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Moving On Up: Going Freelance with Gud.Renders


Ugnė Gudiškė is the driving force behind Gud.Renders

It is a creative company that manifests concepts into realities (albeit virtual ones), and her job is to see the things that other people simply cannot.

An architect by training and a designer by default, her business is all about the big reveal. 

We sat down with her to talk about how she made it as a freelancer and the Zyro website, helping her deliver that wow-factor time after time. 

I started out as an architect

I was in architecture school in Lithuania, but even while I was studying, I had so many different ideas about things that I wanted to do.

So, when I graduated from university and had the opportunity to join one of Lithuania’s best architecture companies, I knew I had to give it a chance.

After all that work, I needed to find out if architecture was really for me.

Yet, it wasn’t long before I understood that I didn’t enjoy it enough to make it my career.

It wasn’t what I wanted for my life

Ugnė Gudiškė Gudrenders White Background

In my heart, I had always known that I wanted to work in a way that allowed me to be creative. During my studies, I even created a freelance fashion business. 

But a business like that requires a lot of investment, from the cost of fabrics to machinery.

Sadly, it was one of those moments where my passions didn’t line up with my resources.

So, I decided to look for a new niche, and I got a job at a start-up working as a 3D designer. It is better, but I am working in quality assurance, so everything iss still very technical.

I knew that I would have to create a new project of my own.

That’s when I started Gud.Renders

Gud.Renders is about creating visualizations, and I work mainly with architects and interior designers.

The obvious things in the mind of an architect don’t always make sense to their clients, and that’s where I come in.

I can help put everything in one place and turn a blueprint into a reality that regular people can understand.

It combines the technical aspects of my studies with my desire for creativity. Luckily, in business terms, there is a real niche for it.

Visualizations take a lot of time and even though it is one of the big things that a client wants to see, it is just an additional job for an architect. 

So, more often than not, it is outsourced to someone who likes to do it and who has the skill set. 

That person is me.

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Going freelance has been tough

I started Gud.Renders in early 2021 and everything was going well. 

I was working with real estate developers, commercial buildings, and private clients. 

Then quarantine happened, and everything had suddenly stopped. 

As a freelancer, your networks are your most valuable asset. I only had a few months when I was really getting into my business, and I was just starting to build relationships with my clients.

Now, I need to find my customers again and get my business off the ground.

That’s why I created my website.


It lets me play to my advantages

The hardest part of freelancing is never knowing when you’re going to get your next paycheck. And before this, I was used to getting paid every month.

So, finding a way to launch my ideas without going broke was critical.

I knew that going online was the answer because all I would need was the internet and a website. 

Zyro’s affordability took away a lot of the stress that every freelancer has when they are first starting out. 

I knew that whatever happened, I could afford to keep my website going. And as long as I believed in my project, I would eventually attract new customers, even when business was slow.

I made a website before…but never published it

This isn’t my first experience making a website.

When I compare Gud.Renders to the website that I made for my fashion business… Well, let’s just say that there is a reason that website was never published.

I was using WordPress and I was trying to do it on my own, but it was just so difficult. I tried so hard to make it look good, but the biggest thing was getting it to work. 

Now, I am having a great time creating a website. It is fun and easy.

It’s really obvious how each feature works. I know that I could probably have more features on WordPress, but the only thing that matters is that on Zyro, I actually know how to do it.


It’s not just me that can see the progress – it’s the clients too

If I wanted to display my portfolio to clients before now, all I could show them was a PDF.

Sure, the layout was okay, but everything was so static, and in my line of work, I need to show that I am capable of more.

Customers have big expectations these days, and without a website, I was already out-of-date.

Zyro has made finding new clients so much easier because I can finally present my work in the way that it deserves to be seen. 

Once I complete a project, I can easily add it to my website. It’s not just me that can see the progress – it’s the clients too.

They can look at the timeline of my projects, and they instantly know that I’m not just doing the same things over and over. 

They know I am developing as a professional and staying up-to-date with the latest ideas.

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Just looking at it makes me proud

Sometimes, when my business is slow, I go to my website, and I can see just how much I have created all in one place, and at that point, it’s easier to remember that everything will be okay.

Honestly, I never thought I would make it. 

I know that when many people are starting out, they feel like they have nothing to show.

All I could think was that it was too early for me to do something of my own even though it was the only thing I had ever wanted.

One thing that I did know is that I have a good eye for aesthetics. So, when I heard about Zyro, I thought to myself: 

Okay, why not check it out. I’ll just take a look.

And when I saw the templates, I made up my mind and said to myself:  

I can do this. This is it. This is what I have needed to make the next step.

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