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Get Creative with Colors and Fonts + Schedule eComm Delivery

Ever wish that you could have more freedom over the style of your website?  We’re talking colors and fonts.

Or maybe you were hoping to pamper your customers with a particular delivery time this year? 

Your wait is over.

As of today, you can bring that creative vision to life. 

Zyro’s new Styles Update brings you more flexible website editing functions, while our eCommerce Scheduled Delivery Time feature will make store owners’ lives easier.   

Get the most out of your sales this year, and finish the year with a bang. 

Get creative with the text style editor 

With this Styles Update, you’ll have even more freedom to customize your fonts

Don’t settle for a header font that you’re not 100% happy with. Now, you can mix and match your text styles as you please.

After all, we want your brand to look its best online. 

You can either use the pre-defined text styles or go all out with a combination of fonts that you select yourself. You can choose heading copy and body copy fonts separately.

And it’s really easy, too – you can browse all the different styles easily in the website editor.

Once you find your favorite one, just select it and save, and get on with your day.

Or, create your own style by settling on your font and defining the different sizes for all your various headings. Easy, right?

Say goodbye to the limitations of your template – instead, make your website truly look and feel like your brand. 

And just in case you still needed them, here are 3 reasons to get excited about text styles:

  • Full control and flexibility. No need to find a compromise anymore. Mix and match different fonts until you find a combination that represents your brand the best. 
  • Ability to optimize your web pages. Want to get to the nitty-gritty and test if a different font on your seasonal landing page converts better? Be our guest. 
  • Adhere to your brand guidelines. Using a particular font in your marketing materials? As long as it’s web-safe, there’s no reason to not use it on your website also. 

Give your website a splash of color

Another exciting thing coming your way in the Styles Update is color editing

Now, you’re able to edit all things color on your website down to the tiniest pixel.

Make a lasting impression on your visitors, highlight festive offer sections, or direct all eyes on new product categories.

Pick from our designers’ pre-selected color styles, or edit them to truly make your website dreams a reality. 

You can browse and preview all of the different styles straight in your editor, from the main colors to all of the available shades.

Here are our 3 favorite ways to use the color editor:

  • Highlight special offers. No need to rely on the only assigned call-to-action contrast color – your special occasion sales offers can now also look the part.
  • Rebrand your website. Happy with your content, but feeling like your website could do with a facelift? Don’t hold back. 
  • Tweak your brand. Did you initially settle for a template that looked as close as possible to your brand’s other marketing materials? Well, now you can go that extra mile and match the colors, shade by shade. 

This year: delivery time picker for eCommerce

Christmas came early – treat your customers and let them choose their preferred delivery or pick-up time. 

What better way to stay on top of the trends than by giving your customers the chance to fit their lives around your business?

And take it from us, they’ll be thankful for all the flexibility they can get.

This eCommerce update is exciting for plenty of reasons, but most importantly, you’re able to offer even better customer service

By allowing your customers to choose when their order should be delivered or picked up, you’re showing them that you care. 

We’ve all been there, watching the post van blatantly drive past your house with a note in your mailbox saying ‘we’re sorry we couldn’t reach you.’

Give your visitors the best experience instead – from browsing to unboxing.  

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