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How to Create a Seasonal Landing Page That Converts

Seasonal Landing Pages Displaying Knitted Products

The last quarter of the calendar year contains more than its fair share of seasonal shopping events. 

Holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, and New Year are traditional mainstays on the annual event calendar.

However, for businesses in eCommerce, recently created events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are of increasing importance to revenue. 

To take advantage of consumers’ seasonal shopping habits, you may choose to run themed promotions around each important event. 

It (literally) pays to create unique landing pages on your website to promote your seasonal deals and guide visitors towards making a purchase. 

Why seasonal landing pages are important

So, why might an eCommerce business find it useful to use seasonal landing pages, rather than just directing all traffic to their homepage?

There are a number of reasons, all revolving around the idea that it’s always best to give inbound traffic a more customized or personalized experience:

  • Offer context for the promotion. Visitors will presumably have clicked on an ad or followed a link you’ve shared on a social channel. By directing new visitors to a themed landing page, you can offer more information, context, and terms related to the specific promotion which might not be visible elsewhere on your website. 
  • Meet the expectations of visitors. If customers are landing on your website wanting to take advantage of the deal you’ve been promoting, they shouldn’t have to go looking for it. Make everything available and obvious. 
  • Focus on higher conversions. Directing traffic to your homepage can pull visitors’ attention in different directions. Having a single, clear deal communicated by a landing page should help increase your conversion rate. 
  • Separate your target traffic. You may only be offering the seasonal promotion to a certain segment of your target market. Creating a unique landing page ensures that not just anyone can discover the deal. 
  • Create a sense of urgency. Well-designed landing pages can apply specific pressure on customers and encourage them to make a purchase based on their desire not to miss out on a good deal. 
  • Customize sales funnel. The route from an ad click to a purchase is different for each customer and each promotion. A uniquely designed landing page allows you to take more control of the sales funnel. 

How to create a seasonal landing page 

Now, let’s turn our attention to some of the steps you can take to get any landing page ready for a seasonal promotion. 

1. Use seasonal graphics and design

Autumn forest colors - top view

This might sound obvious, but ensuring that the appearance of your landing page communicates the seasonal event you’re trying to capitalize on is crucial. 

Think about the color palette associated with holiday or event and the kind of graphics or characters visitors might expect to see as part of the landing page. 

It’s important to remember that any seasonal styling should not stray too far from your brand’s typical look. Your designers should try and incorporate seasonal colors and images into your existing visual language. 

2. Generate a sense of urgency 

If your seasonal promotion is running on Black Friday or Cyber Monday only, or generally in the run-up to Christmas, there is a fixed time window in which you’ll need to make the most sales. 

That’s why, on your landing page, you should try to give the impression that time is running out to claim your deal. 

You might think about literally having a count-down timer which shows how long the promotion will be available for.

However, you can also simply use language including words like “today” or “now”, talk about a “limited time offer,” or simply state the date on which the deal ends.

Remember, customers shouldn’t feel under pressure to purchase, but they should feel they have something to gain by making a quick purchase. 

3. Clearly display your promotion(s)

Man standing - billboards at night

There’s no point in creating a whole seasonal landing page if your customers don’t know what your promotion is about. Landing pages are all about communicating one clear message

That’s why you should clearly state the deals customers can expect to receive clearly around the page. Don’t leave anything up to chance.

Shoppers who feel they are getting a good deal are more likely to convert to customers. 

You should also make the products or services that are linked to the promotion shoppable on the landing page itself.

Customize the product listing to show how much the customer stands to save by taking advantage of your promotion. 

4. Enable social sharing

Since the holiday season is a time where more people than ever are shopping, it makes sense to capitalize on your customers’ social networks to spread the word about your promotion. 

If you’ve got a good deal, chances are visitors will want to spread the word about it themselves.

Since recommendations from people you know is one of the most effective forms of marketing, social sharing can significantly improve your bottom line

That’s why it’s key to make sure that your seasonal landing page has a sharing-friendly URL, and includes social sharing links throughout the page. 

General tips on creating high-converting landing pages

As well as the season-specific tips included above, there are some general good practices you should stick to when creating any landing page. 

1. Make it easy to convert

The whole point of a landing page is to optimize conversions, and the most effective way to do this is to make it as easy as possible to convert. 

This starts with the layout of your page. Any call-to-action buttons should be clearly displayed, products should be shoppable on the landing page, and it should be clear which steps the customer needs to follow to complete a purchase. 

It’d be useful to run the landing page through a heatmap generator to see if you got all of those elements right.

Finally, make sure that the number of steps between landing on your website and completing a purchase is as few as possible. 

2. Be mobile optimized 

You should know by now that at least a half of all web traffic is on mobile devices, and that your website should be mobile optimized to offer a good user experience and perform well on search engines

The same goes for your landing pages.

Making sure that your entire landing page design looks great on mobile devices ensures that you can attract a maximum number of customers. 

Obviously, if you’ve created your website with Zyro, your entire website is already mobile optimized.

3. Ensure your content is top-notch

Just as important as the layout and design of your seasonal landing pages is the content and copy that you include on it. 

We’ve already covered how important it is to create a sense of urgency, but overall your copy should be persuasive and positive.

You need to tell customers in as few words as possible why your products are the best, and what they stand to gain by shopping with you. 

Compelling headlines, clear explanations of your deals, and persuasive calls to action are key to a landing page’s success. 

4. Use social proof

Potential customers don’t just want to hear from you. They want to hear about other costumers’ experiences shopping with you and using your product or service. 

With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to include some form of social proof on your landing pages.

This may take the form simply of quotes provided by satisfied customers, or a feed from a reputable review website where customers have shared their thoughts. 

Be honest with your examples of social proof, and be sure to include some minor criticism of your company as well as praise to give the impression of a balanced review. 

Ready to create your seasonal landing pages?

With all the advice we’ve offered here, here’s the most important thing:

Landing pages should faithfully represent your company. 

The styling, layout, tone, and voice used on your seasonal landing pages should always reflect the rest of your website, and wherever your brand has a presence. 

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel when you’re creating these pages. Simply work with what you’ve already got, and build from there.

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