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Great Domain Name Suggestions to Inspire

Domain names shape how users perceive your brand and business. The domain name you pick should suit your mission, style, and image. 

If you need help in choosing a domain name, this article offers the best tips and suggestions to guide you.

What makes a perfect domain name?

Choosing the right domain name can be tricky. Even after you have chosen a domain name the next steps aren’t always obvious either.

Luckily, we’ve got a blog all about what you need to do with your domain name.

But right here, right now, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on just what exactly what a great domain name consists of.

Tip 1. Include keywords

First, use your target keywords. Including keywords in your domain has the same effect as doing so in your content.

This provides search engines and people with information about what your site offers.

Editor’s note 📝 – Keywords help increase relevance to your target search queries. If your domain relates to what users are looking for, they will more likely click on your website.

When deciding which keyword to pick, make sure to capture what your project or business does.

A good example that demonstrates this tip is business news daily. It hints at the site’s main focus — to deliver business news every day.

Alternatively, if you have a local target audience, the name of your region can also be a keyword.

For instance, the New York restaurant Olmsted uses “nyc” in its domain. This instantly tells you that it’s located in New York City and might net better search results for restaurants in NYC.

Tip 💁 – DO NOT overstuff your domain with keywords. Not only does this make your site seem less trustworthy, but Google could penalize you for doing it.

Tip 2. Make it memorable 

Since users type in your domain on their browsers to visit your website, making it easy to memorize should be a priority.

To create a memorable domain, make sure it is:


In a few words and characters, the name should clearly communicate your website’s purpose. If people can understand what you do from the name alone, they are less likely to forget it.

However, avoid making it lengthy. Longer domains would often get mistyped, which might lead users to the wrong site.

The ideal length is between six to 14 characters. Consider finding a shorter option if the name is longer than that.


A great domain is one that distinguishes your site from others. If it sounds too similar to an existing name, people may have a hard time working out which one is which.

Search engines might also assume that your content is the same as the other site. As a result, your web pages might get listed in unrelated search results.

Furthermore, you could potentially break trademark regulations if the name is often confused with a more popular one.


When coming up with ideas, make sure the name isn’t too obscure. Your domain shouldn’t be so unconventional that people can’t recognize what it means.

If you use more familiar words, the easier it is for users to remember and understand what they can expect from your website. Keep this in mind if you have a broad target market.

Consider using day-to-day vocabulary or common phrases. It’s also best to stay away from slangs or jargon as this might alienate visitors who are less accustomed to hearing it.

Tip 3. Pay attention to pronunciation and spelling

Next, consider how you pronounce and spell the name.

Aim for a domain that is convenient for people to say and write. You’ll be sharing your URL through both word-of-mouth and texts.

Visitors should instantly understand how to type it on their browsers without going to search engines first, or having you spell out each letter.

Therefore, avoid words that people often mistype. Additionally, don’t go for words with alternative spellings. This can save users forgetting which version to use.

Despite the uniqueness of special spellings, consider the potential mishaps if users frequently make a typo. They will end up at the wrong or a nonexistent website.

If this happens often, you might have to purchase the incorrect spellings of your domain to avoid losing visitors. That’s how Flickr had to buy Flicker.com.

Tip 4. Stay away from hyphens and numbers

Using hyphens or numbers sounds awkward when you need to spell out your domain name.

For one thing, people might not remember whether the number in your domain is a numeral or word. The same goes with hyphens — they might not recall where to place them.

Other than that, hyphens are often associated with spam sites. Using them could hurt your search rankings and make your domain look less professional.

Tip 5. Think of your long-term goals

Make sure the domain you want suits your long-term plans. This ensures that you don’t need to change it at any point in the future.

Switching domain names can badly affect SEO, as you can lose your established backlinks and search rankings. You would also need to set up redirects, which can be complicated.

Here are some ways you can prevent yourself from changing domains:

  • Avoid trendy terms — these words might go out of style and no longer resonate with visitors in the future
  • Make it broad enough — don’t include specific terms if you plan to expand your business
  • Stay away from dates — these can limit you from growing your site

Tip 6. Check if the name’s available

Once you’ve found the right name, check it can be registered. The last thing you need after all this brainstorming is to realize it’s already taken. Do your self a favor, here’s how you can find out.

Zyro's Domain Name Generator page

Another way is to head over to Zyro’s Domain Name Generator to check its availability. Oh, and remember to confirm that the name has not been taken on social media platforms too.

If you have a business, it’s recommended to use the same name in all your accounts. This will aid users in finding your online presence. Plus, it can help with brand consistency.

Last but not least, ensure that it has not been registered as a trademark. If it has, it’s better to find a new one in order to avoid legal disputes.

For US citizens, you can go to the trademark electronic search to see all the unavailable names.

Tip 7. Choose a fitting domain extension

Finally, let’s pick the top-level domain (TLD) or domain extension. This is what goes at the end of your domain, after the “dot”.

There are many to choose from and each is used for different reasons. Be sure to pick one that suits your brand.

The safest option is to go with a .com domain extension. Due to its widespread use, many users would automatically use it when typing a site’s address.

However, its popularity also means your desired domain might not be available. If you’re keen on using .com, make sure it is available. Otherwise, modify the name first.

Also, .com is usually more expensive compared to other extensions. For those working with a tight budget, you can choose one of the more affordable alternatives.

Consider .xyz or .online. These TLDs have similar uses as their more popular counterpart but at a cheaper rate.

.net is also a great option, but it’s recommended for blogs and portfolios. For ecommerce sites, consider .store or .shop.

Using a country-based TLD is also ok if your target audience is limited to a specific region.

There are many more extensions to check out, so explore your options.

Why is your domain name important?

A domain name is a part of your URL, which is the address that leads users to your website.

Despite its practical function, a domain is also an essential branding element.

  • Not only will it be featured on search engines, but you will most likely display it in your social media accounts and marketing materials too.
  • Having a domain name that creates a professional impression and sets you apart from your competition is important.
  • What’s more, which domain name you go for has an effect on user experience. One that is memorable and easy-to-pronounce will make your site more accessible to visitors.
  • On the other hand, a long domain with random symbols can be difficult for users and search engines to understand. This can affect your SEO and traffic.

Getting domain name suggestions from Zyro

Need to find the perfect domain name quickly and easily? Consider using Zyro’s Domain Name Generator.

Zyro's AI-driven Domain Name Generator page

This is a free suggestion tool that delivers instant domain name ideas, so you don’t need to come up with your own.

Simply enter a few keywords, and it provides options to choose from. It also shows how the names will look like with different extensions.

Once you’ve found the one you like, simply select the item, complete the payment, and move on to making your website.

Want an even more hassle-free solution? Purchase one of Zyro’s premium plans to create your website. You’ll get a custom free domain name.


A domain is more than just a digital address — it’s also an important part of your branding.

The right domain can make your site look professional and unique. Furthermore, it can help improve the user experience.

To create a great domain name, you need to:

  • Include keywords — to increase your site’s search ranking and improve relevance to your visitors’ search queries.
  • Make it memorable — create a concise, unique, and familiar domain name.
  • Pay attention to pronunciation and spelling — making it easy to say and write will increase the domain’s shareability.
  • Stay away from hyphens and numbers — they are a hassle to spell out and remember.
  • Think of your long-term goals — go for a timeless name to avoid having to change it in the future.
  • Check if it’s available — use a domain search tool to check on its availability. Don’t forget to see if it’s taken on social media handles and trademark as well.
  • Choose a fitting domain extension — though .com is your safest bet, there are other TLDs that can suit various needs.

If you need a convenient solution to find domain name suggestions, try Zyro’s Domain Name Generator. Use it to look for ideas and see how your domain looks with different TLDs.

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