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The Daily Grind: Does Coffee Actually Make You More Productive?

Coffee Productivity Feature

We were recently speaking to a Zyro eCommerce user who sells amazing specialty coffee, and it got us reflecting on how important this simple drink is, especially in business. 

Coffee is surely business’s most indispensable partner. A caffeine kick that makes mornings manageable, and powers us through endless nights of work. 

It’s how we meet deadlines or meet new colleagues. It’s a comfort and cure, and aromatic treat. An invitation for a coffee can break the ice or mend relationships. 

It’s the lubrication that keeps the gears of business turning, and a warm oasis in the middle of a stressful day. 

So, a cup of coffee makes you more productive, right?

We wondered, we found out, now we’re here to fill you in. 

The link between coffee and productivity

To understand the effect of coffee on productivity, it’s best to first understand what coffee does to us on a chemical level. 

Caffeine beats out alcohol as the most commonly used drug worldwide. There are two main things that it does to our brains. 

Firstly, caffeine blocks adenosine receptors, which are the parts of our brain responsible for drowsiness. Making these receptors less able to bind means that we’re less likely to feel drowsy. 

Secondly, caffeine stimulates the production of adrenaline. You’ll know adrenaline as the hormone that we produce when we get scared, excited, or highly active, and has the effect of getting out blood pumping faster. 

Basically, coffee says ‘no’ to sleepiness and ‘yes’ to action. 

The dark side of your morning coffee

Lone Coffee Cup

While the physiological effects of coffee as described above aren’t up for debate, the case for coffee as a productivity booster is certainly not a clear cut one. 

First of all, it’s been shown that some people suffer from a caffeine intolerance, meaning that, even in small quantities, they will suffer from an elevated heart rate, headaches and nausea, and blurred vision. 

These also tend to be the effects of caffeine overdoses, even among regular drinkers. 

It’s also the case that people who drink coffee every day are likely to develop a dependence to caffeine. 

When you have a dependence on coffee, while it may feel that your first cup of coffee in the morning is sharpening your mind and helping with your attention and productivity, it’s actually simply curing withdrawal symptoms. 

This means that regular coffee consumption could actually be harming your productivity in the long run. 

So, what have we learned?

  1. In moderation, coffee has been shown that it can help most people get a boost to their mood and energy
  2. The mood-altering and energy stimulating effects certainly can play a role in increasing your attention capacity and productivity 
  3. Too much coffee may cause you to take in too much caffeine, which may leave you jittery and restless, sabotaging your productivity 
  4. There are some people for whom even one cup of coffee is too much caffeine
  5. If you become dependent on caffeine, your productivity may be negatively affected if you miss your daily dose
  6. For a boost to your productivity for the day, a cup of coffee is most effective a couple of hours after waking up

The daily grind towards success

Women having coffee meeting

While the link between coffee and productivity is still up for debate, we can definitely attest to its ability to bring people together.

As a startup, we at Zyro have a strong appreciation for the role coffee has played in fueling our projects and helping us for strong bonds between our colleagues and partners. 

There’s nothing quite like a cup of coffee to take the edge off a serious business meeting and help with the meeting of minds. 

It’s not just the caffeine content that helps coffee do what it does, but the excuse to sit somewhere informal and have a more relaxed chat than an office will usually encourage. 

It’s Zyro’s official policy that a chat over coffee is the best way to get to know someone. In fact, we hold coffee meetings for every new colleague on their first day to introduce them to their team.

Whether you’re introducing a new member of your team, introducing yourself to a new client, or simply trying to develop new business contacts, absolutely nothing beats a coffee.

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