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How to Create a Facebook Business Page: A Comprehensive Guide

Marketing on Facebook can be a cost-effective method to promote your business online. Start improving your business’ reach right now by learning how to create a Facebook business page.

With over 2.4 billion active users worldwide, there’s a huge pool of people who could be your next customers.

Little wonder then, that social media marketing for small businesses is skyrocketing.

If you want to ride that rocket all the way to the top, you’re going to need to connect your business with Facebook audiences.

For that, you’re going to have to create a Facebook business page and in this article, we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

1. Set up your Facebook Business page

Visit Facebook for Business and log in using your Facebook account. At the top right corner, click the arrow and select Create a Page.

Facebook will ask you to choose between two-page categories: Business or Brand and Community or Public Figure. Select Business or Brand and click Get Started.

Facebook page category selection

In the next step, enter the name of the page and your business type. A list of available categories will appear based on the keyword you input.

After that, you’ll be prompted to enter your address and phone number. Your phone number is optional, and you can choose not to show your complete address.

Hit Continue to proceed.

2. Add your profile and cover photos

Check the size of your images before uploading them, because profile and cover photos have their own requirements.

Tip 💁 – The ideal size for cover photos is 820 x 312 pixels on computers, and 640 x 360 pixels on mobile phones. Facebook recommends using a minimum of 400 x 150 pixels, but you can upload a bigger image so the cover will look clean and crisp.

If you want to see a great example of a well-designed cover photo, just visit the Nike Facebook page. They cleverly use a picture that displays their slogan for a powerful brand presence.

Nike Facebook page

Your profile picture, on the other hand, will be displayed at 170 x 170 pixels on computers, and 128 x 128 pixels on mobile phones. As such, to be on the safe side, the size of your image should be 180 x 180 pixels.

If you don’t have images of the perfect proportions, check out this list of free photo editors.

Better yet, cut out the middle man and use one of Zyro’s free online AI tools.

We’ve got everything you need, designed specifically for this purpose:

Keep in mind that Facebook will crop your profile picture into a circular shape. For this reason, we recommend using your business logo to avoid awkward cropping.

If you don’t have a business logo yet, you can create a visually-appealing logo with Zyro Logo Maker.

Zyro Logo Maker's landing page

Our free tool helps you create an excellent logo in a few minutes. All you need to do is pick a premade logo template from our library, then customize it to your liking.

In addition, your logo will be ready as a high-resolution .PNG file, which is Facebook’s preferred format.

3. Choose a business username

Having a unique username allows customers to find your Facebook page by simply typing

To set one for your business, go to your page and click Create Page @username under your business name.

After that, check the availability of the desired username from the pop-up dialog box. If it’s available, proceed by clicking Create Username.

Facebook page creation screen

Editor’s note 📝 – As a general rule, you should always use your business name as the username. If it’s already taken, you can add words related to your niche after the name, such as ‘design’, ‘bakery’, or ‘catering’.

It’s also possible to add the location of your business, just like how Toyota UK uses @toyotauk.

Other than that, keep things short and avoid symbols and numbers. It’s more memorable this way.

Once you’ve created the username, people can visit your page at, or send messages to your page (via Facebook Messenger) at

4. Complete your business details

Your Facebook page is the front door to your business. Visitors should be able to easily find all the necessary information from your page.

Go to your Facebook page and click Edit Page Info at the top right corner. After that, just fill out the required information.

Facebook Page creation details

Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of fields. For starters, you just need to fill these four main sections:

  • General — a short description that explains what your business does while including your products and services. The maximum length is 255 characters.
  • Contact add your business phone numbers, website, and email address. Complete them so your customers know how to get in touch with your business.
  • Location — get more store visits by adding your store address. A map feature is also available to pinpoint your store location. If you can deliver your products to more than one region, make sure you state your service area.
Facebook page location settings
  • Hours —- let people know when to reach you and visit your store. You can choose between four options: Open on selected hours, Always open, No hours available, or Permanently closed.

Other optional details you can fill in are the price range and WiFi availability.

Don’t forget to hit Save changes once you’re done.

5. Customize your page

As a finishing touch, use the appropriate template to make your page look even better. It will determine your page’s default tabs and buttons.

To change the template, press the Settings button at the top right corner of your page and navigate to the Templates and Tabs menu.

Facebook page templates and tabs settings section

Under the Templates section, click Edit next to your current template. A pop-up box containing the list of page templates will appear.

Here are some templates that might suit your business:

  • Business — suitable for any business. You can display customer reviews, promotional offers, and even job vacancies through your tabs.
  • Services — designed to help visitors find the location of your services.
  • Restaurant & Cafes — a great option to highlight your restaurant’s photos, showcase your menu, and display your open hours.
  • Shopping — this template can turn your page into an online store.

To activate the template, click View Details and then Apply Template.

After choosing a template, you’ll still be able to add new tabs and buttons and rearrange their order. You can do it all from the Templates and Tabs settings.

Why should you own a Facebook Business Page?

First of all, Facebook is an excellent medium for product research. Kleiner Perkins reports that around 78% of American customers have discovered a product they later bought via Facebook.

Editor’s note 📝 – Creating a Facebook page is also a free and easy way to build an online presence. Around 80 million small businesses around the globe already use Facebook pages to boost their online visibility.

The platform itself offers many features to grow your business. You can:

  • Integrate it with ads to promote your posts
  • Announce upcoming celebrations or promotions with Facebook Events
  • Build a customer community with Facebook Groups.

These features can engage your target audience and turn them into customers. You can also improve your business along the way by getting feedback from existing clients.

To check whether the page is delivering the desired results, study the effectiveness of your page by using Facebook Insights. You can see the number of likes, reach, and engagement of your posts.

Tip 💁 – Facebook pages are best paired with a website. You don’t have to have one, but the power of the two platforms will enhance your online presence.

For instance, you can direct your Facebook audiences to your website and subscribe to your mailing list.

They will always get the latest update about your business, and in return, you’re able to collect lots of potential sales leads.

Facebook business page recap

Creating a Facebook business page allows you to interact with your potential customers and engage them along the way.

You can also use it to build a community, sell products, and post events.

In this article, we’ve shown you the five simple steps to create a Facebook business page:

  1. Visit Facebook for Business and create a page.
  2. Add a beautiful cover photo and use your logo as the profile picture.
  3. Pick a memorable username to help visitors accessing or sharing your page.
  4. Complete your business details like contact, location, and business hours.
  5. Change the page’s template to fit your business purpose, and rearrange the tab’s order based on the visitor’s needs.

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