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Hidden Treasure: Discover Monetization Techniques You’ve Never Heard Of

Hidden Monetization Techniques

Passive income is the dream of every internet entrepreneur, but given the competition for attention online, you need to be increasingly savvy to turn visitors into revenue. 

While by now understands at least the basics of affiliate selling and display ads, you’d be amazed at how many monetization options most website owners haven’t heard of.

Pay attention to the list below, because not trying some of these techniques is just leaving money on the table. 

1. Inline ads

Alright, so I know I started by hyping these techniques as different from traditional display ads, but first, let’s look at a way to squeeze more revenue out of those ads 

The problem with most ads is that they’re placed in the same places on every website. Internet users have years of experience ignoring these traditional ad positions, so their impact is low. 

Placing ads inline with your content, visitors can’t miss them as they read through the copy you’ve created. 

What’s great about this kind of ad is that it’s served up right through Google’s network. If you already display Google ads, try out Google AdSense Inline Ads.

2. AfterOffers 

eCommerce is all about attention: the hard work isn’t just capturing people’s attention, but also using it effectively once you’ve got it. 

While you might, rightfully so, be obsessed with the idea of converting your visitors, that doesn’t need to be the end of the story. There’s more value you can squeeze out of that attention span. 

Say you want visitors to sign up to a mailing list, and a visitor does so. Do you then just let them go off into the world without a second thought?

How about retargeting them with the offer to sign up to other, related newsletters? Not only are you offering value to the other merchants by giving them new contacts, but you can also cash in on the service, too. 

All this is made possible by the AfterOffers tool. If you’ve got decent traffic and excess attention, you should check it out. 

Shop window with sale stickers and mannequins

3. Flash Sales 

Sure, you’ve run sales before, but have you run flash sales? These speedy, high-impact events are designed to maximize sales in a short period of time. 

If you’re finding conversions to be sluggish, or are concerned that not enough of your old stock is going out the door, then a flash sale might be the perfect idea for you. 

On top of getting rid of unwanted items, they can also really help you increase your revenue in a quick and effective way. 

So, you’ve tried out affiliate marketing before, but found it to be hard work to build all the necessary relationships and create content specifically for your partners?

What if I were to tell you that you could add affiliate links to the content that’s already on your website, without having to agree deals with the brands who’ll pay you? Pretty good, no?

There’s a tool called SkimLinks which will skim your website for brand names, and where possible, automatically add affiliate links to the mentions. 

These links lead to product pages related to existing content on your website, so you can open up new revenue streams without having to create anything new.

5. Shoppable social posts 

You got an online store but you’re not selling on social media? What do you think you’re doing?

Even if you’ve got a decent amount of traffic coming into your own website, smart online marketers make it easier for shoppers to buy wherever they are. 

With shoppable social media posts, social media users who come across your products can buy them without ever having to leave the website or app they’re on. 

Not only does this save time and steps in the acquisition process, but it can also help boost revenue by giving users greater confidence in the 

If you’re using a tool like Zyro to build and operate your online store, you’ll be able to create shoppable social media posts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook directly from your store. 

6. Rented pages

When you’re selling ad space on your website, you’re basically allowing vendors to rent page space for their business. But how about renting out the entire page?

The concept behind rented pages is pretty simple: you put work into ranking for a popular keyword on Google, then you rent out that page to a business to do whatever they want. 

This usually works best for local business keywords and can net you a tidy monthly fee if played right. 

Make sure you lay out the ground rules for what the businesses can do with the page, to make sure it doesn’t harm your valuable rankings. 

Laptop with website reading revenue

7. Revenue stacking

The tips up to this point have all been single ideas for creating revenue streams to monetize your website. This entry, however, is an overall concept for approaching monetization. 

Revenue stacking basically refers to the process of stacking different revenue streams within the same website, even on the same page. 

You might get some revenue from your own products that you sell on your website, then generate some extra revenue from affiliate marketing, then also capitalize on ad revenue. 

By stacking different revenue streams, you’re able to get maximum value out of your website. 

8. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales 

Of course, you’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but it would be silly to miss the opportunity to promote their importance once again. 

73% of online retailers see a bump in sales over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, and lots of businesses are now extending their deals into a whole ‘Cyber Week’. 

You should definitely take this opportunity to cash in on all the extra intent to shop over the pre-holiday period. 

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