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25 Cool ‘Contact Us’ Page Examples and Best Practices

It might not be the star of the show, but your ‘contact us’ page is one of the most important places on your website.

Dramatic, us? Not at all, we just know what’s good for you.

If you run an online business, you need to have at least one mode of communication for customers, potential customers, and people who are lost but intrigued. 

That’s where the contact page comes in. You can post a phone number, you could make a form – heck, you could make a series of forms.

If you haven’t got a clue what page we’re talking about, or maybe you need inspiration, read on.

What is a ‘contact us’ page, and why do websites need one?

A ‘contact us’ page provides website visitors with ways to get in touch with the business.

Many contact page examples on our list contain forms. It’s one of the easiest formats for users to input their questions.

Brands also share email addresses, office or store locations, and occasionally phone numbers on their ‘contact us’ pages.

Why? Well, primarily the ‘contact us’ page is a great customer service tool.

It enables people to get in immediate contact with a brand, for whatever reason. But it’s also great for business-to-business communication.

You might need a contact page in order to gain clients, or you could use it to manage media enquiries. 

It’s your company’s way of staying in touch with the world.

25 examples of top-quality ‘contact us’ pages

No matter the industry, ‘contact us’ pages are important components of any brand website.

We’ve compiled a list of 25 cool, quirky, and downright ordinary but super user-friendly examples. 

Take a look at some of the best practices and see what you could do with your own contact page.

1. Cult Design Agency

Some of the best ‘contact us’ pages we’ve found belong to creative design agencies. It’s hardly surprising, really.

You see, eCommerce site visitors might want to get in touch with a brand to complain, praise, or ask questions. But with agencies, contact pages are at the heart of all operations.

Without any contact options, potential clients have no way to make an inquiry about a new business proposal. Making them easy to find and fun to use is vital.

Starting off the list of incredible examples is Cult design agency’s slick, responsive ‘contact us’ page. 

Users are greeted with a friendly salutation – like the rest of the website, words appear as you scroll. 

The contact information itself is pretty simple.

Two dramatic photos of the agency’s locations, London and NYC, are overlaid with the relevant email and phone number. No contact forms here. 

2. Claire Hartley

If you need ‘contact us’ page examples for a personal brand, check out this sweet and simple design from a London-based illustrator.

Visitors are given a few options on Claire Hartley’s website: send her an email, write to her studio address, or fill out a contact form with your inquiry.

Alongside the vital information, this ‘contact me’ page explains how to get in touch depending on your needs. 

Using simple black text on a clean off-white background, the page is easy to use and navigate. But it’s cute, too.

As you scroll down, you’ll find photos of the illustrator in her studio, plus some of her favorite work. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to a ‘contact us’ page.

3. Yummygum 

We think contact pages should be friendly. After all, you’re encouraging users to get in touch with you, so why make it an intimidating scenario?

Yummygum has one of the best ‘contact us’ pages for friendliness – check out the multiple choices that visitors have when it comes to contact forms.

The split page design lets people locate the business on a map on one side, and pick a reason to contact them on the other. 

Visitors can pick from four options, and each one leads to a different form. You could schedule a call, send a brief, or just fill out the form fields with a question or two.

Each step of the process on these contact pages is marked by clear call to action buttons, to make sure users don’t get lost on the journey.

Plus, there’s a CTA for getting in contact with the business at the top of the page. It’s even circled, unlike the rest of the navigation bar.

If your ‘contact us’ page is a vital part of your business, make it easy for visitors to reach you. 

4. Urban Influence

A split contact page design is a pretty popular choice. If you’re not into having a site full of tricks and flourishes, this is a great way to get information across in style.

Take a look at branding agency, Urban Influence. Their ‘contact us’ page is simple yet completely approachable.

On one side you’ll find the vitals: an address, email address, and phone numbers. The other side is dedicated to a form, while there’s a location map down below.

Thanks to the informal tone of voice, which visitors can find everywhere else on the website, you won’t hesitate to fill out their contact form.

And what a no-nonsense contact form it is. You just need to fill out your personal contact information, tell them “what’s up?” and confirm you’re not a robot. Easy.

5. Deux Huit Huit

This agency has completely revolutionized the humble contact form on their ‘contact us’ page.

We’ve all seen plenty of contact forms – usually, it’s just a part of the page that has been portioned into various form fields. But not here.

At first glance, this is probably one of the most boring ‘contact us’ pages you will have seen. 

It just contains an address, a phone number, and links to the brand’s social media pages. But then you scroll down.

At the bottom of the page, visitors are treated to a vibrant color-changing section that contains one single call to action: say hello.

If you’re tempted to click, this CTA takes you to another page where you can write out your inquiry. 

You’ll be given a cute opening line – which you can delete if you truly have no heart – then the rest is up to you.

It’s a friendly piece of web design that’ll encourage visitors to turn into customers in no time. 

6. Harley Johnston

It’s important to make sure that every page of your website is consistent. Over at graphic design studio Harley Johnson’s website, there’s a friendly tone everywhere you land.

From a big “hello” on the landing page to an equally as big “say hi” on the ‘contact us’ page, it’s hard for visitors to not feel welcome here.

The vivid red contact page is effortlessly simple, supersized greeting aside. 

Users can click to use the contact email address, message the business over social media, or look up the company’s address. And that’s it.

This is the perfect ‘contact us’ page for a company website with simple, high-impact pages and a bold brand identity. 

7. The Charles

A lot of the best ‘contact us’ pages manage to seamlessly blend a call to action or two into the written copy. Need examples? Here’s one.

Digital agency The Charles greets users on its ‘contact us’ page with a question. 

If you want to collaborate with the company, you’ll get sent to a contact form. Job seekers will be directed offsite to a recruitment website. 

If you just want to say hi, there’s no visible contact information. So you scroll.

Using a simplified version of the brand’s website design, the rest of the ‘contact us’ page consists of a few vibrant photos of retro phones – plus the all-important information.

Depending on the location that users need to contact, there’s an address, email address, and phone numbers per location.

With a contact form located away from the main ‘contact us’ page, the layout here is sleek and sophisticated, just like the brand itself.

8. Brand Affair

Creative agencies aren’t the only businesses with killer ‘contact us’ page examples. We’ve got plenty more to share, but let’s take a look at one more brand consultancy.

As soon as visitors hit the landing page on Brand Affair’s website, the first thing they see is a big pink flamingo. The ‘contact us’ page isn’t so different. 

Once users hit the ‘contact’ CTA at the top of the page, the page is split horizontally – flamingo on top, contact information down below.

There are the usual suspects: map, phone number, email address. But on the right is a short, simple contact form.

To get in touch, users just need to fill out the blank spaces on this condensed message, then hit ‘send’ and wait for a reply.

9. Basecamp

There’s an easy formula for the perfect ‘contact us’ page. It just needs contact details with a heavy dose of friendliness – you already know where we stand on this.

Friendly ‘contact us’ pages demonstrate your brand’s commitment to customer support. If you aren’t nice on a contact page, are you even nice at all?

A little dramatic, maybe, but take a look at Basecamp’s ‘contact us’ page – labeled as the ‘support’ page on their website.

The first thing customers see is an illustrated line-up of the support team.

Hover over any image and you’re told the name of each person in customer support. 

Scroll down and there’s a ‘contact us’ form that starts with a dropdown list of categories, to ensure the team can answer your questions with ease.

Users are even given the option to upload files that might assist the support team. Although the page itself is simple, this is a great example of a friendly business.

10. Bumble

Here’s a great ‘contact us’ page for a business with growth ambitions. 

Bumble is already a huge app with users all over the world. If you want to welcome press requests and partnership enquiries alongside customer requests, take a look.

Step aside, fancy graphics: Bumble’s website visitors will find a pared-back page with a cute gradient banner and five snippets of information.

For customer support, you can see if your question has already been answered in the help center or fill out a form to report any concerns.

Fellow brands and media outlets are directed to separate forms, while happy customers can mail the company with their success stories.

It’s a neat way to collate several contact pages in one simple, accessible place.

11. Waze

So, your company has an app and big ambitions, but you want your ‘contact us’ page to have something interesting about it?

Waze might give you some ideas. 

While this isn’t the best ‘contact us’ page example for cool graphics, it gives perfectly clear directions to all kinds of website visitors.

Split into seven categories, each ‘contact us’ call-to-action is paired with a cute, on-brand illustration.

If you want to get in touch about partnerships or licensing, a contact form will pop up on screen. You just fill out your contact details and go. 

Visitors with big ideas or suggestions are encouraged to email the Waze team directly.

Sometimes, not every query can be answered with a single contact form. If that’s the case with your business, this kind of page could be what you need.

12. Marvel App

Sometimes, though, a single contact form is what you need to make an impact on a ‘contact us’ page. 

This design app company has vibrant illustrations of characters dotted around its site pages – on the ‘contact us’ page, a pencil-wielding redhead takes center stage.

Next to her is one very no-nonsense contact form for all users. All you have to do is enter your name, contact info, and a brief message.

As customers, it’s great when a company offers simpler ways for us to get a hold of them. But for those looking for more information, Marvel has considered their needs, too.

Scrolling down the ‘contact us’ page takes you to three areas: the sales team, a help center, and the brand’s press kit.

Like the other apps on our list, this one has consolidated a handful of pages into one central place on their site.

So while the main ‘contact us’ page is really simple in design, it’s packed with information for curious customers.

13. Instabase

For a company that specializes in streamlining processes, Instabase stays on-mission with its ‘contact us’ page.

Just like the rest of the website, this page has a muted color palette with no frills. There’s no imagery, and certainly no responsive design.

But it kind of doesn’t matter – the tone of the copy is friendly, and it’s easy enough to send an enquiry to the company.

All that website visitors need to do is fill out the contact form with their name, email address, and message. 

To filter queries, a dropdown list asks users to pick which of three categories their message falls into.

It’s the perfect ‘contact us’ page for a company with simplicity at its core.

14. Scarlet Events

Remember filling out party invites for your whole class when you were a kid? The contact page over at this event planning company’s website might look familiar.

This is a contact form with a twist. Instead of using a more familiar style, Scarlet Events uses a playful fill-in-the-gaps format. 

Users are invited to type their own information on the dotted lines, where the company has already placed examples of what to say.

If you’re not there to fill out the form – which, honestly, would be a shame – you can still find out where the company is based, plus what social media channels it uses.

The main part of the show, though, is that party invite-themed contact form. It’s fun, but simple.

15. Munch PR

Even if there’s only one or two ways to get in touch with your team, you can still make use of a stylized contact form.

This public relations company doesn’t have a separate contact page. Instead, there’s a section at the bottom of the homepage.

Laid out like a postcard, the chic black and red form matches the rest of the website in design. 

Users are asked to leave their name, email address, and message. Of course, there’s an unmissable ‘send’ call-to-action button. 

What else does this contact form have? Not much: an office address, an email address, and a map. 

Depending on your brand, sometimes that’s all you need.

16. Dollar Shave Club

Not everyone who visits your ‘contact us’ page will be an existing customer. Quite the opposite.

If someone is visiting your website for the first time, the ‘contact us’ page is one of the first places they might visit. After all, they’ll have questions.

So, why not work some of your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) into your contact page information? 

It just could help boost your conversion rates. Check out how Dollar Shave Club does it.

Although it doesn’t look like much, this ‘contact us’ page setup is a well-oiled machine.

Visitors can choose from a dropdown list: do they want to know about shipping, orders, or products? Once they pick, the site takes them to another dropdown.

Depending on the query, the page will either find a relevant FAQ or direct the visitor to product pages.

And if they’re still not satisfied, well, then they can click ‘contact us’ and get hold of the company. 

17. Coca Cola

Sure, it’s one of the world’s biggest brands, but your business could learn a thing or two from the Coca Cola ‘contact us’ page.

As you’d expect from a retail business, the focus here is on customer service.

The most prominent part of the page is a chatbot. Visitors can easily enter any question they’d like to know the answer to, and the virtual assistant will answer.

It’s a great way to filter out queries that are quick, weird, or not worth the effort of filling out a contact form.

Like all good brands, though, there’s also a link to Coca Cola’s more in-depth contact form. 

18. Cult Beauty

A very different business to the aforementioned design agency with the same name, Cult Beauty is a big player in the cosmetics industry.

What we love about this ‘contact us’ page is the simple yet effective way it splits out enquiries. 

Users can only get in touch with Cult Beauty via the contact form in the center of the page, but they’re given options.

Two buttons allow people to select whether they are looking for beauty advice, or more generic customer service information. 

A dropdown list makes subject suggestions, allowing users to narrow down their enquiries and help out the support team.

For businesses that aim for a more pared-back approach to services, make like this contact page and implement a detailed form instead.

19. Cool Machine

If you’re setting up an eCommerce store, the Cool Machine site has one of the best ‘contact us’ pages to replicate.

This short and sweet contact page gives visitors a few easy opportunities to get in touch.

Alongside an email address and a small form for on-page enquiries, the company shares its social media links.

While there are more direct ways to reach the brand, it pays to show off your other channels. Think about why users might make queries in the first place.

If they want to know more about your products or services, or perhaps they want to find out where you’re based, social media might have the answers.

This helps to give potential customers a true omnichannel experience of your store, while also sifting out queries that you’d otherwise have to take time to answer.

20. Yellow Leaf Hammocks

There’s a lot to love about this company’s website. It has great visuals, friendly copy, and a compelling story. 

So it only makes sense that the ‘contact us’ page is just as welcoming.

It starts with an introduction. Sure, you can get away with just providing a contact form and an office address, but these guys go all-out with customer service.

Visitors are told about the ‘Hammock Concierge’ – the store’s support team. 

There are then four options for inquisitive folks visiting this ‘contact us’ page. First, they could check out the FAQs.

Next up is a contact form: it’s not fancy, but it does the job. Alternatively, visitors can start a live chat or send an email to Yellow Leaf Hammocks.

While it lacks vibrant colors or slick graphics, this contact page makes up for that with a genuinely approachable tone-of-voice.


Turns out it’s quite hard to pick the best ‘contact us’ page for friendliness – tons of eCommerce sites are nailing it.

Check out for an example of the really clean, super nice contact page that all stores should be striving for.

All that this page really consists of is a contact form, a phone number, and social media links. 

But the first thing customers see when they land on the ‘contact us’ page is a sweet image of five vintage phones, paired with a ringing-sound animation.

Round that off with a jolly greeting and some kind words, and you’ve got yourself a killer example of contact page best practices. 

22. Leon

It isn’t just online stores that are overflowing with kindness on their ‘contact us’ pages – foodie outlets are at it, too.

UK-based fast food chain Leon has achieved global success. Rather than apply a one-size-fits-all approach to their contact page, they’ve diversified.

Depending on where visitors are in the world, they might have a different experience.

In the US, for example, the contact page can be found at the top of the homepage.

There’s a clear set of instructions: visitors can leave feedback, start a live chat, or mail their queries. 

Leon’s contact form is a chic, multi-step process where users don’t have to do much thinking.

They can tick boxes and select from dropdown lists, easing their journey and filtering feedback content for the Leon team.

It’s not all negative, either. Visitors are encouraged to contact the company with positive stories. After all, kindness is key.

23. Doughnut Time

We love a contact form, but there’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned email. 

Perhaps you have a smaller team, or a more simplified online presence. Your ‘contact us’ page can still be cute.

Don’t get it twisted – Doughnut Time has a showstopper of a website in its home country of Australia. The UK outlet though? It’s a little more chilled out.

Visitors can email for information about orders, careers, press releases, or just to say hello and talk about frosting.

What makes this contact page sweet is the addition of a fun photo, plus a big sign-up link at the bottom of the page for the brand’s newsletters and promos.

24. Lune Croissanterie

Let’s hand it to the pastry businesses of Australia: they sure know how to make a good website

This croissant company has a ludicrously chic online presence. From the flash intro page to the hi-res images of mouthwatering baked goods, you know you’re in for a good time.

And the ‘contact us’ page does not disappoint. 

White text on an ink black background sets a dramatic scene. The content itself is pared back, and like any great contact page this one has a form.

Even if your brand identity is sleek and minimalistic, you should always give customers a chance to contact you.

Lune does a great job of keeping it consistent on their contact page, while still allowing visitors to reach out with a personalized message.

25. Wendy’s

If all this talk of sweet treats hasn’t made you hungry yet, let’s wrap up our list with one of the biggest American fast food restaurants.

Much-loved burger chain Wendy’s has got customer service in the bag. 

The brand’s tone-of-voice on Twitter is something that many businesses strive for, while the website has put customers at its core.

Right at the top of the contact page, visitors are offered the chance to take a survey. 

If they just want to speak to someone, Wendy’s offers up a phone number for calls as well as text messages.

But if none of those options suit the user, there’s always a form. It’s not essential to a ‘contact us’ page, but the humble form could be your most failsafe option.

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