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How to Make a Photography Logo: An Essential Guide

Whether you’re a budding photographer, building your portfolio website, or simply want to establish your photography business professionally, you need to have a signature. That’s why it’s essential to know how to make a photography logo that works.

The simplest way to do that is to create a photography logo that you can use anywhere, both as a watermark for your pictures and as a trademark of your professional persona.

So how do you make a logo, and what are the features of a good logo? We’re here to help you understand.

How to create photography logos with the Zyro Logo Maker?

If you want to create a great looking logo without hiring a professional designer, the Zyro Logo Maker lets you make one yourself.

It’s a free service that allows you to easily come up with a design of your own within minutes:

  1. Enter your brand name. Simply type in your business name and add a tagline.
  2. Modify your font style. Change the colors, size, and spacing between letters –with the logo maker you can alter your logo in whatever way you see fit.
  3. Pick a symbol. Choose from thousands of different symbols to add to your logo. Search symbols that best represent your niche, and pick from the multiple options available.
  4. Customize the layout. It’s easy – simply drag and drop the logo elements how you want.
  5. Save your work. Once you’re done, click the Download button and your new logo will be saved to your computer. It’ll be saved as a .PNG file with a transparent background, ready to be used for your projects.
Zyro Logo Maker's interface

If you don’t have a portfolio website yet and wish to create one, try out the Zyro Website Builder.

Save time and money, and skip hiring a professional website designer. The builder requires no coding or programming knowledge, is easy to use and, most importantly, completely free.

Choose from a number of templates, including ones that are specifically designed for portfolio websites.

There’s more to a good logo than simply adding your name or changing the font color. Here are a few tips on how to plan out your logo design.

Keep it simple

There’s no need to create a complicated logo, filled with unnecessary or even distracting details.

In fact, if you take a look at world-famous brands, they all feature simplistic designs, rarely having complicated shapes or more than two elements.

Contrasting colors, a memorable design with colors that pop out – that’s what you’re looking for in a logo.

For example, photographers such as Joshua Grasso or Max Rive include simple lettering, clean color palettes, and minimal symbol arrangments.

There’s no need for fancy layouts or patterns. Try to remember that you’re aiming to get your message across, so avoid anything that might interfere with that goal.

Joshua Grasso Photography logo example

Showcase your niche

Your portfolio website should represent both you as a professional and your overall photography business’s philosophy.

That is why you should design a logo that reflects that as well.

It could be a simple image of a mountain outline, showing you’re a landscape photographer.

Do you specialize in wedding photography? Why not apply a more elegant cursive font to your logo design?

Whatever approach you choose, always aim to create slight details that are not distracting, but still say a lot about what you do.

Joshua Cripps Photography Logo Example

If you’re running out of ideas or just want to see how other photographers are handling their online photography business, do a bit of research online to see what’s popular and currently trending.

While you don’t want to look exactly like other photography brands, it’s always good to appear modern and in touch with trends.

Try starting with your own ideas and you’ll be surprised at how many new design ideas and opportunities will present themselves to you.

Experimentation is key, and if something doesn’t work out at the beginning, don’t worry – you’ll stumble upon your perfect logo design sooner or later.

A photography logo is a simple image that represents your brand. It’s a way to communicate your set of photography skills to an audience while showing your business’ personality and specialty.

Whether you own an online portfolio website or prefer handing out printed business cards to people who are interested in your work, attaching a photography logo will have a huge impact on your overall image.

It will be the first thing people notice, and we all know what they say about making first impressions.

Having a photography logo makes you stand out from your competition, and with it, you can present yourself as a more credible professional.

While it might sound like an unnecessary element if you’re only interested in taking photos, owning a photography logo is an important component if your planning on building your own brand or company.

If done correctly, it can not only represent your trademark but also convey your style of work and creative philosophy.

You can use it as a watermark for your photos, add it to your promotional content, such as t-shirts or attaching it as an email signature, or simply use it on your website and social media accounts.

Whatever your reasons might be, creating a photography logo is a worthy investment that only requires a little of your time.

Creating your own logo for your photography business, you want to look your best and leave a lasting impression for your potential audience.

Luckily, there’s no need to spend money hiring someone to do the task for you.

By following a few practices we shared in this guide, you can sketch out your own logo ideas or simply use a free logo maker to bring those ideas to life.

  • Keep it simple – avoid complicated design choices, make it visually clear and understandable.
  • Showcase your niche – help people to guess what your brand is all about by simply looking at your logo.
  • Follow the latest trends – draw inspiration from sources all around the world. Look modern and switched on.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to explore new ideas and concepts. After all, just like with photography, in order to create a great photography logo, you need a bit of creativity.

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