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49 eCommerce Website Examples: Get Their Attention, Sell More 👀💸

Watercolor frames website design

When was the last time you visited a website that made you wow out loud? 

Maybe it was the never-seen-before layout of the page or the witty content that drew your eye.

If an eCommerce shop is successful, it’s not necessarily its products or prices that are better. If they’ve gotten web design right, they have a major advantage.

It’s a classic case of form meets function; good design means simple navigation, flawless user experience, clear branding throughout, and, of course, visual perfection.

Are you stuck designing your own eCommerce website? We’ve put together this list of 49 eye-popping website design examples.

Get inspired.🦄

1. Dollar Shave Club

If you want to build an eCommerce brand aimed at men, you might want to borrow a page from Dollar Shave Club’s playbook.

Frankly, the video reel in their hero section of the home page makes it crystal-clear that we’re talking about a subscription service for men’s hygiene products. You can even see examples of their products without clicking on anything.

The brand succeeds in instantly appealing to its target audience – men of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

And then, they sell their products in an

Dollar Shave Club Shop

2. Everlane 

A bold black and white website design allows the colorful banner of the featured product to entice the visitor immediately upon entering Everland.

This eCommerce website is on the forefront of ethical fashion and their promise of exceptional quality and radical transparency is echoed in their website design.

Big images, clear typography, and straight lines work together to keep the visitor on the website and clicking around.

Everland Shop Page

3. Marlow

Do you have just a few hero products that you’d like to put front and center of your online store? Or maybe you want to catch the visitors’ attention with a new and fresh eCommerce storefront?

Zyro’s Marlow eCommerce store template places the focus of the landing page on bold photography and on its minimalist menu.

Pamper your customers with a no-nonsense shopping experience so smooth that they’ll never need to leave the home page to shop.

Marlow eCommerce Website Design Template

4. NotebookTherapy 

With a minimalistic approach to their landing page, this stationary eCommerce website sports a clear and fun menu.

Rather than making it difficult for the visitor to find their way around, NotebookTherapy even uses small icons and colored text to put the categorization of their shop in focus.

This works in their favor and looks awesome, especially with similar colors echoing in their product photography. 

Notebook Therapy landing page

5. The Raw Chocolate Shop

The Raw Chocolate Shop takes a simplistic and clean approach to their web design.

Using clear typography across the store makes for an easy browsing experience. Meanwhile, the handy breadcrumb trail (the secondary navigation menu on the left) makes sure you won’t lose your way.

The darker shade of purple to highlight the sale items and their prices makes it fast for a visitor to spot the good deals, too.

Raw Chocolate Company Online Store Screenshot

6. Pact

When you think of coffee, you probably think Colombian bean farmers in fields and all the shades of brown. Right?

Wrong. Pact proves that a coffee subscription’s website can stand out without needing to rely on boring stereotypes.

The orange and yellow color palette works well to make the eCommerce store look bright and cheerful. It almost says that by choosing their coffee, you too will feel sunny and happy.

Pact Coffee Online Store Screenshot

7. Soko Glam

Step aside, random cosmetic eCommerce brands. Soko Glam is taking the stage.

This eCommerce shop uses a soft pastel color palette throughout their website design and features testimonials and customer reviews in prominent places on the home page.

What really stands out, though, is their take on product photos. The seemingly simple snaps of the products against the solid colored backgrounds make the store easy on the eye.

It’s also a breeze to browse around, almost as if you’re at your local cosmetics shop, but sans the overwhelming smells. Well done.

Soko Glam landing page

8. Ivalo

The ethical fashion eCommerce website is another great example of a featured video loop grabbing the visitors’ attention in the hero section.

It even has sound, which isn’t to everyone’s liking, but they did go the extra mile so they get bonus points for trying to offer an immersive experience.

Scrolling down, the landing page boasts curated collections of the shop’s products, organized under sections like Must-Haves Right Now and Featured Products.

This kind of approach to a landing page takes the visitor’s hand and guides them through the pre-selected items, simplifying their shopping experience. 

Ivalo landing page examples of curated collections

9. Lunya

This sleepwear online store gets points not only for its minimalistic website design, but for its clever use of a catchy headline.

With central placement on the page, the headline works a treat in making the visitor curious about the brand and its products. Good copy can really make your design shine.

The lifestyle shots also compliment the overall eCommerce design, and the menu helps one navigate with ease without distracting from the products.

Lunya landing page

10. Case-Mate

The phone accessory store Case-Mate sells everything and anything related to smartphones.

Their eCommerce website definitely makes both product photography and their logo the main focal points for new visitors.

The hip font gives the store a friendly yet modern feeling, definitely making them stand out from the other technology brands that go for a more exclusive feel. 

An online store can be fun – as proven by Case-Mate.

Case Mate Website Shop Category Screenshot

11. Birchbox

If you need inspiration on how to do categorization right on your eCommerce website, you should check out Birchbox.

The beauty subscription service has a super-clear menu that points the visitor in the right direction.

And the best part is that Birchbox incorporated category photos into their menu bar. You can stay on the page and get a clear idea of what products are featured in a category, without any unnecessary clicking. 

Birchbox Categories Menu Photographs

12. Girlfriend Collective

This fashion eCommerce store communicates its values clearly on their front page through both a diverse selection of models and punchy copy.

And the brand’s decision to use neutral colors makes both of those elements stand out.

The premise of this website design is simple – selling leggings and activewear made of recycled plastic. By putting all of the focus on that and subduing their design, the website is a great example of an eCommerce shop done right.

By featuring models who differ from their more mainstream counterparts, Girlfriend Collective uses website design choices to appeal directly to their target audience. 

Girlfriend Collective eCommerce module online store products

13. Frank Body

Looking for inspiration for a strong content-driven eCommerce website?

Check out how Frank Body incorporates well-written descriptions on the product page and a niche blog into their eCommerce website, without making any of it feel out of place.

On the contrary – the blog posts all support the products listed in their store beautifully.

Combined with the pastel rose colors and funky fonts, the eCommerce site looks young and fresh, especially when compared to many other cosmetics shops.

Frank Body blog landign page

14. Beardbrand

This eCommerce store almost feels like a consultancy firm for anyone, who wants to get to the bottom of proper beard grooming.

The sleek website design is complemented by relevant content that’s peppered throughout, giving Beardbrand an air of importance.

You shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Design your eCommerce website to establish your brand as an expert in your niche.

Beardbrand Online Store Screenshot

15. ThreadBeast

Are you selling a product that is as photogenic as your uncle? Or a product that’s hard to distinguish from another one of the same type?

Then consider listing your products vertically on your online store page. Teasenz, for example, makes a strong case of providing descriptions of their loose teas.

If they were to just place a little image and a product title, people couldn’t really tell them apart or make a choice of which one to buy without clicking.

Instead, well-written descriptions paired with displaying the customer reviews as a star rating draw the visitor in.

Teasenz Tea Online Store Screenshot


TRIBE is another great example of a brand that uses a featured video reel to both communicate its mission and to appeal to their target audience.

This natural sports nutrition company has gone for daring yet monochrome design, perhaps drawing inspiration straight from nature. It’s extremely easy to find the products that you need, thanks to the filtration system.

The clear menu and the smooth transitions between pages both make the browsing experience a breeze.

Tribe Sports Nutrition eShop Screenshot

17. Jolse 

One good way to help the customers never lose track of what’s important to them is to introduce a side menu bar like Jolse has.

Offering the customer to check on the status of their order and even search for their favorite products adds value to the browsing experience.

A floating side menu also helps people navigate more easily, which is a great user experience boost. Choose what’s most important to your own users and put it in a sticky side menu.

Jolse landing page

18. Ocean Bottle

Are you wondering how you could make everyone aware of your eCommerce shop’s charitable mission?

Integrate it into the design of your shop like Ocean Bottle has.

Using a central headline as the main focus of their landing page, the water bottle company makes a bold promise.

They then set out their products in a simple and straightforward way, making buying a simple affair. And that’s exactly what you should strive for with your eCommerce website design.

Ocean Bottle landing page

19. Byredo

Sometimes having a visually striking and almost mysterious website design like Byredo does can do the (selling) trick.

Using vivid accent colors to bring the otherwise black and white shop to life helps guide the visitor’s eye across the pages.

The unique logo acts as another focal point throughout the eCommerce shop, since the menu bar is fixed to the top of the page.

That’s a clever way to make people remember your brand.  

Byredo landing page

20. Juniqe

Make your online store as unique as the home decor shop Juniqe, and display your products together in different collections.

Collections are great if you don’t want to advertise each item individually, but would like to save your customer’s time and money by offering the ‘total package.’

It’s a more daring way to promote your products, that’s for sure. Yet, it might also be a great opportunity to upsell and increase the average order value.

Junique landing page

21. Father Rabbit

If you’re a fan of minimalistic online shops, get familiar with Father Rabbit.

This lifestyle store has been able to strip away everything that might be deemed unnecessary. What’s left is a clear and intuitive eCommerce store.

Plus, the brand clearly put a lot of time and effort into their product photography.

Combine it with the voluminous rounded fonts and the ‘sophisticated but not too serious’ branding is complete.

Father Rabbit shop pages

22. Oh Deer

Oh Deer does a great job of highlighting it’s quirkiness through web design.

Fun layouts, vibrant colors, and different fonts all come together to reflect them perfectly as a brand.

Another helpful thing that they’ve set up in their online store are collections. Whatever product you’re shopping for, it’s best to see a variety of the same type of product to choose a favorite. Oh Deer’s design helps you do just that.

Plus, they’ve incorporated helpful content, such as helping you finding the perfect gift straight into their web design.

Don’t be afraid to be fun and to put your design out there.

Oh Deer Online Store

23. Bloom & Wild

The online flower shop Bloom&Wild manages to keep their website looking as fresh as a daisy, while staying true to their brand personality.

The gentle pastels echo the colors present in their product photos, which naturally center around flower bouquets.

Their menu structure also focuses on categorization, making sure that visitors focus on browsing what’s on offer and what they can buy. 

Their products are listed in a fun way; users have to scroll horizontally to access more of them. This could be a good design solution for you if you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors by listing too many products at once.

Bloom&Wild Flower Delivery Shop Screenshot

24. OBEY

Interestingly, compared to many other fashion eCommerce websites, OBEY feels the most ‘anti-establishment’ with its black and white theme and stripped-down web design.

The landing page is almost provocative with the grainy, vintage-like featured image and plain top menu structure.

But it works, since it helps the brand to stand out from countless of cookie-cutter online fashion stores. 

When you build your own store, make sure to come up with daring design solutions that can give you an edge, especially if your brand personality is edgy too.

Obey landing page

25. Unique Vintage

This vintage fashion store really nails down categorization.

Whether you’re looking for a particular item (a dress or a swimsuit), or are interested in all things 1950s, the store pays extra attention to making sure the visitor finds exactly what they are looking for. 

That’s great user experience for you.

Don’t make your users go looking for the things that they might be interested in. Place it front and center so they can see it right away.

Unique Vintage landing page for clothing


Here’s another great example of a store that takes a minimalistic approach to their web design.

This sports eCommerce store certainly succeeds in pulling off a clean-cut look, contrasting the plain black-and-white design with outdoor photos to showcase their products in action.

This helps customers see the intended use for the product and see what other items it can be paired with.

And this, in turn, could be a great way to include some upselling opportunities at the checkout.   

Dynafit Online Store Sport Gear Screenshot

27. Tinker Watches

Looking for inspiration to launch your own photography driven eCommerce store?

Then you simply have to check out Tinker Watches. The online watch store does a great job at positioning themselves as an ‘it-brand’ for minimalist watches.

The website looks sexy with its oversized typography and an earthy color palette.

Combined with a smooth and an extremely simple shopping experience, Tinker Watches have built a beautifully elegant eCommerce store. 

Tinker Watches landing page


Although the store has just a handful of products, its design is flawless.

It’s come up with a beautiful way to showcase its limited range by placing it on full-picture tiles. When a user hovers on the tile, more information is revealed.

Combined with unique transitions between the images when scrolling down Vauni’s pages, one can really take this website design and be inspired by it.

Vauni Product Page Online Store Screenshot

29. Hoptimism

Craft beer is here to stay and so is Hoptimism.

This craft beer eCommerce store does a great job of catching the visitor’s attention with an unusual quirky font, as well as its clever name.

Combine it with the brand’s yellow and black color scheme and you have an online store buzzing with excitement and passion for all things (craft) beer. 

Hoptimism landing page

30. Heatonist

Moving from craft beer to hot sauce, Heatonist has a more somber approach to their eCommerce website design, opting for a more refined and sophisticated look.

This simplistic yet elegant feel is present everywhere, from the clean product photography to the cart experience itself.  

If you’re unafraid to let your products do all of the heavy lifting and feature them without any props, then this sort of an eCommerce website could be for you.

Heatonist Hot Sauce Online Store Screenshot

31. Cutter & Squidge

For anyone dreaming of putting their baking skills to use, take note of how Cutter & Squidge do it.

Running any eCommerce website means that you have to focus on good photos of your products, but this London-based bakery takes their product photography to a whole new level.

The rustic color scheme, paired with the thin and rounded font, gives the store an overall warm and comforting look. 

That’s exactly what you should do; take your brand and apply to every aspect of website design.

Cutter and Squidge product landing page

32. Yogamatters

If your store sells a lot of products, you could take a look at how Yogamatters succeeds in the categorization of their stock.

Distinguishing clearly in the top menu between clothing, equipment, and everything else, even the busiest visitor is bound to find what they are looking for.

Add in some clear branding (look at their main colors, logo, and fonts, for example) and they’ve got themselves a world-class eCommerce store.

Yogamatters Online Store Products Screenshot

33. AIAIAI Audio

When you look minimalist design in the dictionary, this website should come up.

Daring in its design solutions, uncluttered, black and white… The designers here have done everything in their power to not take away from the superior product that they’re actually selling.

A delight to look at and to shop in, the AIAIAI website can really be considered a great example of how to use full-sized pictures and feature just a small handful of products in a prominent way.

AIAIAI Audio Headphones Products Online Store Screenshot

34. Grow Organic

If you want to use icons in your branding, check out the organic garden store Grow Organic.

While the green color is certainly suitable for an online gardening eCommerce website, the brand’s packaging and icons stand out the most.

Having a little farmer to indicate your profile page and a small vegetable cart instead of a shopping cart or basket are nice little details that add a surprising depth to this online store. 

So, what does Grow Organic teach us? Pay attention to the little detail when it comes to designing every little bit of your website.

Grow Organic Online Shop Screenshot Products

35. Hunter Pet Store

Open up the Hunter Pet Store website and notice how they manage to marry playfulness and sophistication, and present their products beautifully.

The product photography is spot on, the design is uncluttered and minimalist, and the sans font works beautifully to reflect this playful yet modern brand.

Hunter Pet Store is definitely a great eCommerce website example for anyone considering launching a store that’s contemporary, but with a touch of elegance too.

Hunter Pet Store Products Online Shop Screenshot

36. Wanderlust Life Jewellery

Need inspiration for your jewellery eCommerce store?

Have a nosey around Wanderlust. This UK-based independent jewelry store does a brilliant job of getting the feel of their eCommerce shop just right.

From the soft color palette to the feminine font, the shop succeeds in producing that luxurious feeling of visiting a brick-and-mortar jewelry store, only online.

Also, notice how their categories display product images, allowing for easier navigation.

37. Caliroots

Like clean product photography and oversized typography?

Have a look through Caliroots’ streetwear online store for inspiration.

What sets this eCommerce store apart is its predominantly white studio photography, even on their product pages. Caliroots uses a very standardized format for their product photos, displaying the products laid out flat against a white background.

Combined with the black and white overall design, the colorful products really do take the center stage. 

Caliroots product page example

38. Liu

Liu is a great example of a beginner-friendly online store design.

The products really stand out in the simple and gently colored web design, making it easy for the visitors to navigate and choose their favorites.

This online store shows that taking your existing business online doesn’t have to mean you have to set up an elaborate eCommerce website.   

Stick to the basics, don’t overthink design, and you’ll be selling in no time.

Liu landing page

39. Ohros

What this candle eCommerce business does differently to many is featuring their ‘About us’ section very prominently on their home page.

This online store gets up close and personal with the visitor, with no product links in the featured photo reel on top of the landing page.

Instead, the visitors learn about the brand and and can click to chat with the team via the big chat link prominent in the right-hand corner.

If you’re confident that your brand can do the heavy lifting first, and only then go into selling, it could be the perfect design solution for you too.

Ohros landing page

40. Minna Parikka

This online shoe shop looks almost more like a blog or a magazine than a traditional eCommerce storefront.

Not one single price tag, ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’ can be seen as visitors land on it.

Clearly aiming to position itself as a more up-market brand, Minna Parikka takes on a more consultative approach to their eCommerce.

Rather going for a hard sell on their shoes, the brand focuses on providing quality content and showing off their expertise.

Combine that with a clean and minimal design, and the soft pastel colors, and you’ve got an online store worth a second look.

Minna Parikka landing page

41. Laponie

Most cosmetics and skin care eCommerce stores want to be visually stunning and create a calm and serene atmosphere.

Laponie wins the jackpot with their stripped-down and simplistic online store. It’s so easy to navigate that getting to checkout from the home page takes just 4 clicks.

By getting rid of all unnecessary steps, the visitor doesn’t get lost and the likelihood of them abandoning their cart is smaller.

Talk about useful design solutions. 

Laponie Cosmetics Products Online Store Screenshot

42. Flow Cosmetics

Another winner in the beauty eCommerce category is Flow Cosmetics.

Clearly aimed at women with the accent pastel colors, the shop has a very airy feel to it, because it doesn’t using long pages or many different subsections.

The simplicity of the brand’s logo and bold, as well as the curvy font also adds to the feminine design of the store.

Flow Cosmetics landing page

43. Rokit

Who said fashion is boring? No one? We thought so.

Compared to many other vintage and pre-worn clothing retailers out there, the Rokit online store has a punchy shopping experience from the very start.

All cap copy, the black and white color scheme, as well as in-your-face categorization all create a sense of urgency, leading to more conversions.

If you want to learn something from Rokit, then it should be to make your headlines and call to actions extremely easy to read.

Rokit landing page

44. Saks Potts

We’ve already mentioned a few eCommerce sites that use a featured video reel at the very top of their home pages, category pages, and even product listings themselves.

Well, the fashion store Saks Potts takes this to another level, as the visitor gets to experience their most recent runway event via video.

And then, the product pages are extremely sophisticated when it comes to their design. Completely minimal and with the emphasis firmly on the product, Saks Potts is one of the best fashion eCommerce websites out there.

Saks Potts landing page

45. Percival

This eCommerce store specializes in menswear and does it in style.

The website designer has opted for a vertical menu on the left-hand side, capitalizing on the fact that that’s where visitors’ eyes go to naturally.

The overall eCommerce shopping experience is also very smooth, fast and easy. They must have had a good UX designer at hand.

One can go from home page to check out window in just four quick steps.

Percival landing page

46. Little Soap Company

Do you have a product that you have a lot to say about? Try designing your eCommerce website like the Little Soap Company have.

Being very passionate about their niche, the brand makes sure to educate its visitors throughout the website. Their crafty and down-to-earth design makes the brand feel approachable and friendly.

The curly fonts and paintbrush-like strokes across the web elements round off the brand’s personality beautifully.

Little Soap Company Product Page Screenshot

47. Lou & Grey

This fashion eCommerce puts a nice twist on the usual branding that fashion stores go for. It has also positioned itself as the producer of feel-good clothing.

With strong website copy, a fitting nude-shaded color palette, and thought-out categories, Lou & Grey certainly catches the visitor’s attention.

The product page itself also has great user experience. The choices are clearly laid out, the description is unobtrusively placed below the main listing information, and the attention to design detail is spot on.

Lou and Grey landing page

48. Tobias & the Bear

A playful brand for kids clothing, toys, and gear, the website designers here have gone for a more sophisticated than playful look.

Since the products themselves are quite ‘out there,’ a plain design is perfect to make them stand out.

Backgroundless photography adds to the modern vibe and the product listing page itself screams ‘add me to basket.’

Tobias and the Bear Category Store Screenshot

49. Lumi

Lumi is another great example of a fashion brand taking a more magazine-looking approach to their eCommerce store.

The brand focuses on both bold featured imagery and has gotten the product listing pages just right, especially in terms of user experience.

The overall website design is very minimalistic, putting the emphasis on the products themselves – a great way to optimize for conversions.

Lumi Online Store Product Screenshot

Best eCommerce websites focus on user experience

A great eCommerce website doesn’t just focus on the product pages or the flashy lifestyle shots. 

While the look of a website can be an important factor for some visitors, the user experience is usually the main deal maker or breaker for an eCommerce store. 

Even if your website has one of the best eCommerce designs, it won’t make up for a complicated checkout page or confusing product categories. 

Similarly, bad product images can be just as harmful for your shop as not having a social media presence or not having SEO taken care of.

Why website design matters for eCommerce

The only way your customers can get an idea of what they’re buying is through product photos and reviews.

That means that you need to give some thought to the visual look of your online store. 

Will you use the same colors in your product photos as well as on your website? And what kind of a first impression you want to give someone visiting your store for the first time? 

You should focus on your branding and the general look and feel of your website: think about the colors and fonts you’re using, the typography and the icons, as well as the product photography in general. 

eCommerce website design checklist 

With any luck, you’ve been able to find a few new website design favorites to use as inspiration. 

There are a few common design features that many of these websites share: 

☑️ Featured images and videos 

☑️ Clearly categorized menus

☑️ Attention-grabbing product photography

☑️ Color palettes that compliment the brand and products

☑️ Fresh typography and fonts

☑️ A memorable logo

And don’t worry if you can’t tick off the whole list during your first go. Website design for eCommerce shops is a living and breathing thing.

The beauty of online shops is that you can update them with much less hassle and work than a traditional shop window. 

And if you opt for a website builder as fast and easy as Zyro, you can touch up your online store in a mere click or two.

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