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49 eCommerce Website Examples: Get Their Attention, Sell More 👀💸

Watercolor frames website design

When was the last time you visited a website that made you wow out loud? 

Maybe it was the never-before-seen page layout or some witty content that drew you in.

Although it helps, the success of an eCommerce site isn’t always down to its products. Incredible website design elements offer a major advantage.

It’s a classic case of form meets function; good design means simple navigation, flawless user experience, clear branding, and visual delights.

Are you stuck on the design of your own eCommerce website? Get some design tips here: we’ve found 49 examples of eCommerce perfection.

Get inspired.🦄

1. Surf Happy

This apparel brand proves that it’s totally possible to create an eCommerce site that’s simple and uncluttered, yet warm and inviting.

Surf Happy’s web design mixes crisp white space with happy, sunshine-filled photos that epitomize the identity of this store.

A vibrant orange banner on the homepage makes it easy for visitors to see a key message that’ll make them explore the site: FREE shipping on orders over $35. Who could resist?

This eCommerce website gets bonus points for being built with Zyro. Go check out our templates and see which one will form the foundation for your beautifully-designed site.

2.  Forrest

If you’re selling products that smell or taste delicious, make sure that your website design is appetizing. That’s exactly what this chic coffee and candle brand has done.

Use high-quality photos, a muted color palette, and slick design elements like parallax scrolling to bring your eCommerce site to life.

We also love the subtle but logical placement of call-to-action buttons here. It presents an unobtrusive, user-friendly shopping experience for customers.

3. The Daily Doodle

Keen to set up an eCommerce platform for your art? Check out this cool site with its portfolio-style vibe – users are introduced to the artist on the homepage.

The website design aesthetic matches the style of products on sale: mainly monochrome, with plenty of extra white space for good measure.

It’s a great reminder that eCommerce stores don’t have to be packed with info to be interesting. This site lets its brand values do most of the talking.

4. NotebookTherapy 

With a pastel-perfect page design, this stationery eCommerce website has a clear but fun menu.

Rather than making it difficult for users to navigate the site, NotebookTherapy uses small emoji-like icons, callout flags, and colored text to put the categorization of their shop in focus.

This works in their favor and looks awesome on the site, especially with similar colors echoed in the photos of their products.

5. The Raw Chocolate Shop

The Raw Chocolate Shop takes a simplistic approach to its cocoa-colored web design.

Unfussy typography across the site makes it easy to navigate. The handy breadcrumb trail (the secondary navigation menu on the left) ensures you won’t lose your way.

We love the darker shade of purple used to highlight sale items and their prices. With this tactic, it’s impossible for users to miss out on great deals.

6. Pact

Too many eCommerce website designs fit a dated stereotype – coffee shops often opt for all the shades of brown on their websites.

Refreshingly, this coffee subscription site stands out with a much more zesty color scheme.

An orange and yellow palette effortlessly makes the eCommerce platform bright and cheerful. It implies that by choosing their coffee, you too will feel sunny and happy.

7. Case-Mate

Phone accessories website Case-Mate sells everything and anything related to smartphones, from screen covers to power banks.

This eCommerce platform makes photography and the brand’s logo into key focal points for new visitors to the web page.

A cool font gives the site a friendly yet modern feeling, helping the shop feel a whole lot more personable than a lot of other technology brands. 

8. Lunya

lunya website landing page

This sleepwear site gets points not only for its minimalist website design, but for its clever and witty hero statement.

Sitting centrally on the homepage, the statement works a treat in making users curious about the brand and its products. Good copy can really make your web design shine.

The lifestyle shots complement the aesthetic of this eCommerce site, and the menu provides easy-to-follow filtering options to every page.

9. Ivalo

This ethical fashion eCommerce website grabs the user’s attention right away, with an immersive featured video loop in the hero section. It even comes with sound.

Scrolling down, the homepage boasts curated collections of the shop’s products, organized under sections like Must-Haves Right Now and Featured Products.

This kind of approach takes the customer’s hand and guides them through pre-selected products, simplifying their shopping journey. 

10. Soko Glam

Step aside, all other cosmetic eCommerce websites. Soko Glam is taking the stage.

The K-beauty site uses a bright, fresh color palette throughout and features glowing customer reviews in prominent places on the homepage.

We love how the product photos really stand out. Simple snaps against solid colored backgrounds make the shop easy on the eye. It’s also a breeze to browse.

11. Birchbox

Maybe you’ve never put much thought into how you arrange product categories, or perhaps you need some categorization inspiration. Either way, check out this great eCommerce business.

The beauty subscription service has a super easy-to-use navigation menu that points customers in the right direction. It’s definitely needed – check out all their product categories.

Birchbox has even incorporated category photos into the menu bar. You can stay on the page and get a clear idea of where products are, without any unnecessary clicking. 

12. Girlfriend Collective

This fashion eCommerce website communicates its values clearly on the front page, using a diverse selection of models and punchy copy.

The use of neutral colors and white space makes all the important stuff stand out. In fact, the whole website design is simple, which perfectly reflects the ethos of this business.

By featuring models who differ from their more mainstream counterparts, Girlfriend Collective uses the starkness of its web design to appeal directly to its target audience. 

13. Teasenz

Tea leaves come in dozens of varieties and loads of different flavors. There’s just one issue: to everyday online customers, photos of tea leaves don’t say very much.

Teasenz makes the most of the other attributes its products have. Split per product category – for example, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Teaware – the site then gives generous descriptions.

Sometimes, eCommerce design is simply about making the website work for what you’re selling. And that means that categorization is your best friend.

14. Frank Body

Looking for inspiration to help you create a strong, content-driven eCommerce website?

Check out how Frank Body packs out its site with well-written descriptions on every page, alongside a niche supportive blog, without making any of it feel out of place.

Combined with pastel rose colors and typeface-style fonts, this site looks young and fresh, especially when compared to many of its likely competitors.


A sports nutrition website needs to motivate and inspire – this eCommerce business nails it. TRIBE uses a hero section video reel to share its mission with like-minded users.

When it comes to web design, we love the injection of color here. Although the site uses bold white typography, the background is a zany purple and orange desert scene.

It’s also super easy to add things to your shopping cart on this website. Call to action buttons are everywhere, leaving no doubt about how to find products.

16. Beardbrand

This eCommerce website opens on its homepage with a quiz. Don’t forget that your site should feel just as cool on mobile devices as it does on desktops – a quiz could be the answer.

Plus, this unavoidable call-to-action button encourages users to engage with the website and makes it easy for them to explore and feel intrigued.

There’s an air of importance to this brand, bolstered by its chic design and high-quality imagery. It’s one of our favorite examples of eCommerce sites with niche authority.

17. Jolse 

Here’s something that none of our other eCommerce website examples have had: a side menu tab, helping customers navigate the site without having to scroll anywhere.

Shoppers can search, check their order history, and even see their most recently viewed items with this user-friendly design feature.

Although the sticky side menu isn’t visible on mobile devices, the top navigation bar follows users as they scroll down their screens.

18. Ocean Bottle

One of the most important parts of eCommerce website design is finding an impactful way to share your brand’s mission statement, and hooking your target audience.

This bottle business makes a memorable first impression with its hero section, using a full-screen photo of its planet-saving, high-quality product.

Not only does this approach show great belief in your values, it also shows that you have plenty of confidence in the goods that you’re selling.

19. Bloom & Wild

It isn’t hard to find eCommerce website design examples that convey friendliness. That’s what this online flower shop does, and they do it with ease.

Go for soft tones, happy photos, and friendly copy. Bloom & Wild has maxed out its page features with a beautifully high-quality video reel, too.

We love the little yellow callout that shows users which items are new. Remember, web design doesn’t have to be flashy.

20. Byredo

This is one of the coolest eCommerce website examples we have for product photography. There’s something kind of mysterious and alluring about the Byredo site.

Letting your images do the talking is a really striking way to design your website. This business doesn’t leave customers guessing, though: there are small, neat descriptions in every corner.

It’s not all mysterious. The web design incorporates a responsive banner reel at the top of the page, alerting shoppers to all the perks they’ll receive if they make a purchase.

21. Oh Deer

This is another business that has used web design to convey its brand identity but at the other end of the color scale. You might try to turn down your screen brightness when you land on this site.

Alongside vivid colors, this eCommerce website has made space for design elements that are user-friendly and help gently push shoppers to the checkout page.

Take inspiration from the gift shopping guide. All you need to do is say who you’re buying for, and what your budget is – let your eCommerce design help with your customer service.

22. Juniqe

A lot of our favorite eCommerce website design examples are filled with white space, and we’re not ashamed to say it. This site is one of them.

If you’re in the business of home decor, make like Juniqe and inject some interior styling techniques into your eCommerce design. Although the website is simple, it’s well laid out.

The monochrome menu and icons help the photos stand out and make an impact, so every page is easy to use.

23. Father Rabbit

We promise we haven’t just selected eCommerce websites with white backgrounds, although there’s something in those design elements that makes for a successful site.

This lifestyle business has stripped away any sign of clutter to reveal a clear and intuitive eCommerce shop. Plus, there’s a heavily aspirational feel to the business.

If you can find styles that suit this look, don’t be afraid to mix up your typography to let more than one style do the talking.

Tip 💡 – video is one of the most engaging ways to share content online. Consider adding it to your website: make it short, compelling, and on-brand.

24. OBEY

From cutesy website examples to in-your-face apparel stores. The black and white color scheme paired with grainy, vintage-like imagery makes a bold statement here.

Users don’t have to sift through a huge menu to find what they’re looking for. The navigation on the homepage is as no-nonsense as they come.

Web design goes hand-in-hand with brand identity, so make sure your eCommerce website is saying everything you want it to say about your business.

25. Tinker Watches

Not all our eCommerce website examples fit the mold. This online watch shop does away with obvious navigation menus and puts photography at the center.

It’s crucial to make sure your web design choices fit your brand aesthetic, and that’s just what Tinker has done. Just like their watches, the website layout is minimalist and chic.

Right away, users will think that this is the site of a high-end, desirable retailer. Oversized typography and an earthy color palette complete this elegant look.

26. Unique Vintage

Your eCommerce website design really doesn’t need to be compromised by categorization. Take it from this vintage fashion site, which has a lot of products to showcase.

Focus your web design around creating a flawless user experience, if you have plenty of categories to sell from. Split things up in logical but shoppable ways.

Then do as Unique Vintage does, and splash out on vibrant colors and photography. This eCommerce shop is as chic as the products it’s showcasing.


Using some web design magic, this site somehow makes fireplaces incredibly visually pleasing. Check it out – it’s one of the best eCommerce website layouts we’ve found.

The business showcases its limited range by placing it on full-picture tiles and utilizing slick scrolling techniques throughout the website.

Combined with unique transitions between the images and the use of video, too, it’ll be hard for the target audience to leave this site empty-handed.


Here’s another example of a website that lets its imagery do the talking.

Proving again that eCommerce website design doesn’t need to be fussy, this sports retailer pulls it out of the bag with a minimalist, black and white layout.

Contrasted with vibrant lifestyle photos, the overall look is super dynamic. We love how easy the checkout process is, too.

Once you add something to your cart, a right-hand popup offers to navigate you to check out if you’re ready.

29. Hoptimism

We can list chic, sleek eCommerce website examples all day, but we’ve got a lot of love for cool and quirky sites, too.

Using an unusual typeface and mellow colors to match its pun-based name, this craft beer shop has an attention-grabbing homepage.

Although the rest of the web design is pretty informal, the hero section does a great job of making a lasting first impression.

30. Heatonist

Another great example of informal eCommerce website design, this hot sauce site is actually pretty cool.

While the hero section is high-impact, the contents of it are simple: you see the brand’s logo, its value proposition, and a giant photo of hot sauces.

If you’re selling to customers in the know, like hot sauce connoisseurs, don’t be afraid to let your products do all of the heavy lifting.

31. AIAIAI Audio

This eCommerce store has put a lot of effort into aligning its website design with its target audience.

Like a lot of eCommerce websites geared towards experts and enthusiasts, this shop stays uncluttered to allow its products to take center stage.

Leaning on a one-page website design format, the site is super scrollable. Images of DJs and musicians give a story-like vibe, while the sustainability section is just as interesting.

The brand has done a great job of positioning itself as the go-to place for headphones.

32. Cutter & Squidge

As you might guess for a business with such a cute name, this brand’s eCommerce website design is equally as adorable.

Although the site contains several product pages, it could be a one-pager. Users are greeted with everything they need to know, right there on the homepage.

The beauty of having an eCommerce store is that you can encourage users to put products in their carts as soon as they scroll below the hero section.

Think about how you can max out your web design to encourage people to scroll. Pack it with tasty photos, gift guides, weekly bestsellers, gift cards, and more.

33. Grow Organic

Any kind of retail business can create an eCommerce website, even one that specializes in garden supplies and organic produce. Check out this delightfully green example.

The site adds nice touches in the way of garden-related icons in place of more standard eCommerce features. You’ll see a vegetable cart instead of a shopping cart, and a farmer where your account page lives.

Using small touches to an otherwise large, multi-category online store adds depth and personality. Don’t forget attention to detail when you’re designing your website.

34. Yogamatters

This retailer has plenty of products to sell, but you wouldn’t be able to tell right away, thanks to its sweet and serene website design.

Take a look at the simple layout beneath the fold, as shoppers are introduced to a range of equipment, current bestsellers, and even a giveaway.

We love how the design draws parallels with the brand’s values, using neutral tones and images to give customers a zen experience online.

35. Hunter Pet Store

If you want to position yourself as an expert, use web design to make it happen. This site uses rich colors and a sophisticated typeface to create an elegant online presence.

Products are photographed in a glossy, uncluttered way, while the design makes use of filing-style tabs to cleverly split the website into dog and cat categories.

If you want something contemporary yet chic, this is a great eCommerce website example to follow. Or just check out all the cute baby animals instead.

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36. Wanderlust Life

It can be tricky to give customers a real feel for your products online, especially when you’re selling something tactile like jewelry. This UK-based site gets it just right.

Using a soft color palette, sweet illustrations, and a feminine typeface, the web design gives the air of luxury that comes with a brick-and-mortar location.

We love the use of an up-close photo banner on every product page, making the website feel intimate and special – just like the jewelry itself.

37. Ohros

Although your primary goal is to sell products, don’t forget that you want to engage with shoppers and build relationships, too. The story of your eCommerce business is often just as important.

This online store gets up close and personal with visitors, featuring super-zoomed-in product photos and a prominent ‘about us’ section right there on the landing page.

It can feel risky to put so much of your brand’s story into an eCommerce website design, but if you have a great brand, it might be a winning formula.

38. Caliroots

If your brand is effortlessly cool, take note of this eCommerce website design.

This streetwear online store uses two stand-out photography styles to showcase its products.

Alongside grainy, vintage-style shots of moody models, the product pages make use of bright, white studio imagery to sell products to shoppers.

Relying on a black and white web design for the rest of the site, this eCommerce store is anything but fussy. Once again, the products are the most important feature of the overall design.

39. Minna Parikka

You could be forgiven for thinking this site is a blog or a magazine, and not an online store. Although there are visible product photos, the web design does away with some predictable eCommerce features.

Instead of price tags or outwardly shopping-focused CTA buttons, the images are paired with headlines and copy. It’s almost like you’re clicking on an article, not a product page.

This brand focuses on showing off its expertise over taking a hard-sell approach.

Combine that with a clean and minimal design, and soft pastel colors, and you’ve got an online store worth a second look.

40. Liu

If you’re only just launching an online store for your business, here’s an achievable eCommerce website design example for inspiration.

The products being sold on this website look irresistible. Sure, they’re delicious baked goods, but helps that the photos are arranged in a satisfying grid-like layout, echoing Instagram and encouraging users to scroll.

It’s a great example for an eCommerce beginner, but this simple design could work for any retailer with an eye for product photography and a cool story.

41. Laponie

It can often be tricky to strike a balance with eCommerce website design when you want to look minimalist but you’ve got a lot to say.

This online store makes the most of natural and neutral colors, as well as a lightweight typeface and a gentle tone of voice.

Using such serene design elements gives space for loads of information on the product pages. After all, skincare eCommerce stores need to share a lot of detail with their customers, from ingredients to allergens.

If that’s you, why not make like Laponie and incorporate an easy-to-navigate blog into your web design, too?

42. Flow Cosmetics

Another Finland-based skincare brand that’s coming through with a high-impact website design.

Showing that not all cosmetic-themed eCommerce stores need to be neutral or natural, this shop is bright and breezy. A reel of photos with CTAs in the hero section of the home page gives this site plenty of energy.

While the imagery mirrors the vibrant packaging from this brand, the rest of the design is pared back. Using a chic typeface helps the layout look sophisticated rather than juvenile.

Try positioning your navigation menu on the right-hand side of the page, rather than centrally, like on this site. Users might find this design element surprisingly intuitive.

43. Percival

There’s no hiding the fact that this is an eCommerce store. Showcasing a menswear brand, the site uses a unique design feature to help shoppers to navigate.

A vertical menu follows you as you scroll down the page. Just a simple list of text, the menu overlays product photos as if it’s a totally normal design function.

Somehow, it just works.

Design quirks aside, the overall eCommerce shopping experience is also smooth, fast and easy. You can go from the home page to the check out window in just four quick steps.

44. Rokit

If you’ve never heard of this brand before, you’ll be able to guess exactly what it’s about as soon as you land on its website. Vintage? Check. Confident? Check. Fun? Check, check, check.

Compared to many other vintage and pre-worn clothing retailers out there, the Rokit online store has a punchy shopping experience from the very start.

All-caps copy, the black and white color scheme, as well as in-your-face categorization all create a sense of urgency, leading to more conversions.

45. Little Soap Company

Do you have a lot to say about the product you make or sell? Take some inspiration from this crisp and colorful eCommerce website.

Being very passionate about its product niche, the brand makes sure to educate visitors throughout the website.

The hero section of the home page features a reel of both product and lifestyle images, overlaid with text. With homespun design elements and cursive typeface, the brand feels approachable and friendly.

46. Saks Potts

Right at the other end of the fashion scale is this cooler-than-cool fashion site, which takes the whole low-effort photography aesthetic to the next level.

If you prefer eCommerce websites that don’t really fit the conventions of eCommerce websites, Saks Potts could be a great source of inspiration.

Aside from a well-organized navigation menu, the barely-there design, paired with product photos that look like they’ve come from a chic version of Facebook marketplace, makes this site feel almost incidental.

Give your customers an experience like no other.

47. Loft

Try pulling all of your website content into the center of the screen, just like this fashion eCommerce retailer. Paired with a stripped-back palette and unfussy typeface, it’s as user-friendly as websites come.

Visitors are inevitably encouraged to scroll, and they’ll find plenty of feel-good photos alongside well-thought-out product categories. There’s not a whole lot to this design, but the content shines through.

Think about what extra features you could squeeze into your website to boost user-experience. This particular shop makes space for outfit inspiration picks and product styling quizzes.

Tip 💡 – Use AI to give your customers an unforgettable online shopping experience. Find out how you can help them to visualize how clothes will fit on their bodies, or what items will look like in their homes.

48. Tobias & the Bear

Time for a little peace and quiet. This incredibly cute eCommerce store is as peaceful as a sleeping baby – an adorable full-screen photo takes up the whole hero section of the site.

While the design of the website is calm, soft, and pastel, the design of the products themselves is bold, wild, and cool.

It’s a great example of a brand using a website design that complements rather than matches its product selection. With nothing to distract shoppers from the items on sale, they stand out even more.

49. Lumi

Rounding off our list of eCommerce website design examples is this fresh and chic fashion brand, which is taking more of a magazine-based approach to its eCommerce store.

User experience is at the core of the product listings, color choices, and image placements. We also love the educational tone of the copy, which is often overlaid onto the photography.

The overall website design is very minimalistic, putting the emphasis on the products themselves – a great way to optimize for conversions.

Best eCommerce websites focus on user experience

A great eCommerce website doesn’t just focus on the product pages or the flashy lifestyle shots.

Sure, the look of your website is going to wow visitors from the get-go, but once they start to explore, the user experience value of your eCommerce store is going to be the most crucial element.  

Even the coolest, slickest, or most expensive eCommerce designs won’t make up for a complicated checkout process or confusing product categories.  

Similarly, bad product images can be just as harmful for your shop as not having a social media presence or not having SEO taken care of.

Why website design matters for eCommerce

The only way your customers can get an idea of what they’re buying is through product photos and reviews.

That means that you need to give some thought to the look of your online store. 

Will you use the same colors in your product photos as well as on your website? And what kind of a first impression you want to give someone visiting your store for the first time? 

You should focus on your branding and the general look and feel of your website: think about the colors and typefacees you’re using, the typography and the icons, as well as the product photography in general. 

eCommerce website design checklist 

With any luck, you’ve been able to find a few new website design favorites to use as inspiration. 

There are a few common design features that many of these websites share: 

☑️ Featured images and videos 

☑️ Clearly categorized menus

☑️ Attention-grabbing product photography

☑️ Color palettes that complement the brand and products

☑️ Fresh typography and fonts

☑️ A memorable logo

And don’t worry if you can’t tick off the whole list during your first go. Website design for eCommerce shops is a living and breathing thing.

The beauty of online shops is that you can update them with much less hassle and work than a traditional shop window. 

And if you opt for a website builder as fast and easy as Zyro, you can touch up your online store in a mere click or two.

Ready to launch your eCommerce empire?

With actionable advice, visual explainers, and simple explanations, this is the only guide you’ll need to sell successfully online.

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Ready to launch your eCommerce empire?

With actionable advice, visual explainers, and simple explanations, this is the only guide you’ll need to sell successfully online.

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