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27 Clean Fonts For Silky Smooth Website Design

We all go a little bit over the top sometimes. It’s only natural.

But when creating websites that we want people to fall-for, why is it that most of us fall flat on our faces instead?

The answer? Clean fonts.

User experience is everything these days and there is no point investing all that time in a clear, simple, and consistent web design if you’re going to communicate to your visitors in all caps.

Clean fonts are essential because your visitors can’t fall in love with your content if they can’t read it.

With that in mind, here are the 27 best clean fonts currently trending in 2021.

1. Heebo 

An example of Heebo font

Heebo is a clean font based on the ever-popular Roboto font.

It features seven weight options. In addition to the uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and characters are also available.

2. Print Clearly

An example of Print Clearly font

Print Clearly is the ideal font to make your website more approachable.

Meticulously designed imperfections resemble handwriting that adds a personal touch to any business.

3. Google Product Sans

An example of Google Product Sans font

Product Sans is a proportionate sans serif typeface inspired by the Futura font family with a double-story “a.”

Google uses this font on their web services like Google StoreMaps, and Drive. The smooth and simple design gives off a professional yet friendly vibe.

4. Magna Typeface

An example of Magna font

With its retro styles, the Magna typeface is ideal for online magazines, branding, fashion-related websites, and portfolios.

However, with only capital letters available, limit Magna to logos and headlines.

5. Aaargh

An example of clean fonts Aaargh font

Aaargh is a thinner, modernized version of AvantGarde. 

Easy-to-read lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols make Aaargh perfect for long texts and paragraphs.  

An essential part of any font collection, the font still works on titles and minimalistic logos despite its slender profile. 

6. Moderne Sans

An example of clean fonts Moderne Sans font

Moderne Sans’ contemporary font is based on the 1920s Erbar and Kabel typefaces. The lowercase letters have counters that form almost perfect circles. 

It’s perfect for bringing impact to any type of website, branding, and promotions. Pair it with lighter sans serifs such as Danelia designs that contrast naturally.

7. Bioweapon

An example of clean fonts Bioweapon font

Bioweapon is a creative, clean font that reminds us that there is space for creativity in legibility.

Letters are still easily identifiable, despite being incomplete. It suggests ideas of technology and innovation as it invites you to fill in the gaps in the things you thought you knew.

8. Market Deco

An example of clean fonts Market Deco font

Market Deco is a retro font that’s free for personal use only. 

It’s perfect for any niche pairs well with modern sans serif fonts like Walkway

This font style offers uppercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. It’s best for logos, headings, infographics, and short texts. 

9. Primetime

An example of clean fonts Primetime font

A contemporary typeface created for displays and titles, Primetime is a font that aims to catch your eye. 

Despite its thick lines, the font remains clear and readable thanks to the open letter-spacing.

To use this font, you need to purchase its commercial license for $49.  

10. Moon

An example of clean fonts Moon font

If you’re not into fine sharp edges, the Moon font is a great alternative font choice. This sans serif font has a rounded style with a classy urban flavor.

You can easily pair it with different fonts to improve your minimal web design.

Moon comes with lowercase options, Latin alphabet, and three different font weights. Therefore it suits long texts such as the body of your articles or posts. 

11. Virgo 01

An example of Virgo 01 font clean fonts

Virgo 01 is another choice for those who prefer rounded fonts. 

This font has a contemporary high-tech, futuristic design – perfect for invoking science fiction kind of vibe.

As it’s available in uppercase letters only, Virgo 01 is best used for titles and headlines. 

If you want to get technical, you can tweak the font’s source code or apply CSS scripts to get a different look. Visit the effects library to see some of the available effects you can play with.

12. Nova

An example of Nova clean fonts

With its contemporary, symmetrical, and circular shapes, Nova is a sans serif typeface that gives off a smart and modern feel. Despite this, keep in mind that this font isn’t for commercial use. 

Nova comes in ten different font styles. These consist of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols – ideal for all web templates.

13. Ailerons

Ailerons Clean Fonts

Taking inspiration from aircraft models manufactured in the 40s. The Ailerons project harks back to an era of innovation.

Use the font in the right way and it also looks to the future. Wide letter-spacing and clean, smooth strokes ensure that it works for short texts like quotes as well as titles.

14. Monique Script 

Monique Script clean fonts

Monique Script incorporates fluid strokes that resemble elegant yet modern handwriting. 

Its design is perfect for fashion portfolios that need to match a chic product to a stylish look.

15. Literata

An example of Literata clean fonts

Initially designed for Google Play Books. Literata font family took inspiration from the classic Roman style and the Scotch typeface. 

The italics variation is designed to be upright, thus reducing pixel grid space and giving a better reading experience. It comes with eight weight options – from regular to bold italics style. 

Educational or content-based companies such as news media might want to consider using Literata for its logo.

16. Cera Pro

Cera Pro is simple, clean, and warm. It is the essence of a contemporary sans serif geometric typeface.

It is one of the world’s best-selling fonts and is available in nine weights, including italics, which work as perfectly as body copy as it does for a display typeface.

17. Museo Sans

This design is built on legibility. A popular sans serif from the Museo family, it is designed to work on pretty much every type of project.

A robust, low contrast font, it is the perfect style for platforms for a modern blogging article platform such as Medium. In its heavier weights, it would also work well for a minimalist wordmark logo.

18. Circula

A geometric font based on the simple universality of circles. It features several different weights but is only available in capitals and small capitals.

There is no option for italics as it would warp the circular symmetry of the design. With retro inspirations, this font would look good as part of a logo design.

19. Akzentica

Akzentika 4F from Sergiy Tkachenko is a clean font that comes in twelve different weights.

Incorporating the heavier curvature of his native Cyrillic alphabet with more linear Roman styles, Sergiy Tkachenko fonts often excel in display formats, titles, or posters.

In regular article copy, its retrofuturistic design could look distracting.

20. Dense

Dense Pro is the font Charles Daoud designed for the Netflix logo.

While “Pro” may not be for sale, Dense regular is a versatile sans serif font available in three weights. If you need a tried and true clean font, look to Charles Daoud.

21. Chelsea

It is rare to see serif font with rounded edges but Chelsea combines these elements well to offer a clean font design with a touch of intimacy.

This style has different weights, but all retain the same “soft feeling.” It would be a font for wedding websites for example.

22. Lato

A semi-rounded sans serif typeface, Lato is an elegant open-source typeface with multiple weights that make it as suitable for article writing as logo design.

Part of the Google family, it is regularly updated to ensure that it will never go out of date.

23. Ubuntu


Just like its namesake – the popular Linux OS – Ubuntu is an open-source font which users are encouraged to modify to fit their needs.

It is designed for clarity on both mobile and desktop screens and is a perfect all-around choice for clean font design.

24. Proxima Nova

This widely used sans serif is a combination of popular designs like Futura and Akzidenz.

Due to its popularity, it has been tweaked into forty-eight varietals.

A true hybrid font, it can be used in almost every case.

25. FF DIN

Among typographers, FF DIN is something of a big deal. It was designed specifically for advertorial purposes which makes it an excellent choice for logo design.

It is so well regarded, that it is represented at the Museum of Modern Art’s Architecture and Design Collection in New York.

26. Raleway

An excellent example of the difference between small and minimal.

Go below 12pt. and it will start to fade away. It is delicate yet designed to be big.

It would suit a logo, landing page, or text-only hero. Something that demands extravagance, fulfilled with elegance.

27. Gilroy

Beautiful and versatile, Gilroy’s scalability makes it an excellent choice for logo design, regular text, posters, and more.

It is at home in both corporate and creative settings. The ideal combination for your online store.

Why should you use clean fonts?


In-style since the 1960s, minimalism isn’t going anywhere. It’s probably the most important design movement in recent history so you can expect to see it in typography too.

Naturally, websites with minimalist designs are also extremely popular. Easier to navigate, responsive, and faster loading – minimalist sites attract visitors and are a good way to improve SEO.

Simple clean fonts that match this current look are an obvious choice for your new projects. What’s more, fonts of this style are excellent for readability which means visitors can scan your content more effectively. 

It’s all part of improving user experience which can bring higher conversion rates.

What fonts should be avoided?

There is a time and place for writing in all caps. In general, though, fonts with aggressive features should only be used on a special occasion or for projects that demand a display typeface.

Web fonts such as Comic Sans, Dingbats, and Papyrus have little display use.

If you’re looking for a display typeface with more character, it is best to invest in graphic design.

With the right design concept, good designers can create something unusual that is clear, legible, and authoritative enough to make your print design stand out without sacrificing user experience.

Another thing to consider is that clarity alone doesn’t make a good font choice.

Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, and Helvetica are all clean typefaces with clear designs. Still, that doesn’t make them the designs for your projects.

Typography design has come a long way. All the clean design elements that you’re looking for can be found in the collection above without using the same typeface as everyone else.

Where is the best place to get fonts?

Google Fonts is the best place to get free fonts.

Access thousands of clean free fonts for downloads in size, width, and x-height. You can edit the weights of your chosen typeface to get the impact.

Utilize the search function to filter typography by options like serif typeface, sans serif typeface, languages, and alphabets such as French or Cyrillic.

Font Squirrel is another excellent resource for free fonts and features hundreds of clean font designs.

Just be aware that while these fonts are free, in some instances the designer retains all rights reserved. Each font is marked according to the legality of using a typeface on a particular project, such as software or apps.

Finally, The Northern Block is a font design collective focused on clean font design.

The Northern Block is a good option if you have a project that requires a clean font for a custom logo. Remember, though The Northern Block offers unique fonts, it is a premium service.

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