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45 Logo Ideas With Cool Samples for Inspiration

It’s true, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but you can judge a brand by its logo design. 

Logos help us to remember brands and decide whether to connect with them, whether we realize it or not.

A logo is just a part of a company’s branding, but its design can say so much about the company. 

Which is why, if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out on your branding journey, you need to nail your design. 

But we’re not just going to send you on your way. You came to see ideas, logo pioneers, and maybe even to learn more about logo meanings – we can help with that.

Read on for design inspiration and ideas that’ll have you winning a design contest in no time.

But first, a shortcut

Working with logo designers is great, but it can use up both time and money.

If you can’t afford a graphic designer or freelancers, logos aren’t out of your reach. Ever heard of using a free logo creator?

Well, even if you have, we’re going to introduce you to Zyro’s very own online AI Logo Maker.

Logo designs can be made in minutes with Zyro’s AI Logo Maker – here’s how:

1. Think up some logo ideas first. Not there yet? Look at our list of example logos for inspiration, then come back.

2. Open up the AI Logo Maker, and click ‘create a logo’. 

3. You can let the AI do the work for you with preset logo templates, or open the logo maker and design a logo from scratch.

4. Type in your brand name and slogan if you have one. Flip the layout, switch the icon, and then click on the logo to add finishing touches.

5. You can change the font, edit colors, and rotate and skew everything. 

6. Once you’re happy, click ‘download’. And there you have it – the free design you need to get your brand started.

45 logo design ideas

So, now that you know there’s an online logo maker waiting for your logo design ideas, it’s time to get inspired.

Logo inspiration can come from anywhere. There are thousands of great examples of logos already out there. 

The Nike swoosh is a great design, and the McDonald’s golden arches are recognized around the world.

But how about the best logo designs for startups and small businesses? 

Whether you run a non-profit or a real estate business, you can still design cool logos. We’re stocked with plenty of logo design ideas for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Food company logos

Logos don’t need to be literal to sell a product. Think about Starbucks and their long-haired siren – she probably doesn’t even drink coffee.

That said, your food business could have a great logo that incorporates the product you’re selling.

Here’s some inspiration, with logos from an ice cream store, a croissant shop with playful design ideas, and a pizza joint with a simple graphic logo.

Ice & Vice logo design

ice & vice

Lune Croissanterie logo design

lune croissanterie

Voodoo Ray’s logo design

voodoo ray's

Food delivery logos

Let’s stay in the food industry but switch focus to logos that deliver. Here are some cool logo ideas for a food delivery business.

You could go anywhere with your design ideas. Make your service look efficient like Doordash, whose logo features a wing-shaped icon.

Go off-piste like Deliveroo, using color to convey your brand. Or flex your design skills like Postmates and come up with some dreamy logo ideas.

Doordash logo

doordash logo

Deliveroo logo

deliveroo logo

Postmates logo

postmates logo

Money management logos

The dusty old banking industry is being disrupted by sleek, user-friendly apps. If you want to join them with your business, check these logos out.

Clean designs make the best logos in money management. Use a pop of color and a fun take on your company name’s first letter.

You want people to trust you enough to open an account, so keep your business name unobstructed and your logo design will shine.

Monzo logo design

monzo logo

Atom Bank logo design

atom bank logo

TransferWise logo design

transferwise logo

Dating app logos

We’re sure you’ve seen at least one of these logos before. This is one of those industries where startup ideas can grow exponentially.

So how does your dating app logo idea stand out? Well, think about the end user. They might be fun and flirty – this is where Tinder’s design wins big.

We love Happn’s use of arrows arranged as a lightning strike, and the friendly yellow used in Bumble’s design to show that you can use it to find buddies, too.

Tinder logo

tinder symbol

Happn logo

happn logo

Bumble logo

bumble logo

Collaborative platform logos

If you’re trying to connect colleagues, not lovers, look no further. Here’s some logo design inspiration for cool collaboration platforms.

These logo samples are all about vibrant colors. Create abstract designs that loosely reference your business, and run with them.

With versatile logo ideas, you’ll use them so much on your website, business cards, email signature or blog that they eventually won’t even need an accompanying name.

AirTable logo design

airtable logo

Trello logo design

trello logo

Monday logo design

monday logo

Workspace logos

A cool logo can easily make your business a winner in the professional real estate industry. Whatever your brand identity, now’s the time to express it in your logo design.

Look at Knotel’s smart, simple keyhole logo. Check out Hubble, using a chair and a desk arranged into an ‘H’. Or Industrious with their worker bee design.

Consider the type of customer you want to attract and reflect it in the colors, fonts, and shapes of your logo ideas.

Knotel logo

knotel logo

Industrious logo

industrious logo

Hubble logo

hubble symbol

Fitness logos

From smart and simple logo ideas to bold and in your face ones. If you’re into fitness training, these logos are for you.

While some logo designs are all about lettering, other logos convey their brand in a playful way.

Find which logo design elements could provide your business with inspiration and ideas. And take the color palette into account – don’t forget, colors have meaning, too.

Gymshark logo design

gymshark logo

UFC logo design

ufc logo

Crunch Fitness logo design

crunch logo

Beauty company logos

If you’re brimming with ideas for this industry, great news. Beauty products often gain iconic status, and with that, thousands in revenue. 

A great business logo can make your beauty brand known around the world. Look at like-minded brands for logo inspiration.

Storyboard some ideas: is your brand sweet and pink, or clean and scientific? In an industry based on looks, logo designs matter – make sure you nail it.

Glossier logo

glossier logo

Allies of Skin logo

allies of skin

Anastasia Beverly Hills logo

anastasia beverly hills logo

Social media logos 

This is one of those industries where it’s hard not to stand out. We all have a favorite social media account, and we can scroll for hours at a time.

Coming up with unique logo ideas for your social media business can be fun. Design something vibrant, with an instantly recognizable shape.

You can always adapt your initial ideas. Famous logos often evolve – take a look at the Instagram or Pinterest logo design changes, for example.

TikTok logo design

tiktok symbol

Instagram logo design

instagram touch icon

Pinterest logo design

pinterest touch icon

Fashion company logos

Inspiration for fashion industry logos comes in many shapes and sizes. For instance, designer houses like Gucci and Louis Vuitton rely on pairs of letters to convey their brands.

The logos of lower-priced fashion retailers often feature full words, but that can still give you inspiration and ideas.

Take logo design tips from fashion brands with cute fonts, iconic colors, and clever symbols in their logos.

Poshmark logo

poshmark logo

Supreme logo

supreme logo

Monki logo

monki logo

Communications logos

You’re sure to find one or two articles and blog entries about Slack changing their logo design. Needless to say, people had become very attached to the old one.

But a great logo can change slightly and still be recognizable. If you’re looking for ideas for a logo, communications apps are a great place to start.

Sleek, colorful, and kind of cute – that’s the running theme with these logos. Take a look at the designs for logos below, if you’re ready to compete in this industry.

Slack logo design

slack logo

Houseparty logo design

houseparty logo

Discord logo design

discord logo

Drinks company logos

If you want ideas for logos that will work anywhere, from a business card to a bottle, here’s some inspiration.

The best drinks logos look great in different places, most notably the product itself. You need to be sure that your logo is transferable – photography logos won’t cut it.

For ideas, check out Brewdog, whose crest-like logo suits both beer cans and marketing materials. Or Nespresso, whose identifiable ‘N’ logo works alone on its capsules.

Brewdog logo

brewdog logo

Oatly logo

oatly logo

Nespresso logo

nespresso logo

Transport logos

The logo designers for Moovit and Waze must have had similar ideas: the brand must look friendly, but obviously transport-focused.

You can find corresponding logo examples in many industries – sometimes the best logo ideas can be adapted and repeated.

If you want logo inspiration for a transport app, these are great examples. Get creative with a bright palette, curved shapes and rounded fonts.

Moovit logo design

moovit logo

Waze logo design

waze logo

Citymapper logo design

citymapper logo

Plant company logos

If you’re in this industry, lucky you. Plants are in high demand, so get your logo design ideas ready.

Have fun creating a beautiful custom logo to show off on your storefront, business cards, blog, and more – you might want someone with design experience to help out.

Logos for plant shops can be simple, like Floom’s design, or they can incorporate products into the typography, as with Folia. Don’t be afraid to get imaginative with your ideas.

Patch Plants logo

patch logo

Folia Collective logo

folia collective logo

Floom logo

floom logo

Accessories company logos

Thanks to retro trends, Swedish camping and accessories brand Fjällräven is enjoying newfound popularity. If you need ideas for timeless logos, construction is key – it’s all about the emblem shape here.

If you’re not into emblems, your business will still need a high quality logo to make it iconic. There are loads of cool logos you can take inspiration and ideas from.

It’s not just designer goods with impressive logos: check out Rains for a design that’s true to their brand, or Allbirds for sophisticated custom logo ideas.

Fjallraven Kanken logo design

fjallraven kanken logo

Rains logo design

rains logo

Allbirds logo design

allbirds logo

What to do with your logo design ideas

Now that you’re filled with ideas and inspiration, you’ve got some exciting design work ahead of you.

Take your logo design ideas and use Zyro’s AI Logo Maker, a logo editor software, or a skilled logo designer to turn your inspiration into something special.

Whichever design resources you utilize to create a logo, remember a few key points – or pass them on to your graphic designer:

  • Logos should be memorable and timeless.
  • Logo colors are meaningful, both to your brand and sometimes your industry.
  • Make sure your logo is versatile – logos need to work wherever you put them.

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Olivia is a writer for Zyro and an eCommerce know-it-all. Having spent many years as a retail buyer, she loves writing about trend forecasting, brand building, and teaching others how to optimize online stores for success. She lives in London and spends a lot of time exploring the city’s parks with her whippet.

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