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8 Top Hacks for Increasing Your eCommerce Sales in 2021

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Just launched your online store and want to start with a bang? Have an existing shop but sales are stagnating? Your store is running smoothly but you could still use a bump?

Whatever your status as an online store owner, there’s always room for improvement. 

actYour business is, naturally, beautifully unique, but there are still some strategies that anyone can employ to supercharge their conversions. Below, I’ll introduce you to 8 of the most effective. 

1. Work on your product descriptions

If you’ve got ample traffic on your website but aren’t securing many sales, there’s a very good chance that there’s an information deficit somewhere along the way. In other words, your visitors may just not have the info they need to make a purchase. 

Your first port of call should be your product descriptions. It’s all about making sure that you’re answering every possible question a buyer might have before they need to ask it. 

When updating your descriptions, you should make sure that: 

  • They’re above all descriptive. It might sound simple, but be sure to actually describe clearly what the shopper can expect. 
  • You provide any size or dimension information. Will this product fit me or fit in my home? The only way to know is to provide this information. 
  • Materials and manufacturing info is listed. Lots of shoppers will be looking for specific materials and may be trying to avoid others. 
  • You’re clear about your returns policy. Let shoppers know how long they have to return unwanted items. 
  • They’re clear and concise. Don’t get bogged down in long, technical details. Keep things to the point. 
  • They’re attractive. Don’t forget, even on your product pages you’re still marketing. 

2. Explore retargeted ads

You know about targeting ads. It’s the process of defining which demographics in which locations should see your ads online. 

But have you explored ad retargeting?

When an internet user has interacted with one of your ads before or visited your website, they’ve indicated that they already have an interest in what you offer. 

Using tools you’ll find on professional eCommerce platforms like Zyro, you can target ads directly to users who have already shown interest in your brand. 

Tailoring the message to offer an incentive or show products they’ve browsed makes ad retargeting even more effective. 

3. Improve your calls to action

call to action - use Zyro

Calls to action are the buts of micro-copy that lead visitors from your landing page or homepage through to your product pages, and then on to your checkout. They need to be clear and compelling. 

You can improve your calls to action by:

  • Using action words 
  • Focusing on value
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Making visitors curious
  • Demonstrating benefits
  • Keeping things simple

4. Show product reviews 

Never underestimate the power of social proof. 

If a visitor is on the fence about whether to make a purchase or not, a tried and tested method for nudging them towards your checkout is to show them the testimonials. 

It’s always a great idea to include the option for customers to add reviews of the products they’ve purchased so that they’re visible directly on your product pages. 

Another option is to cherry-pick positive feedback you’ve received from previous customers and display it as testimonials on your homepage or landing pages. 

Keep in mind, however, that if you’re going to invite feedback, your products and service must be so good that people will want to sing your praises. 

5. Use incentives on engaged visitors 

If you’ve got a ton of engaged visitors who just don’t seem to be converting, it may be time to offer them a little sweetener to make the prospect of shopping with you that bit more attractive. 

Whether you tell them via email, text, retargeted display ad, or a pop-up on your site, giving the impression that your visitors are set to get a great deal is a surefire way of boosting your conversions. 

Incentives to make a purchase might include: 

  • A percentage off their current purchase
  • A voucher for their next purchase
  • A free gift with their purchase
  • Entry into a prize draw on purchase
  • Free shipping for orders over a certain amount

6. Run a flash sale

While cutting your prices will eat into your profit margin, there’s nothing to make customers more excited about making a purchase than feeling like they’re getting a great deal. 

Flash sales are all about making a statement, offering great value for money, and creating a huge sense of urgency to shop. 

When planning your flash sale, keep the following in mind:

  • Which products to discount. This is a great opportunity to get rid of old stock. 
  • What size discounts you will offer. The savings need to catch people’s attention. 
  • How long it will run. The whole point is to create urgency, so have a hard deadline. 
  • How you will tell people about it. No point in having a flash sale if you don’t shout from the rooftops. 

7. Optimize your checkout process

Sugaro Store Template Zyro

A far-too-often overlooked aspect of conversion optimization is the checkout process. 

If your checkout has too many steps, requires too much information, or is only possible with login, then 

  • Offer as many payment options as possible
  • Reduce the number of steps between choosing products and completing the transaction
  • Only ask for information that’s absolutely necessary
  • Make sure users can make a purchase as a guest 
  • Make it clear how many steps are required from the outset
  • Keep the page uncluttered and focused on what’s important

8. Activate abandoned cart recovery

We’re all familiar with the experience of adding items to the shopping cart on an online store only to abandon your shopping because of some distraction or another. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time to buy. 

The thing is, visitors who have actually gone to the effort of browsing your items and adding some to their shopping cart have a high intention of making a purchase. You shouldn’t just give up when they do. 

If you’re using an eCommerce platform like Zyro, you can easily set up automatic abandoned cart recovery. 

This not only means that users can find the items they’re interested in their cart when they return but also allows you to send friendly email reminders to your customers encouraging them to make the purchase. 

This is easily one of the most effective forms of retargeting. 

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Duncan is obsessed with making website building and eCommerce accessible to everyone. He explains the best tools and the latest digital marketing trends in ways that are clear and engaging. His focus is on supporting the sustainable growth of small to medium-sized enterprises. When not writing, he enjoys deep sea fishing and endurance cycling.

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