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eCommerce Has Landed: Build an Online Store with Zyro

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eCommerce has never been more important in the world. Sure, it has been a growing trend, but now comes the revolution. 

The COVID-19 crisis has really shown the world’s entrepreneurs how vulnerable they are to external factors such as infectious disease or any other disruption to social order.

The very basic thing they always took for granted – people being able to go out and about – suddenly doesn’t hold water anymore. 

The only logical way out of this and a perfect solution to future-proof your business is to sell products and services online. 

And that’s why we’ve worked extremely hard to bring eCommerce functionality to Zyro’s users. 

You can now create an online store the same way you create a web page quickly and easily, and starting at just $8.99 per month. 

Why eCommerce is important for your business

Are you still on the fence about how essential eCommerce is for your business? You really shouldn’t be. 

eCommerce is not just here to stay; the global pandemic of 2020-2022 has been a real breaking point that has changed the world forever.

People are more and more hesitant to go out to purchase things. Whereas 15 years ago, it seemed absurd that you could buy clothing online (how on earth would you make sure they fit OK?), it’s now a no-brainer. 

Think about it.

If you could sell your products to a global audience, be open for business around the clock, and scale easily – would you not take that opportunity?

Micro, small and medium business owners everywhere need to realize this: if you’re not online, you might as well not exist. 

So don’t get left behind.

Start selling in 5 simple steps

No matter if you’re a beginner who’s looking to start their very first eCommerce store, or are a real eCommerce mogul, everyone can benefit from selling online. 

Let us give you a quick guided tour of how Zyro’s eCommerce works: 

  1. Pick an eCommerce template. They don’t just look sleek and modern, but let your products take the center stage. Choose any eCommerce template, crafted by a professional designer, then easily customize it to reflect your own brand. 
  2. Set up your online store. It will take just a few minutes. You will need to upgrade to our eCommerce or eCommerce+ plan to get going. Then, add your products, set prices, and choose which delivery and payment methods you’d like to use. 
  3. Manage everything from one handy dashboard. We’ve simplified things to the max. Manage your inventory, track your orders in real-time, automatically notify your buyers of order status updates, and keep an eye on delivery too – all accessible via one dashboard.
  4. Sell anywhere. Don’t shut the world out by just selling on your website. Get your products where your clients are and use omnichannel selling with Zyro. Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and other channels will be at your fingertips. 
  5. Grow your business with marketing tools. Amp up your sales with remarketing campaigns, delve into Google Analytics data to really get to know your buyers, and scale your business. 

More new features

With eCommerce functionality here, we continue working relentlessly to make even more tools available, not just for setting business up but for scaling them too. 


Subscription and contact forms have recently rolled out at Zyro. You can grow your email list, run effective email campaigns, or just be there to support your visitors via the contact form. 

It all boils down to offering a better user experience and real value in exchange for their prized email address.  

Integrations 📈

While we have a handful of third-party integrations available to our users already, hundreds more are going to be launched within the next few months. 

We’re talking analytics apps that will allow you to really know your audience and what makes them tick. Optimize your pages, as well as your online store, to kick things up a notch and sell more.

Marketing apps are also an important segment of integrated marketing. You will be able to run your Zyro online store and simultaneously run marketing campaigns that will boost engagement, visibility and the bottom line. 

Have questions about Zyro’s eCommerce? Ask us. 

How much does running an online store cost? 

Price is very often the deterrent when it comes to running your own online store. But how does $8.99 a month sound? For the price of a few take-away coffees, you could run your own online business and sell stuff online. 

Can I cancel the plan if I don’t like it?

Of course. All of Zyro’s plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. If you feel like running an online store and fully set it up, but then change your mind in a couple of week’s time, it’s all good. You’ll get your money back. 

Will I be able to launch an online store in multiple languages?

Yes. Our eCommerce+ users will be able to set up stores in a variety of languages. The plan also supports dozens of payment methods, so no matter where your clients are and what language they speak, they will be able to find a payment method that fits them perfectly. 

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Martina is an expert in writing about website building and eCommerce, but her real passion is helping others grow their small business online. From solid branding to punchy marketing strategies, you can count on her for the best growth tricks. In her spare time, Martina loves nothing more than a good scoop of ice-cream and a sweaty match of tennis.

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August 3, 2020, 2:52 PM

hola como funciona la pasarela de pagos integrada? es igual o mejora a la de stripe?


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