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8 Easter Treats for Your eCommerce Customers

As an online store owner, you’ll find that a lot of your most exciting sales and marketing opportunities come from age-old festivities, like Easter.

It’s a global event that you should mark in your company’s calendar, but different countries celebrate Easter in wildly different ways.

Spain marks the event with a holy week, children in Finland dress up as witches, Norwegians cosy up with murder mystery novels, and Australians have shunned the Easter bunny in place of their native bilby.

Aside from traditions, you’ll also find varying spending habits depending on where your customers are.

UK sales are expected to be down in 2021, while in the US this is projected to be the most lavish Easter in a long while.

So how do you make your eCommerce store stand out? Here are 8 ideas:

1. Treasure hunts

Hunting for eggs or treats is an Easter Sunday favorite in some countries, so why not have fun with the theme on your website?

Hide some visual clues like eggs, bunnies, or chicks around your eCommerce store and task your customers with finding them.

Announce your treasure hunt in a mailout or on your website’s homepage, and be sure to offer prizes like discount codes or gifts with purchase for lucky hunters.

The term ‘Easter egg’ has a double meaning, and can refer to unexpected features or messages in software, games, and films.

Depending on your target audience, there are so many levels to an online treasure hunt – clues hidden in the source code, anyone? 

That said, you’ll likely get a bigger boost in conversions if you make things easy.

Gif of Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons putting an egg in a bottomless basket

2. Flash sales

If you’d prefer to give all of your customers an opportunity to save money, take inspiration from Cyber monday marketing and run a flash sale.

Flash sales are typically announced right before they start and run for a limited time, like a single day or even a few hours.

This is a great way to spike conversions, boost website traffic, and even clear out older inventory.

Plus, if your eCommerce store sells items that aren’t typically purchased for Easter festivities, a flash sale gives you the chance to capitalize on the projected increase in spending.

You could launch your flash sale in the run-up to the holidays, or consider running discounts over Easter itself – as long as that suits your target audience. Some people won’t be interested in shopping at all on these days.

3. Instagram videos

We’ll always tell eCommerce store owners to use social media to their advantage, and throughout the Easter holidays is no exception.

Global festivities offer up the chance to be more fun or ambitious with your marketing strategies. There’s plenty you can do, from countdowns and treasure hunts to tutorials and skits.

Video is becoming so much more important to businesses than static content, so embrace the use of them to promote your online store.

We love how upmarket grocery store Marks and Spencer has created an unusual but hilarious video to advertise its Easter chocolate.

The Instagram reels feature provides super-short video content to your social media followers. You can be comical, educational, or just sales-focused – either way, it’s guaranteed to grab attention. 

eggs painted like yellow emojis

4. Fast delivery options

If your eCommerce website sells items like food, tableware, or party decorations, you’re in luck. Plenty of customers will be planning to cook or entertain throughout the Easter festivities.

But Easter doesn’t fall on the same day each year, so it’s likely that shoppers will be less prepared or more last-minute in their decisions than with more predictably scheduled events.

With that in mind, your shipping costs, options, and times need to be in their best ever shape.

Make sure you can offer express delivery options, cost savings, and possibly even extra time slots if you have the capacity to do so.

Take advantage of the surge in demand for your products and ensure they’re available in good time at reasonable prices.

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5. Bundles

Shoppers aren’t just looking for items to eat or decorate with. If you sell gift products or apparel in your online store, you’re in luck.

With people choosing to visit family or avoid chocolate, the demand for non-Easter-themed goods in the run up to this holiday can surge.

Capitalize on this by bundling up products that work well together. It can boost your average order value and this cross-selling technique is great for clearing inventory or pushing new items. 

Be sure to present customers with a small saving or added convenience (like gift packaging or a bundle-saving discount on shipping charges) to sweeten the deal.

You can market your bundles by creating an Easter subcategory on your website, and with social media posts and email newsletters.

overhead shot of children counting Easter eggs out of baskets

6. Website Markers

Now is not the time to be subtle – if you want to make money with your Easter offers, shout about them on your website.

One of the most simple ways to show that you have products or deals is to create a temporary Easter banner for your homepage.

If you sell items that you know are in high demand for the holidays, curate a category and pull together your favorite Easter-themed items.

Position your Easter category prominently in your navigation menu – you could highlight it with a cute pastel color.

With a little time and expertise, you could even insert some fun temporary features on your website until the Easter shopping season is through.

Things like custom novelty cursors and animated scrolling will surprise and delight visitors; they might even score you a few more sales.

7. New products

No matter how you choose to mark the occasion, Easter is a time of new growth. Often, people choose to clean out their homes and refresh their decor, wardrobes, or diets at this time of year.

It’s also a great time to launch new products on your eCommerce website. Shoppers will be looking out for something new, so consider what you can upload.

Plenty of retailers periodically release new items now. Join them, and take advantage of people’s eager interest in shopping for exciting new season products.

Even if your business model allows for more frequent product drops, or if it’s at the opposite end of the scale and you release items once a year, think about what other fresh initiative you can offer.

Have you found a better courier or could you strike up a partnership with another small business? Perhaps you could launch a blog or a new social media channel?

Easter cupcakes on plate

8. Website refresh 

Another way to bring something new to your business is to refresh and update your eCommerce website. Don’t panic, we’re not talking about a full relaunch.

New categorization, an updated color palette, or the addition of product videos are just a few ways in which you could celebrate the newness of Easter by refreshing your online store.

If you use a website builder it’s easy to make changes, and they’ll take effect as soon as you republish your edited website design.

Be sure to keep your changes aligned with your brand identity, and don’t alienate your customers in the process. 

It pays to be transparent and give people pointers on your homepage to show them what’s new.

We love this idea as a small way to nod to Easter festivities even if your eCommerce store doesn’t stock the most obviously Easter-themed products.

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Olivia is a writer for Zyro and an eCommerce know-it-all. Having spent many years as a retail buyer, she loves writing about trend forecasting, brand building, and teaching others how to optimize online stores for success. She lives in London and spends a lot of time exploring the city’s parks with her whippet.

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