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Everything you need to know about Google My Business listing

Google Maps open on a phone

Have you ever used Google to search for a business around your area? A bike shop or a restaurant? If you have, then you’re familiar with Google My Business listings. 

It is a feature that lets users find business information on both Google search results and Google Maps.

For customers, Google listing is an excellent tool to find local products or services, while business owners find it useful to increase their brand’s exposure.

If you want to let nearby customers discover your business, sign up and put your business in the listing.

According to research, 97% of search engine users prefer shopping with local businesses. Better yet, nearly 28% of Google local searches end up with a purchase.

To add your business to a Google My Business listing, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of Google My Business. Don’t worry, this article will tell you everything you need.

What is a Google My Business listing?

Google My Business allows your business to appear on Google products, making it easier to be found by prospective customers.

Users can search and find your business, along with any additional information, such as photos, reviews, contact list, or the location of your office.

Your listing will appear on Google search results when a potential customer is looking for your business or keywords related to your business and industry.

Let’s say your target audience is looking for coffee shops in New York City. Here’s how those search results will appear:

Google my business search listing

This information includes a brief summary of each business, their rating, location, phone number and business hours.

If you want to get more detailed information, such as reviews or their usual peak hours, you can click on the listing itself.

A pro tip to get a jump start on the competition is to use a catchy business name – this allows you to stand out in the search results.

If you need inspiration for a great business name, check out Zyro’s Business Name Generator.

It’s powered by Zyro’s very own artificial intelligence and will help you find an impactful business name in a matter of seconds.

Zyro AI Business name generator page

Why do you need to use Google My Business?

Google My Business will help you expand your business reach on Google and Google Maps. However, that’s not all…

Boost sales

When your business is shown on Google Maps, your offline sales might see a boost too. If people are looking for local services in their area, having visibility on a big search engine will help drive them to your business.

Essential factors that alter customer’s buying decisions include product quality, product or service price, business location, and active promotions.

Adding this information to your listing helps customers make the decision to buy your products instead of your competitors’.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, try including food menus and price lists, photos, restaurant’s address, and promotional material.

What people say about the product might affect buying decisions as well. That’s why it’s essential to provide exceptional service to help you get positive reviews.

If customers leave negative comments on your business listing, don’t panic. Manage this situation by providing a helpful and friendly response.

Make sure you solve their problems or questions. That way, you can turn negative comments into positive impressions, gaining the trust of future customers.

Customer analysis

With Google My Business, you can use Google’s Insights feature to track your target audience’s decisions and analyze their behavior.

Using this information, you can measure the effectiveness of your listing, improving it incrementally along the way.

With Insights, you can identify how your target audience finds your business – whether by searching directly for your business name or by searching your business category.

If visitors from Google Maps are requesting directions to your store, you can identify where these searches come from.

You’re also able to see your customer actions. Now you can count how many times your customers visit your website, request directions to your store, and make calls to your business.

Aside from using Insights, another easy way to evaluate your business is by examining the ratings and reviews section of your listing.

This can help you resolve issues that were brought to your attention regarding your business. You can also maintain your business’s strengths, and continue to make them stronger.

Attracting more visitors

Not only does your Google My Business listing strengthen your online presence, but it also leads potential customers to visit your physical store.

You can connect your Google My Business account to Google Ads and use the location extension – which allows you to display your business address on Google ads.

If potential customers click on the address, they’ll be directed to your store via Google Maps.

Since 56% of actions on Google My Business listings are website visits, by adding a link to your Google listing, you can turn visits into conversions.

Let’s say you’re looking for a specific product, and then you see an offer that’s exactly what you want. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could simply click on their website and proceed with the purchase?

While it’s not mandatory to have a website on Google My Business, it’ll undoubtedly make your business look more professional.

Easily create a website with Zyro

If you want to create a well designed website to add to your Google listing, you need to use the right tools.

In this case, Zyro’s Website Builder is the all-in-one solution for you.

Zyro homepage

Zyro provides reliable, free hosting, a large collection of pre-designed templates, and AI-powered features to help you create a professional looking site within minutes.

What’s more, you can accomplish all of this without having any technical knowledge.

Starting your site is simple, you just need to follow these four steps:

  1. Sign up. Head to Zyro and register an account.
  2. Choose your template. Pick a professionally designed template that fits your business needs and branding. All the templates are user-centric and mobile-friendly.
  3. Customize your site. Use the drag-and-drop builder to create your web page. Make use of the grid system and design your perfect layout as you see fit.
  4. Publish. Share your website with the rest of the world. Don’t forget to add it to your business listing!

You still need to fill your website with content to engage your visitors. To make this job easier, you can use Zyro’s AI Content Generator to help create beautiful content.

Zyro AI Content Genrator page

This tool will generate SEO friendly text, customized to your preference.

All you need to do is adjust some settings – such as the length, depth, and uniqueness of the texts – and press the button to see the results.

Best of all, all of these features can be used for free.

If you are thinking about upgrading, you can pick one of the paid plans, starting from $1.99/month. You’ll get more storage space, more bandwidth, and an exclusive domain.

How to create and verify a Google My Business listing

1. Go to the Google My Business page and click on the Manage Now option to sign up.

2. You will need to enter your company’s name.

Google My Business management page

3. You can choose your business category (you can add or change this later) and then click Next.

4. If you have a physical location, choose Yes. When your customers are looking for your business, they will be directed to your physical address. Otherwise, simply select No.

Google My Business location entry form

5. If you do own a physical store, you will be asked to fill in your business address.

6. Choose whether you serve customers outside of your neighborhood or not. If you do, you should add more areas to the list. If not, you can proceed to the next step.

7. Insert your business contact phone number and your site URL, if you have one.

8. Congratulations, you’ve created your Google My Business listing. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to edit your business information until it’s verified.

Google My Business finishing page

9. You’ll be asked to verify your information now or later. If you decide to verify now, you will need to fill in your name and click Mail.

Google My Business verification form

10. Once you’ve received your code, sign in to your Google My Business account.

11. While in your Google My Business dashboard, navigate to the verification window and click on the Verify now button.

Google My Business location management page

12. Follow the instructions and enter the verification code you received.

13. You’re then able to edit your business profile, add photos, and respond to reviews.

Your business information might not appear right away on Google. However, once it’s available, make sure all the information is complete and correct.

If you have any questions regarding your Google My Business account, you can check out Google’s official community forum.

There, you’re able to share any issues and questions you might have.

Google My Business recap

  • Adding your business on Google My Business listing is a cheap and effective way to gain brand exposure.
  • Not only will your business listing appear in Google searches, but also on Google Maps.
  • It’s the perfect tool to get the attention of customers nearby.
  • With this tool, you’ll be able to boost your sales, analyze your customer behavior, and attract more visitors.
  • To top it all off, you can enjoy all these features for free.

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