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Fresh Ideas: 10 Niche Business Concepts for 2022

Fresh Business Ideas Feature

It’s still (technically) the New Year: a cold and grey time when we, inexplicably, resolve to try new things. For many of us down on our luck or in need of change this year, that means trying out a new business. 

If you’re in the market for an idea to take to market, you’ve come to the right place. While no online listicle is ever going to have all the answers for you, this one should offer some inspiration. 

Below you’ll find 10 online business ideas which should be profitable in 2022, regardless of how long the pandemic keeps raging and you have to work from home

1. Personal fitness trainer

An evergreen profession if ever there was one; as long as people have bodies, they’re going to want to make them fitter. 

If you’re in good shape, understand how to get workout results, and know how to motivate people, then you could 

Unrecognizable Female trainer teaching girl doing forward fold yoga

Now is the perfect time to start a personal fitness training business for two big reasons: 

  • January is a time when loads of people want to get back into shape, so there’s a peak in demand
  • In the time of Covid-19, it’s never been easier to conduct workout sessions over the internet 

2. Niche blogging 

Pretty much since the inception of the internet, blogs have been a big money-spinner for folks around the world. Unfortunately, the blogosphere has become pretty crowded by now. 

Never fear, opportunity is still here. Successfully making profit from a blog means finding a narrow but popular niche that you can exploit. 

Whether you’re interested in pets, coding, particular diets, recipes, cars, or career tips, you’ll have more success focusing on a narrow topic than with broad focus concepts like ‘lifestyle’. 

By choosing a niche topic, it is easier to get started blogging, find the right audience, and monetize opportunities.

3. Face masks, sanitizer, and PPE

Woman wearing medical face mask

While it’s perfectly understandable if you’d feel uncomfortable profiting from the pandemic, the fact is that there is currently unprecedented demand for face masks and personal protective equipment, as well as products like hand sanitizer, and right now it is the perfect Covid side hustle

These are relatively cheap products to purchase, and can be sold en masse.

While you might think that getting into this line of business is short sighted, there are strong indications that people’s approach to personal hygiene and safety will be changed long after Covid-19 is no longer a pressing issue. 

It’s thought by many that face masks are likely to become a common accessory for those whose safety concerns outlive the crisis. 

4. Online courses

Zyro recently published some research that showed how a full third of small business owners had spent 2020 learning new skills to apply to their companies. 

You know where they did that learning? Online seminars and courses. 

Editor’s note 📝 – The marketing and demand for online learning has never been bigger, with everything from influencing skills and copywriting to new languages and marketing seeing a burst of popularity. 

What’s your skill set? Do you have knowledge or skills others would like to learn? There’ll be a market for whatever you know. 

5. Dropshipping

Person in a big room opening a parcel

Yeah, we know, it’s almost a cliche that a list like this would include the tip of opening a dropshipping business, but what can we say? It’s a good idea!

Dropshipping involves you setting up an online store from which consumers can make purchases, but shipping goods directly from suppliers to shoppers. 

This low-risk business model requires surprisingly little startup capital, thanks to the fact that you don’t need to purchase any inventory ahead of sales. 

Best of all, dropshipping options are available for pretty much all kinds of products, so our choice of what to sell is effectively limitless.

6. Freelance virtual assistant 

We’ll let you in on a little secret: social media influencers don’t manage their own businesses. 

Once they’re past a certain level of fame and revenue, most will outsource their admin tasks to virtual assistants who do all the boring stuff they consider themselves too important for. 

Aside from just influencer marketing, virtual assistants offer a variety of services, including:

  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Organizing schedules
  • Email handling
  • Customer service

If any of this sounds like the kind of work that would suit you, then you might make the ideal virtual assistant.

7. Online reseller 

eBay parcel held by hands

Do you have the eye for a bargain? Have you got the gift of the haggle? Do you know what people are willing to buy at a markup?

If you answered yes to the above, then you probably have what it takes to be an online reseller. 

The job is basically exactly what it sounds like: purchase goods online cheap, then flip them for a profit. 

Some resellers will restore or customize their purchases to add value, but others simply rely on being able to buy low and sell high. 

8. ebooks 

Person reading an eBook on a tablet

Another kind of money making project you can apply to pretty much any industry is ebooks. 

Whether you have some great young adult fiction up your sleeve, or else have invaluable insights into online marketing you can share for profit, ebooks are a low-cost alternative to getting published by legacy publishing companies. 

One of the best things about selling ebooks online is that, after the initial work of writing and marketing the books you write, it can basically become passive income for you. 

The obvious downside is that it’s highly competitive, and requires a fair amount of time investment before you start making a profit. 

9. Online translation business 

Can you speak and write in more than one language? 

There’s always a market for professional translation services. 

Most online businesses operate in more than one country, and so many need their service, marketing, and legal documentation available in more than one language. You could be the person to translate their words for them. 

If you’re interested in translation, be sure to find a niche you’re interested in; not only does it mean your work will be less of a drag, it also makes marketing your services easier. 

10. Affiliate marketing 

As with dropshipping, it’s unsurprising to find affiliate marketing on this list. 

While we definitely cannot pretend that this kind of business is ‘new for 2022’, it’s certainly something that is relatively easy and profitable to get into even now. 

Affiliate marketing involves you advertising the products or services of third-party sellers and taking a cut of the revenue for yourself. 

Affiliate marketing can be applied to pretty much all the other business ideas in this list, and is especially applicable if you have a successful blog. 

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