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Have Fun, Get Paid: 19 Monetizable Hobbies in 2022

It’s easy to find hobbies that provide hours of entertainment and a nice break from the daily grind, but finding hobbies that make money? Actually, that’s easy, too.

We’ve all dreamed of getting to do the kind of job that’s so fun it doesn’t even feel like work. 

Not everybody can get paid for eating snacks and watching movie marathons, so monetizing a favorite hobby is the next best solution.

If you’re ready to discover new ways to make money or looking for a lifestyle change, why not take a look at the stuff that you do in your spare time?

There’s a chance that you already have hobbies that make money. You just need to see them in a new way. 

Ready to find out if you can turn your hobby into an income stream and get paid for having fun? Here are 19 ideas that are filled with profit potential. 

1. Blogging

A well-known source of side income, blogging offers tons of flexibility – you can set your own upload schedule and write blog posts about topics you love.

If writing a blog is your hobby, you’re already off to a great start. Take your platform and your chosen niche, and get ready to make money. 

How to make money

So how do you transform your blog into a side hustle? Here’s how blogging can pay off:

  • Affiliate links. Earn commission by successfully recommending products to your readers. Join an affiliate program and use links in your blog posts. 
  • Paid sponsorships. If you’re blogging about a particular niche, or if you have a big audience, companies are willing to pay for featured posts about their products.
  • Courses and eBooks. Could your blog help people learn new skills? A cool way to monetize your hobby is by creating bespoke courses.

What you’ll need

Making a profit from a blog isn’t immediate, so you’ll need patience. Like most hobbies that make money, the payoff is that you’re doing something that you enjoy. 

You’ll need a well-designed blog website, and you should be a skilled writer and content creator, especially if you’re a brand ambassador.

Stick to writing about what you know, and blog about a variety of topics within your niche. So, if you’re a foodie, share recipe ideas as well as restaurant reviews.

2. Writing

Have a writing hobby, but blogging isn’t your thing? Not to worry: in any list about hobbies that make money, you’ll find writing as an idea – it’s such a versatile skill.

Any skilled writer can take up freelance writing. Upload examples of your work to freelance websites and build a network of contacts in your preferred industry. 

How to make money

There are plenty of ways to flex your writing skills. Here’s how you can make an income:

  • Content marketing. An ideal freelance writing gig if you know about SEO, and you can construct blog posts about pretty much anything. 
  • Product descriptions. Some eCommerce businesses outsource writing tasks to freelancers. Can you use words to sell products?
  • Reviews. One of the more enjoyable ideas for writers, you could make money by talking about food you’ve eaten or shows you’ve watched.

What you’ll need

Let’s get the obvious requirement out of the way first: you’ll need to be good at writing. This idea is made for people who enjoy writing as a hobby.

More often than not, you’ll be working from home or hotdesking, so get your own computer. We can recommend a good keyboard and a comfy chair, too.

Finally, pull together examples of your writing and create accounts on freelance writing websites. The more visible you are, the better. 

3. Photography

Photography is one of those jobs that will always be in demand. If you have a great creative eye and you’re searching for hobbies that make money consistently, start here. 

People are willing to pay for photographers to capture everything from sports events to real estate listings, and you could work with anyone from big companies to bloggers. 

How to make money

Tempted to turn your photography hobby into a source of income? Here are some ideas:

  • Wedding photography. If you’re good with people and fast-paced settings, launching a business as a wedding photographer could be lucrative.
  • eCommerce photography. Online retailers require high-quality studio and styled images of their products. Could that be your niche?
  • Drone photography. Help out companies carrying out surveys, news sites telling stories, or content creators making art. 

What you’ll need

It goes without saying that a great photographer needs great camera equipment. As well as the camera, you may need things like drones, tripods, props, and lenses.

You will also need impressive skills to turn your hobby into something you can make money from. Pick one or two niches that really amplify your photography talents.

To market your business and gain an audience, create a photography website that showcases your portfolio of work – even if you only share your hobby photos, to begin with. 

4. Home improvement

Turning your house into a home takes skills as well as effort – it isn’t easy to master the art of plastering a wall or hanging picture frames perfectly straight.

For those that can renovate, decorate, and organize without too much trouble, a side hustle in home improvement is easy enough to start.

How to make money

There are some profitable options for skilled home improvers – get inspired here:

  • Decorating services. If you can create magic with a paint roller or a screwdriver, offer up your assistance for other people’s DIY tasks.
  • Interior decor. Take your hobby to the next level and get a professional qualification in designing beautiful interiors.
  • Home organization. Make people’s lives easier by sorting and clearing the contents of their messy closets, basements, and pantries.

What you’ll need

Becoming an interior designer means turning your hobby into a profession, so if you’re serious about this idea, get a qualification that’ll maximize your profitability.

You can’t expect your customers to have all the necessary tools, so invest in equipment like toolkits, dust sheets, brushes, and ladders. 

To be a trusted assistant, make yourself credible with an online presence. Use social media to share examples of your previous jobs.

5. Video games

If you love the idea of hobbies that make money without ever feeling like work, this comes pretty close. Loads of people play video games for fun – are you one of them?

To make money from your gaming hobby, it pays to be passionate about video games – the best way to stand out is by finding a niche and specializing in it.

How to make money

If you’re a skilled gamer, here’s a quick list of ideas for turning your hobby into regular income:

  • Live streaming. If you’re happy to let others watch you play, use a platform like Twitch. With a good audience, you can place ads on your streams. 
  • Video reviews. Go big with your gaming hobby. Build a commentary YouTube channel or write for a review site.
  • Game testing. Developers often pay to hear your opinion on their newest game. Some apps will send you money or gift cards to test things out.

What you’ll need

People with serious video game hobbies will tell you that you need a dedicated gaming computer and a headset to make the most of your skills. 

If you’re playing to an audience, you’ll need a high-quality microphone and a professional-level webcam or camera setup. 

Of course, you’ll also require a strong internet connection, ideally via fiber-optic broadband. Treat yourself to a gaming chair, too. 

6. Videography

If you’ve paid good money for camera equipment, why not make money from using it? People with a movie-making hobby have plenty of opportunities to earn an income.

As it’s already your hobby, you’ll know that the editing side of videography takes a lot of time, so either make this your full-time business or work with post-production specialists.

How to make money

Whether you’re dreaming of a side hustle or a new career path, here’s how to use your skills:

  • YouTube channel. Get a global audience and start posting your videos on YouTube. Even smaller YouTube channels can make money from the platform.
  • Events. Help others to remember special days. If you’re quick on your feet and good with strangers, make money filming weddings, parties, and festivals.
  • Corporate videos. From shooting real estate tours to internal training courses, you can earn a good income by working with companies. 

What you’ll need

You guessed it: get a great video camera if you want to make money from your favorite hobby. Chances are, you already have the right equipment.

Depending on where you work, you might also need filming permits to shoot your videos without any issues.

Something else to consider is editing software if you’re starting out on YouTube or providing a full service. Otherwise, try to outsource to others. 

7. Graphic design and illustration

Some people are more at home with a pencil than a camera. There are tons of hobbies that make money in the creative world. 

Maybe you have impressive drawing skills that you want to do more with, or perhaps you have a design qualification that has turned into an occasional hobby. 

How to make money

Monetizing your creativity could become a full-time business for you – here’s what you could do:

  • Print on demand. Turn your unique designs into products like t-shirts, mugs, and wall art. Find a printing site that suits your needs.
  • Freelancing. Good at graphic design? One of the best ways to make money is by doing freelance work in areas like advertising and web design.
  • Marketplace selling. Build that small business you’ve been dreaming of and sell your creations on websites like Etsy or Society6.

What you’ll need

Your drawing or design equipment needs will vary depending on your niche or specialism: either way, stock up on things like pencils, paint, or printers.

If you want to make money as a graphic designer, you’ll need creative software suites and more electronic devices than you ever imagined one person could own.

Don’t underestimate the power of an adjustable desk and ergonomic chair, either. Most of the best hobbies that make money require good chairs. 

8. Cooking

Ever been tempted to turn your hobby as an amateur chef into a business? Here’s a suggestion for foodies with a flair for transforming ingredients. 

There are as many opportunities to make money from cooking as there are types of cuisine. From training professionally to starting a small business, your hobby could take you far.

How to make money

If you’re ready to make something out of your cooking hobby, take a look at this list for starters:

  • Catering service. The best cooks love to make food for others, so how about doing it on a colossal scale? Make money by catering events.
  • Food deliveries. Turn meals into products and sell them on an app or website. Try to find a niche, like grazing boards.
  • Course instructor. If you’re ready for more of a challenge, set up a cookery school and share your gift with paying customers.

What you’ll need

Making food for other people requires certifications – it varies depending on your business and location, but requirements include things like hygiene ratings.

If you’re tempted to make an income as a course instructor, a fully-equipped kitchen with every necessary gadget is a must. 

Be sure to set up a website for your foodie business, too. That way, you can manage orders, build a brand, and offer extras, like gift cards or kitchen products.

9. Coding

On any list of the coolest but trickiest hobbies that make money, you’ll find coding. A skill that takes time and patience to master, you can earn while you learn.

Some hobbies can easily turn into new career paths, and if you know how to code, you’ll likely gain tons of business opportunities.

How to make money

If you’ve realized that your coding hobby could take you a long way, here are some options:

  • Develop apps. While this is becoming more accessible, you can easily create a lucrative mobile app if you have an original idea. 
  • Offer tutorials. If you’re really good, share screen recordings on your personal website to help new starters learn.
  • Enter contests. A lot of hobbies come with a competitive side, and coding is one of them. Fancy working towards a cash prize?

What you’ll need

It might go without saying, but you’ll need a great computer configured for coding. Make sure there’s plenty of storage, a powerful processor, and a quality keyboard.

Your computer will need software to excel at coding – if it’s one of your hobbies, you’ll know that. Tools like Linux, SQL, and a text editor will help.

Don’t forget that starting, learning, and monetizing code means having patience in vast quantities. This is one of those hobbies that takes time to profit from. 

10. Art and painting

If you’re a creative genius who can’t imagine transforming their art into t-shirts and home decor, print-on-demand isn’t the only way you can earn a consistent income.

Artists and painters have hobbies that make money year-round and on a global scale, thanks to the internet. Once you get online, you can achieve more than you’d think.

How to make money

For those with a long-term painting hobby, it’s time to step out of the shadows – here’s how:

  • Art marketplaces. There are some very credible websites dedicated to the sale of great paintings, like Saatchi and Fine Art America.
  • Your own website. Take commission out of the question and set up your own gallery site to showcase your hobby.
  • Commissions. Using a portfolio website to market your work, you could get paid to create bespoke paintings for private clients.

What you’ll need

To take advantage of hobbies that make money, you always need the right equipment. You likely have what you need, but maybe consider scaling up.

The most successful artists have websites, too. You can have a website whether you sell on marketplaces or solely on your own platform.

It’s also worth using social media platforms. You’ll need to promote your art and build an audience – social media is an incredible tool for this. 

11. Crafts and carpentry

Some of the oldest hobbies that make money involve crafts and carpentry – people love making things with their hands, and other people love buying those things.

If you have developed a talent for handmade crafts as a hobby, or you want to make more of your impressive carpentry skills, keep reading. 

How to make money

Playing around with materials is an enjoyable hobby, but can it make money? Sure it can:

  • Furniture restoration. If one of your hobbies is upcycling products from thrift stores, try extending it to furniture from paying clients.
  • Workshops. All great hobbies start with great teachers. Make something out of your skills and earn money by teaching others how to craft.
  • Bespoke creations. Build a website, share some examples of your work, and offer your services to people for unique designs. 

What you’ll need

Like the other creative hobbies that make money, equipment comes first. But also consider getting yourself a workshop so that you can increase efficiency.

Pick a side hustle or full-time business, but always get a website. People with websites and a contact email address can take advantage of a wider customer base.

Want to be a course instructor? Take out the necessary insurance to ensure people are safe while they learn their new hobbies with you.

12. Music

Like many hobbies, having a passion for music is often more than just something you do in your spare time. Playing an instrument or creating songs and sounds is a talent.

You don’t have to be a superstar singer or producer to make money from music, either. Set up a solid side hustle or small business for yourself with your musical hobby.

How to make money

Want to have something to do with the music business but not sure where to start? Try here:

  • Royalty-free songs. Help out content creators on platforms like YouTube and upload songs they can play in the background to websites like AirBit.
  • Teaching. Often, sharing our hobbies with others is the most rewarding thing to do. Plus, you can make money from it.
  • Beats and samples. Rather than making full songs, sell sounds to other musicians on third-party websites for a profit. 

What you’ll need

Equipment will depend on your specific needs – if you’re producing music, you should invest in kit like a digital audio workstation and some studio headphones.

Music teachers often have to meet certification requirements, although that can differ based on location and what it is you’re teaching.

Subscribing to some music selling platforms will help you start to make a name for yourself and connect with other musicians.

13. Working out

If we’re honest, we should all count exercise as one of our hobbies. But some people just excel at working out – if you’re a fitness expert, monetize that hobby.

The great thing about exercise is that it comes in many forms, from yoga to high-intensity interval training. What will make your new business stand out?

How to make money

Fitness is one of those hobbies you can monetize in your spare time – try selling:

  • Fitness products. Do some surveys to find out what exercise gear people want, create a website, and set up a dropshipping business.
  • Personal training. A clever way to make money, you can charge clients for one-on-one training time, a few hours per week.
  • Exercise videos. If you’re good in front of a camera, start uploading content to YouTube and work at making money this way.

What you’ll need

Aside from being in your best physical shape, you should have organizational skills if you plan to make money from clients or exercise videos.

Fitness is one of those hobbies that requires training qualifications if you want a legitimate income from it. You’re responsible for other people’s bodies, after all.

Plus, get on social media to gain a following. As an exercise guru, you’re selling your personality, so you’ll depend on likes and shares. 

14. Pets and animal care

Having hobbies that involve cuddling and caring for animals is anyone’s dream. But behind the scenes, pet care takes a lot of effort, so if you can handle that, you’re in luck.

Find out whether the skills you’ve learned while enjoying your favorite hobby can make you a steady income. After all, who doesn’t love spending the day with animals?

How to make money

Let’s kick off your list of money-making options when it comes to our four-legged friends:

  • Grooming services. With some investment in a suitable space and some equipment, you could help make every dog look its best.
  • Pet sitting. From lunchtime walks to full-day care, plenty of pet owners need assistance during their working day. 
  • Pet treats and toys. Set up an eCommerce website and start selling cute, homemade products to good boys and girls.

What you’ll need

If you’ve read the whole of this list so far, you’ll know the most lucrative hobbies that make money often require qualifications or training – animal care is no different.

As well as finding out how to make your job official, get hold of the right equipment for your tasks, like a grooming kit, dog bath, or pet first aid kit. 

While many people prefer animals to humans, it helps to have coworkers to have someone to talk to – consider working with a friend. 

15. Hiking

Hiking is great: your health will benefit while you get to take in some cool scenery. For some, it’s more of a lifestyle – if that’s you, keep reading.

This is a hobby that would make an incredible career choice, even if you do it in your spare time to make some extra income. If you love hiking, we have a list of money-making tips.

How to make money

Hiking is not for the faint of heart, but if you can handle any terrain, here’s how you can profit:

  • Walking tours. Give your fellow hikers a tour of your favorite route. Provide a range of timescales and difficulty levels.
  • Surveys. Help organizations to survey landscapes, plants, and geographical features by offering up your hiking knowledge.
  • Create content. Give far-away viewers a window to your world and produce videos or blogs on your hiking adventures.

What you’ll need

As a pro hiker, expect to be outdoors a lot. Get a strong backpack, a water bottle, and a fully-stocked first aid kit, among other items.

This is one of your favorite hobbies, so you’ll know your way around, but just in case you get lost, use a navigation system (like a map, app, or other devices).

Set up a one-page website that contains contact information like an email address and a tour booking form.

16. Fashion

Know the difference between pleats and plackets? Love dreaming up new outfits? Hobbies that make money usually require a lot of expertise, and fashion is one of them.

Whether you can whip up show-stopping dresses on a sewing machine or design innovative new items on a sketchpad, there are plenty of ways to monetize your love of fashion.

How to make money

There’s no need to become the next major fashion house to turn a profit – instead, try these:

  • Styling service. Keep up with market research and trends, and make your money by helping busy clients put outfits together. 
  • Alterations. Start a side hustle from home tailoring people’s expensive suits or dresses for special occasions like weddings.
  • One-off creations. Use your imagination to design and even manufacture beautiful, unique clothing items or accessories.

What you’ll need

Whichever option you choose, websites and social media channels are always essential for turning fashion hobbies into lucrative businesses with a customer base.

If you want to make or alter clothing, get a sewing machine that will withstand hours of complex work, as well as things like thread, spare needles, and embellishments.

Make sure you have styling or manufacturing knowledge. A simple love of fashionable clothing will only get you so far – unless you get into fashion writing. 

17. Makeup

You’ll notice that many of the best hobbies that make money nowadays are hobbies that you can monetize on YouTube or social media. Makeup is one of them.

While plenty of people can apply makeup, there’s a lot more to it than everyday basics. If you’re able to create jaw-dropping looks, consider creating your own business.

How to make money

If your life revolves around makeup, find out how to make more of your skills and passion, like:

  • Bridal makeup. Spending your weekend mornings preparing the faces of brides and bridesmaids can bring in a healthy income. 
  • Tutorials. Take to YouTube or Instagram to share quick how-to videos of your favorite looks, and start to build a brand. 
  • Sell cosmetics. If you love the science behind makeup, think about launching your very own line of makeup products.

What you’ll need

That’s right: a truly great makeup artist always comes with a fully-stocked toolkit of brushes and other necessary items, as well as their own makeup products.

To launch a range of products, you should collaborate with a licensed lab or factory and seek certification or approval from relevant authorities. Cosmetics should be made with care.

Create a survey or research the market to find out what people need. The more you know about your product area, the more profitable your business will be. 

18. Comedy

Usually, if you don’t have any hobbies that make money, you can just find some that do. But not with comedy – in order to monetize this hobby, you really do need to be naturally good at it.

So if you’re always making people laugh – in the right way, of course – think about getting paid to do it. Then you’ll be the one laughing.

How to make money

Everyone’s humor is different, so pick a money-making route that suits your niche, for example:

  • Stand-up gigs. If you’re feeling brave, get some gigs at your local comedy club and see if you’re made for fame. 
  • Meme pages. Some might call them immature, but meme pages can be as profitable as other accounts with big followings on Instagram. 
  • Podcasts. For comics with a lot to talk about, and the ability to think of funny content every week, this is a fun side hustle.

What you’ll need

Everyone has a different idea of what’s funny, but you can’t force comedy. To succeed, let’s be honest: you need a great sense of humor

To make a success of your podcast, get an audio interface, some headphones, and a high-quality podcast microphone

Stay aware of current events and news stories, as the best comedy is always relevant. It’ll also help you to make sure you don’t make any unfunny jokes. 

19. Gardening

If you have a beautiful garden or a plant-filled balcony, taking up gardening as a hobby is an obvious choice. It’s also a delightful way to spend your time. 

As long as your own garden doesn’t take up all of your energy, it’s relatively easy to expand your hobby into a side hustle. Ready to start growing a profit?

How to make money

Earning money while enjoying a garden is a dream come true for many. Here’s how to do it:

  • Sell produce. Grow extra vegetables, herbs, or flowers for local customers. You could deliver the items by bike or in an electric vehicle.
  • Landscaping. With creative vision and a good level of fitness, you could get paid for maintaining your neighbors’ gardens.
  • House plant care. Offer to take care of people’s house plants while they go away on vacation or if their plants need to be brought back to life. 

What you’ll need

Aside from having extensive gardening knowledge, you’ll need patience. Plants and produce won’t grow overnight.

Make sure to have equipment that’s safe to use in other people’s gardens, even if you don’t mind using old lawnmowers and rusty shears.

If you sell produce, get a dedicated site so that customers can order and pay for what they want – plus, you could add new products depending on the season. 

Are you making the most of your hobby?

We all need hobbies to de-stress, learn skills, and enjoy ourselves. Some hobbies are best kept as easy distractions to do in our spare time.

But if you’ve developed real skills and a deep interest in your chosen hobby, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to make more of it.

If one of your hobbies is on this list, figure out what you could do to make money from it. 

Everybody wants to have a job they enjoy, and this article might just have given you the idea you needed to get started.

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