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Get Creative During Quarantine: Inspiration and Tips

Paint brushes for home projects

Tired of watching Netflix in your pajamas while having 10 pointless video chats each day? Creative folks around the internet have been using quarantine to get productive.

Pictures and videos of innovative lockdown projects have been popping up on timelines everywhere. 

We’ve collected some of the best here and included suggestions for your own projects – just in case you’re struck by inspiration.  

Inspiring lockdown projects 

The lockdown creativity game is strong with these guys.

1. Clay dream homes

Remember The Sims? People would spend hours building perfect virtual homes for their virtual families. 

Well, Brooklyn-based designer Eny Lee Parker took inspiration from the game, but brought things into the real world. 

Launching the Clay Play competition, she invited architects and designers to build their ideal houses in miniature, out of clay. The results were nothing short of cute and delightful.

2. Gerbil art lovers

Art galleries everywhere have been forced to close their doors, but that hasn’t stopped a pair of rodent art connoisseurs from enjoying the old masters.

Human art experts Filippo Lorenzin and Marianna Benetti created a miniature gallery for their two gerbils, Pandoro and Tiramisu. 

The cardboard museum was adorned with vermin versions of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, Johannes Vermeer’s The Girl With the Pearl Earring, and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. 

Do say: “This piece really squeaks to me”. Don’t say: “culture vultures”…

3. Mom and Pop club

What’s worse than having your birthday in quarantine? How about having your 21st birthday in lockdown, unable to make use of your newly valid ID?

To help make their son’s 21st one to remember, one mom and dad set up a club in their garage, complete with doorman, music, lights, and, of course, alcohol. 

So, technically he didn’t need his ID to come into his parent’s house, but the whole concept is still pretty rad.

4. Quarantine forgeries 

Classical art is featuring pretty heavily in this list, but you’ve got to check out these smartphone recreations of historical masterpieces. 

Taking inspiration from famous paintings, clever Instagram users have been recreating scenes captured by well-known artists. 

Their work is not simply parody. The images perfectly capture the feelings of many of us locked in during corona.

5. Home cinema

Movie theatres being closed hasn’t stopped families around the country from enjoying the feel of the cinema. Parents have created a home cinema experience for bored children to enjoy. 

We’re not just talking widescreen and surround sound here. These home cinemas come packed with ticket booths and concession stands. Some attendees are even able to choose their seats before the show. 

The lastest blockbusters might not be available, but isn’t the cinema about how you feel, rather than what you watch?

Tips for your own projects

Feeling inspired? Here are some ideas for your own quarantine ventures. 

1. Ersatz stained glass 

Stained glass window made with tape and markers

Want to give your cramped apartment that roomy cathedral feeling? How about creating a fake stained glass effect?

All you need is:

  • A window
  • Painter’s tape
  • Removable colored markers

2. Table games

Man playing pool with fruit on kitchen table

Are we the only ones realizing just now that we’ve had a pool table at home this entire time? Turns out your kitchen table can be used for much more than just lonely dinners.

To create your homemade pool table, you’ll need:

  • A table
  • Round fruit
  • A long, straight stick (a pool cue would also work)

3.    Get online

Build a website with Zyro

When there’s no physical escape from lockdown, it’s time to turn to cyberspace. Take the time and opportunity to start that website you’ve always dreamed of. There’s no longer an excuse.

To build your website, you’ll need:

  • A free Zyro account
  • Designer-created web templates
  • A helpful drag-and-drop builder
  • A few free minutes

With Zyro, you can have a beautiful and functional website or online store live in minutes.

4.    Rube Goldberg

You must have seen videos by now of people creating Rube Goldberg machines around their living rooms? Building one of your own is easier than you might think.

To make a Rube Goldberg machine, you’ll need:

  • Any household items
  • Whatever you can lay your hands-on
  • Literally just grab stuff

5.    Home rock climbing

Home climbing wall

Is living in quarantine driving you up the walls? Well, with a bit of space, a few tools, and a lot of patience, you can create your own climbing gym at home.

To make your climbing wall, you’ll need:

  • A wall
  • Wood sheeting
  • Plastic handholds (these can be purchased on Amazon)
  • An understanding landlord

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