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Use These 24 Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2022

We don’t want to sell you a total dream, but we have to admit that being a freelancer has a lot of perks. How do you access those perks? Freelance websites, obviously.

Unless you have close, personal contacts at hundreds of global companies, freelance websites will give you your best shot at self-employed success.

Once you’re in front of some of your dream employers, you can look forward to those perks.

We’ll shout out a few: managing your own schedule, flexible working, access to prestigious brands. Freelance life can be fabulous.

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What are freelance websites and how do they work?

In case you needed to know, freelancers are self-employed people who usually specialize in a particular field and earn money per job or project.

Freelance websites are as varied as freelancers themselves. 

Some are tailored to a particular industry. Others cater for remote workers, side hustlers, seasoned pros, or graduate-level recruits.

Here’s how a freelance website typically works:

  • A job seeker will create a profile, upload a portfolio, or fill out an application on the platform. Freelance websites often screen each user before they can use the site.
  • A client will advertise a task or role – alternatively, they’ll search the website and identify suitable candidates.
  • The job seeker can either apply for the work or submit a proposal to the client. With creative projects, the selection process normally includes a contest.
  • Once the job seeker wins the work, they can liaise with the client to deliver it on time, to spec, and within budget. 

Our top 24 freelance websites 

Although most job sites follow a similar framework, there’s a lot of variety out there. Take a look at our list to find the best freelance websites for you.

1. Freelancer website homepage

A solid all-rounder, hosts job openings for millions of people worldwide. Used by clients like Amazon and NASA, it’s a high-profile platform for freelance professionals.

From graphic design to writing jobs, is a great website for creative types. Its simple interface makes for a fluid user experience and there’s no upfront cost to join.

With so many job postings, this huge freelancing website isn’t immune from scammers. Be sure to only connect with verified clients on new projects.

2. Fiverr

fiverr website homepage

Ideal for entry level freelancers, Fiverr flips the usual freelance website concept on its head. You create a profile, showcasing your abilities, and clients search for you.

It’s a great platform for people looking for freelance work without much of a portfolio – the jobs are typically more low-cost and users can create custom proposals.

Fiverr does take 20% commission per project, and with a 14 day money back guarantee for clients, payment for each job isn’t instant or even guaranteed. 

3. 99designs

99designs search page

This one’s for freelance designers. 99designs is all about design contests: users submit project proposals to businesses, and the winning designer gets the job.

Although it’s competitive, 99designs is one of the best freelance websites for users who want to feel supported in their work and surrounded by like minded people.

If you’re a freelance designer who thrives on client relationships, the contest setup at 99designs might be a little impersonal. Otherwise, it’s a great website for building your freelancer profile.

4. Upwork

upwork website homepage

One of the most popular freelance websites, Upwork caters to freelancers from tons of different industries around the world. It’s free to join Upwork, but not totally easy to stand out.

The site’s full of freelancers competing for projects, and the Upwork service fees are relatively hefty. That said, clients are often high-paying and invoicing is integrated on this platform. 

Positioned as more of a luxury freelance website, Upwork can be a great place to find work among talented freelancers.

5. PeoplePerHour

peopleperhour website homepage

Possibly the best freelance site in terms of efficiency, People Per Hour is known for its streamlined processes. The platform puts effort into pairing freelancers with the right clients.

Skewed towards those in areas like software development and marketing, People Per Hour uses AI to match users to jobs. With plenty of talent around, it is a competitive website.

That said, every freelancer goes through a screening process and can set a fixed price for their work – this means you’re only up against fellow professionals at a similar level.

6. LinkedIn ProFinder

linkedin profinder homepage

Any serious job seeker should have a polished LinkedIn profile – once yours is looking flash, you can apply to the Linkedin ProFinder platform and start networking.

Launched in 2015, the website is designed to help freelancers find work and liaise with potential clients. Some of the best freelance jobs could come from simply knowing the right people.

Similar to other freelance websites like Upwork or People Per Hour, you’ll need to apply and be accepted onto LinkedIn ProFinder before you can find freelance jobs. 

7. Toptal

toptal website homepage

Are you a pro freelancer with plenty of project experience? You might fit in on Toptal – one of the most exclusive freelance sites you’ll find.

This website claims to host the top 3% of freelancers. Perfect for experts in areas like web development, it’s the go-to place for world-class freelance talent.

It’s not easy to be in the top 3% of freelancers: there’s a rigorous vetting process for applicants. But if you get in, you’ll have access to some of the best job listings out there.

8. We Work Remotely

weworkremotely website homepage

You’ll occasionally find some terrible job posts on freelancing websites. Sometimes, they aren’t even real.

We Work Remotely charges potential clients $299 to upload to its job boards, which weeds out low-quality and false posts. And there’s plenty of work available, from design to writing jobs.

Freelancers don’t even need to create a profile – anyone can access the job postings listed on this website. With clients like Google and Basecamp, it’s worth checking out.

9. Designhill

designhill website homepage

More of a marketplace than a freelance website, Designhill promises creative freedom to freelance designers. Alongside jobs, you can build your own brand, too.

Users can access the site’s print shop to sell their creations to businesses and individuals. Those looking for occasional or long term freelance work can enter contests.

It’s scary to put your work out there and risk losing image credit, but Designhill is extra supportive of its designers. Plus, print work is a great way to raise your profile.

10. Behance

behance discover page

Designers have plenty of choice when it comes to freelance websites. Part of Adobe, Behance is an incredible platform for showcasing creative work.

This portfolio website is free with unlimited upload capacity for users. Similar to social media sites, designers can follow others, give kudos, and view endless content.

If you want a long list of freelance jobs, Behance isn’t for you. While there are paid projects on view, this website is more about sharing your talent with the world.

11. TaskRabbit

taskrabbit website homepage

Need extra cash, but not up for web projects? TaskRabbit is probably the best freelance website for people who want offline jobs, fast.

If you’re good at tasks like furniture building and grocery shopping, there’s plenty of demand on this website. Just set up a profile, list your categories, and start connecting with clients.

Make sure that you work on your ratings if you want to use TaskRabbit for regular jobs. Positive feedback will boost your visibility on the platform and help you earn.

12. Dribbble

dribbble website homepage

Attention designers – we have another website for you. Dribbble is an amazing platform for finding the best freelance graphic design jobs online.

More than just a freelance website, Dribbble helps creative professionals go full time with their design work. You can subscribe to the Pro package for $5 per month to perfect your profile.

Freelancers can create one free project every month, or simply use the platform to connect with industry experts, fellow designers, and future clients. 

13. Skyword

skyword website homepage

If you’re more of a writer than a designer, this is a great resource for freelance work. One of the more discerning websites on our list, Skyword prides itself on hosting elite freelancers.

It pays to have content marketing experience, as you’ll need a sparkling portfolio to stand out. Skyword clients run ‘programs’, not projects, and it can take a while to be selected.

Once you land a job though, you could end up freelance writing for some great brands. Plus, existing freelancers find Skyword’s pay rates to be very favorable.

14. Hireable

hireable website homepage

One of the newer job sites on our list, Hireable is a US-based platform with a simple search function for applicants. This is a great resource for a range of industries.

While the interface is pretty slick, this isn’t the most personable freelance website out there. But if you just want to find jobs in your local area, it’s ideal.

There’s no upfront cost to sign up to Hireable – freelancers just enter their email address and get started. 

15. CollegeRecruiter

collegerecruiter website homepage

As you might guess from the name, this US site is geared towards people in full time education, or recent graduates. So if you’re switching from student life to freelancing, start here.

Not only can future freelancers find work on College Recruiter – the website is packed with advice, videos, and resume-building tools.

Plus, the businesses advertising on College Recruiter are often prestigious organizations. After all, graduates are super desirable to have on a professional team. 

16. Guru 

guru website homepage

If you’re serious about freelancing, Guru is consistently one of the best websites to find jobs. This platform has been designed with experienced freelancers in mind.

Specializing in jobs for office functions like administration, finance, and programming, Guru can also help you find work in more creative fields like graphic or web design.

While it’s known for being really reliable and transparent, anyone can post a job on Guru. Be discerning in which projects you bid for, and you’ll be a busy freelancer in no time.

17. AngelList 

angellist website homepage

Freelancers can be really influential in shaping a business – you don’t need to be a permanent employee to make an impact. Check out the jobs over at AngelList.

This website revolves around startup businesses. Whether you want to work for one, or invest in one, AngelList is an incredible resource for startups. Put simply, you can find exciting work here.

If you’re a dynamic web developer, talented software engineer, or go-getting growth marketer, you might find your next project on AngelList.

18. DesignCrowd

designcrowd search page

While crowdsourcing sites aren’t for everyone, they can provide a useful resource for creative freelancers looking for jobs.

DesignCrowd covers several design categories, including digital marketing and mobile app design. Clients can filter by location or discipline to find the right freelancer for their project.

It’s competitive and hard work – the platform is all about giving the client multiple choices. So, to land any deals you’ll always have to go up against other freelancers. 

19. FlexJobs

flexjobs website homepage

Flexible working is one of the greatest perks of being a freelancer. Instead of being confined to an office cubicle for years on end, you can work anywhere and everywhere.

FlexJobs is completely focused on flexible and remote working for freelancers. It’s pricey: outside of sale periods, this jobs site charges $360 for an annual membership.

But with price comes security. Membership fees cover the cost of screening potential clients, so that only the most high-quality work is on offer. 

20. Aquent

aquent website homepage

This sophisticated website prides itself on a customer service approach, making sure both clients and job seekers find the perfect match.

While it caters for many specialisms, from web designer to finance manager, Aquent has a slick search tool to help creative freelancers stand out.

Aquent Book auto-tags portfolios to ensure that the right people are visible for the right jobs – in other words, it helps you to sell yourself in a more effective way.

21. WriterAccess

writeraccess website homepage

Best suited to content marketing professionals, this site provides a pool of talented freelance writers to global brands. 

WriterAccess is a pretty high-level resource – applications are thoroughly vetted. It’s free for job seekers, but clients have to pay.

On the downside, you’ll be scored using a star rating system, and your pay grade only goes up if you put in the work. But if you’re a great writer, that shouldn’t hold you back.

22. YunoJuno

yunojuno website homepage

This UK-based freelance website is one of the most supportive on our list. Built to host a wide range of disciplines, the platform is skewed towards those in the creative industry.

YunoJuno manages invoices for its freelancers, ensuring that all clients pay up within 14 days of project delivery. After all, nobody likes having to chase payments.

The site also allows businesses to curate directories of their favorite freelancers. So if you’ve done a great job, chances are you’ll be rehired in the future.

23. AuthenticJobs

authenticjobs website homepage

There’s no messing around here – as soon as you land on this website, you’ll see a list of freelance job opportunities. It’s easy to filter to your preferences, too.

And they can be great opportunities. Authentic Jobs has worked with brands like Tesla and Apple, placing freelancers in development, design, and analyst roles.

Companies have to pay at least $149 per month to post with Authentic Jobs, so you can guarantee that any gig you find is legit. 

24. Nexxt

nexxt search page

Gone are the days of skim-reading resumes – Nexxt uses technology to match job seekers to clients, based on behavioral data and profile information.

Any freelancer can search and apply for jobs on the site. It shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect gig, with Nexxt putting tons of effort into the recruitment process.

While it’s free and easy to use, consistency is key when using this platform. Clients will be using cues to find people, so users need to be visible.

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