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Create the Perfect Blog Logo in 4 Quick Steps

Graphic design elements on a tablet

Have you decided to start a blog? Congratulations! 

Starting a blog is a step towards gaining more exposure for yourself and your brand.

Sharing your knowledge and insights with the world is also an exciting proposition, as it can open up many doors for you – if done correctly.

However, many bloggers focus on written content and forget to think about design.

So is great writing all that you really need to run a successful blog?

Nope. While your blog content is obviously important, you need a visual identity too; we’re talking about a stand-out logo here. 

After you take care of getting the best web hosting available and all of the other technical bits and bobs, get yourself a blog logo.

Seems trivial? We beg to differ.

That little logo that is displayed on your banner can make all the difference between success and failure as a blogger.

So, let’s talk about the 4 most important tips when it comes to designing your blog’s unique logo.

4 essential tips when you’re designing a blog logo

Many companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their logos.

While your blog likely isn’t as high stakes as a Fortune 500 corporation, your logo is still important. It’s what your blog visitors will remember you by. 

Aesthetically, there are many considerations to be made while designing your blog logo, but there are also less obvious considerations as well.

1. Make a great first impression

Mopeds standing at a brick wall

A logo must be relevant to what your blog is about and lend credibility to your website.

If your logo is poorly designed, pixelated, or incorrectly sized, it will most certainly hurt your growth. Internet surfers generally don’t want to invest time reading a blog that looks amateurish.

A good logo can be just as important as choosing your website’s domain name or finding the best blogging platform for your content.

But just like there are endless choices of blogging platforms available that make it difficult to choose the best one for you, the same goes for logos.

If your blog is centered around a career or industry, it’s important to make sure your logo looks polished and professional. Likewise, if your blog is about travel, it is important to incorporate these elements into your logo design. 

For blogs about hobbies and personal interests, you can get more creative with your design. For industry-centric blogs, simple and professional logos that mimic corporate brands are the best way to go.

2. Be memorable

Chanel logo made from donuts

Talented graphic designers can create truly breathtaking images and photos. 

Just because an image or photo is beautiful though, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be remembered for the right reasons.

A beautiful image on a logo might impress your readers, and they may even remember it later. However, the chances are slim that they will associate it with the content they’ve read. 

If you have a profitable website idea, you can expect that a lot of internet users will visit your website’s blog. Hopefully, leads and prospects will be impressed by your unique content. 

Nevertheless, it’s inevitable that many will end up forgetting the name of your blog or website.

They may go searching again for an article they read previously, or to check for new updates. In many cases, it’s only their memory of your logo that can guide them back to your particular article.

Hopefully, as your blog grows, you’ll invest time into learning the SEO strategies to drive traffic to your website. However, if you’re brand new to blogging, your first impression and ability to be memorable are the two aspects that will determine who comes back to bookmark your site.

3. Think about your brand identity

Neon sign two hands and heart

It’s important to maintain your brand image through your logo. It’s obvious that your logo has to mesh well with the niche your blog has claimed. 

For example, if you have a travel blog, you might want to incorporate elements reminiscent of the ocean, mountains, or sky in your logo. The more specific you are with your brand, blog, and logo, the better response you will get.

Another thing you want to consider while designing a logo is whether your logo will still look good when transferred on, say, a t-shirt or mug.

Many bloggers make significant income on the selling of merchandise, and it’s important to factor this in when designing your logo.

If your blog explodes and gains a huge following, you can consider such options as a real market will open up for you.

You want to feel proud when you’re making your first e-commerce sale – not regretful that you didn’t spend more time crafting your logo.

4. Consider the differences between icon-based, word-based, and combination logos

Adidas logo

Going forward, you have to know what type of logo will represent your blog best.

There are 3 main types of logos:

  • Icon-based
  • Word-based or font-based
  • Combo

The first type focuses simply on an icon, the second centers around your blog’s name for the design, while the third type uses a combination of both.

The Apple icon is one of the most famous examples of an icon-based logo. Ironically, it breaks our number one rule of logo design because it incorporates an image that is irrelevant to the brand’s purpose.

Few people conjure up an image of a half-eaten fruit when thinking of tech products. Obviously, Apple has gotten away with a lot of rule-breaking in the past and surely will continue to do so in the future.

Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from the marketing genius of Steve Jobs, so it’s best to keep rule-breaking at a minimum when starting your first venture.

After all, they do say that one needs to understand the rules before they can be successful at breaking them.

Most corporations opt for recognizable word-based logos such as Google, Disney, and Coca-Cola.

Combination logos are quite popular too, because they get the best of both worlds. Burger King, Best Buy, and Amazon both have logos that are centered on their company’s name, but also incorporate images in their logos.

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