In addition to the uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and characters are also available.

2. Print Clearly

An example of Print Clearly font

With clean, thin, and bright strokes that resemble clear handwriting, Print Clearly is excellent for websites with child-oriented themes.

Its bold and dotted styles are suitable for downloadable tracing and reading worksheets. Minimalist websites might take advantage of this font type to spice up their web design.

3. Google Product Sans

An example of Google Product Sans font

One font that works perfectly for branding purposes is Product Sans. It’s a proportionate sans serif typeface inspired by the Futura font with a double-storey “a.”

Google uses this font on their web services like Google Store, Maps, and Drive. The smooth and simple design gives off a professional yet friendly vibe.

4. Magna Typeface

An example of Magna font

If you’re into vintage and retro styles, consider adding Magna to your font collection. 

This typeface is ideal for online magazines, branding, fashion-related websites, and portfolios.

However, due to the long geometric shape and the fact that there are only capital letters available, its use may be limited to logos, headlines, or short texts at most. This font can be challenging to read if not used carefully. 

5. Aaargh

An example Aaargh font

Aaargh font is the thin, modernized version of the AvantGarde font. 

It has easy to read lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols to choose from, making it perfect for long texts and paragraphs.  

Despite its slender profile and lack of bold styles, the font remains ideal for titles and minimalistic logos. 

6. Moderne Sans

An example of Moderne Sans font

Moderne Sans’ contemporary font is based on the 1920s Erbar and Kabel typefaces. The lowercase letters have counters that form almost perfect circles. 

The font has numbers and alternative designs for certain letters as well. 

It’s perfect for bringing impact to any type of website, branding, and promotions. You can even pair it with thinner sans serif fonts such as Danelia.   

7. Bioweapon

An example of Bioweapon font

A clean font doesn’t have to have a boring design. The Bioweapon font is one of the many creative, clean fonts that don’t follow standard font design practices. 

Despite consisting of incomplete strokes, the letters are still easily identifiable. This font style gives off a modern and scientific vibe.

Due to its heavy font style and lack of lowercase letters, Bioweapon font is more suitable for brand logos, website titles, and large-sized web elements. 

8. Market Deco

An example of Market Deco font

Market Deco is a retro font that’s free for personal use only. 

It’s perfect for any website niche, and can collaborate with modern sans serif fonts like Walkway

This font style offers uppercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. It’s best for logos, headings, infographics, and short texts. 

9. Primetime

An example of Primetime font

A contemporary typeface created for displays and titles, Primetime is a font that aims to catch your eye. 

Despite its thick strokes, the font remains clear and readable thanks to the open letter-spacing.

To use this font, you need to purchase its commercial license for $49.  

10. Moon

An example of Moon font

If you’re not into fine sharp edges, the Moon font is a great alternative font choice. This sans serif font has a rounded style with a classy urban flavor.

You can easily pair it with different fonts to improve your minimal web design.

Moon comes with lowercase options, Latin alphabet, and three different font weights. Therefore it suits long texts such as the body of your articles or posts. 

11. Virgo 01

An example of Virgo 01 font

Virgo 01 is another choice for those who prefer rounded fonts. 

This font has a contemporary high-tech, futuristic design – perfect for invoking science fiction kind of vibe.

As it’s available in uppercase letters only, Virgo 01 is best used for titles and headlines. 

If you want to get technical, you can tweak the font’s source code or apply CSS scripts to get different styles. Visit the effects library to see some of the available effects you can play with.

12. Nova

An example of Nova font

With its contemporary, symmetrical and circular shapes, Nova is a sans serif typeface that gives off a smart and modern feel. Despite this, keep in mind that this font isn’t for commercial use. 

Nova comes in ten different font styles. These consist of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols – ideal for all web templates.

13. Ailerons

An example of Ailerons font

Created for an experimental project involving air models, the Ailerons typeface is now available for personal use. 

The font took inspiration from aircraft models manufactured in the 40s. Technology-based websites may find this font suitable for their style. 

With its clean, stylish, and elegant design, Ailerons works best for titles. 

Even so, the font’s wide letter-spacing and thin, smooth strokes ensure that it works for short texts like quotes as well.  

14. Monique Script 

An example of Monique Script font

Unlike other font styles on this list, Monique Script incorporates fluid strokes that resemble elegant yet modern handwriting. 

Its versatile design gives your site a personal and sophisticated touch. 

Design and fashion-centered business websites and portfolios could use Monique Script font to elevate their content value and create a chic look.

15. Literata

An example of Literata font

Literata was initially designed for Google Play Books. It’s a font family that took inspiration from the classic Roman style and the Scotch typeface. 

The italicized variation is designed to be upright, thus reducing pixel grid space and giving a better reading experience. It comes with eight weight options – from regular to bold italic style. 

This font is highly adaptable to different screen resolutions. 

Websites that lean towards textual content like news media, literary blogs, and education sites might want to consider using Literata for this very reason. 

Easily customize your fonts with Zyro

With the Zyro Website Builder, you get to not only modify your website template, but also personalize your typography as you like.

We provide clean fonts from the serif and sans serif font families. Regardless of your website’s focus, these fonts are the perfect addition to sites using a minimalist design.

Zyro Website Builder's minimalist template design

Here’s how to create a website for free with Zyro:

  1. Sign up for Zyro, and navigate to the Templates section.
  2. Choose a website template that best suits your needs. Click Start building.
  3. Customize the site template. To modify the font style, select the textbox element you want to edit, then click Edit text. Use the dropdown menu to choose the desired font type.
  4. Select Preview to see the final result. Click Publish site once you’re happy with what you have created.
An example of using a serif font in Zyro

Why should you use clean fonts?

Websites with minimalist designs are one of the most popular current trends today. They usually have a lot of negative or white spaces, limited color palette, and limited elements like graphics and menu items. 

With that in mind, these sites tend to be easier to navigate, responsive, and faster loading – three aspects that generally attract visitors and make for good search engine optimization. 

Clean fonts are suitable for this type of site thanks to their simple style and excellent readability. Your audience can scan the content for important information more effectively. 

The lack of fancy strokes represents honesty and simplicity. Using them on your site can showcase your brand’s straightforwardness and open attitude. 

As a result, it’s easier for people to relate and connect with your brand, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

Clean fonts recap

These days, the minimal look is the way to go in design and web design is no exception. 

If you want to follow this trend, you can start by searching for clean fonts to use on your site.

Not only are they easier to read and adaptive to different screen sizes, but they can work well with other font styles, and easily fit any type of website.

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