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Inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur: An Interview with In-House

Karolis Jonuška is the legal mind behind In-House – A startup that offers executive-level legal advice to small and medium-sized businesses.

Far from being just a legal eagle, Karolis is a lifelong entrepreneur who has been knocking at the door of business success for years.

To hear him tell his story, it’s clearly a mindset – one that can be achieved with hard work and the right tools for the job.

This time around, he’s confident that things are different: all it took was a good idea and a Zyro website to get things off the ground.

To tell you the truth, I never finished my studies

Okay, it’s not like you think. I was completing a Ph.D. at my university when I dropped out voluntarily. 

And, soon enough, I had joined a startup and made my way up to become the Head of Legal.

That’s what I do for a living, but that’s something that’s only available to huge companies. 

If you’re a small business, you still need quality legal support but that’s just not available to small and medium sized businesses. 

So, I had this idea of outsourcing C-level advice to businesses that traditionally couldn’t access it. 

At that point, I had seen some similar companies offering financial services and I thought that this time around I might have a real business case. 

I’ve been planning businesses since high school

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how many different projects I’ve thought of.

At some point, I was trying to create an app that was kind of like Facebook, but in the end it was redundant and you can guess who won.

Over the last 5 years, I could fill a journal with all my business ideas, but only a couple of them ever came to fruition. 

Part of that is because I don’t think I ever truly believed in quite a lot of those concepts. 

So, with my experience in law, I knew that things could be different this time. 

You know, I’m not here to talk badly about other lawyers or anything but I promise you, even the biggest companies, with the best lawyers, are overpaying for pretty much everything.

Here’s how it works.

If you need something drafted – an important document let’s say – you don’t care how long it takes, you just need it to be done.

Now, I know for a fact that a certain task might take ten minutes maximum but you can be sure that the client is being billed for two hours. 

That’s happening from top to bottom and for me, it’s a question of ethics.

That’s where I saw a gap in the market

Small and medium sized businesses are our target market.

These businesses would pay a fixed monthly fee without any additional costs to receive a certain amount of services.

This way, it’s much easier to plan your legal budget and it’s much cheaper than hiring your own lawyers. 

For what we cost, businesses would only be able to hire junior employees without sufficient experience. 

We’re offering them senior professionals and quality legal advice for the same price. 

How do we do it? Well, you can think of it like the business model of a gym.

Theoretically, if every single person with a gym subscription wanted to work out at the same time, the place would never have the capacity to handle it.

In practice, what you see is that maybe 30% of those people are ever there at one time. So, you can be more flexible and take on more clients. 

It’s like lawyers on-demand, it sounds straightforward but getting this business off the ground is going to take a lot of work.

The biggest challenge that I have to overcome is myself

I always overthink things.

At some point, in every single project I have this feeling and I start to doubt myself and I think that maybe I’m not qualified to have my own idea.

It’s imposter syndrome and it affects every single professional that I’ve ever met in my life.

The only cure out there is to start with baby steps.

Do you know the saying: how do you eat an elephant? Well, the answer is one bite at a time. 

It doesn’t matter how big your project is, if you take it one small bite at a time, you will eventually manage it. 

It’s the same with the business, and it’s the same with the website. 

Personally, I believe in a system where you test out your ideas rapidly before you have time to overthink them and let yourself be guided by your feedback not your anxieties. 

The first step is to build a website: okay so I need a platform that is fast and intuitive. 

After that, you can make the logo, and after that you fill the website with information. Finally, you propose your services to the client.

Sure, some clients will say no to you, but crucially, some clients will say yes. 

You get feedback, you feel better, you feel accomplished and eventually you crawl out of the imposter syndrome – one small victory at a time. 

Zyro is the perfect website builder to stay motivated 

You know, before I had Zyro, I was building my website with Wix and it’s just too complicated for somebody who is a beginner in website programming.

Sometimes, things that sound like positives are actually a weakness. On Wix, there are just too many functions, I was lost and I was getting nowhere fast.

So, I tried Zyro and a week later I had cancelled my subscription to Wix.

It just made sense to me and as I was building my website I could feel myself ticking things off my list – achieving those small successes one by one.

Zyro is a different level of service

When I first came to Zyro, honestly, it was all about the price. You just can’t compete with that.

But after a day or two working with the platform, I stopped caring about the price and I was just thinking about how easy Zyro is to work with.

Still, I had some feedback on a couple of things that I thought could be improved. So, I decided that I would tell the support team and maybe they will change it.

I actually couldn’t believe it. I think it was around a month later when I logged in and pretty much everything that I had mentioned had been improved. 

Was I surprised? Of course, when does that ever happen?

I can manage it all on my own

I don’t have a dedicated web designer, I have Zyro.

And that means I also have Zyro customer support.

These people are amazing. 24/7 non-stop, you can speak to them in the middle of the night and there is always somebody there.

Normally, they can give you an instant solution. But, you know sometimes it doesn’t work like that. If they can’t answer your problem right there and then, they always follow up the moment they have worked it out.

In this digital age, even in big companies like Amazon, the biggest problem is the customer support.

And it’s because in 95% of those cases, the client support is a bot that just picks up a keyword and sends you a random link to some solution. Obviously, I don’t have to tell you that these solutions never work.

The human approach to customer support at Zyro is the reason why I love it so much. 

And it is only getting better 

Last time I checked, I saw a roadmap with all the functions that will be implemented soon and it looks genuinely exciting. 

But the truth is that Zyro already has all the functions I need to run a legal business. 

The integrations work seamlessly. I know i’m in a competitive niche and that’s why i’m using Google Ads to bring more clients to my website.

With Zyro, I had everything connected instantly and it helps you grow so much faster.

You can’t grow if you don’t even try

One of the big things about having a website is that it gives your idea a voice and until you do that, you will never know if it will succeed.

I’m talking from experience when I say that there is no difference between a good idea and a bad idea when it is just in your head.

Some ideas that you might think are perfect will never work, and sometimes the ones that you would never expect, turn out to be excellent. 

The only way to know for sure is to try them out. 

And if you do want to try them out, you could do much worse making a fast, affordable website to judge the reaction.

Yes, you might fail. In business, you will probably fail a lot. But you have to think about it as being part of the journey to success. 

Becoming an entrepreneur is a mindset. It’s a lifestyle. 

Even if you don’t make it you still be one step closer to finding out the thing that makes you happy in life.

And when you finally find it? Well, I think that’s the thing that makes this whole life enjoyable.

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Damien is a self-professed, semi-obsessed, word-freak that wants nothing more than to tell small-business stories in a big way. Always scouring the market to find the right tools for the job, he is focused on finding creative ways to bring them to the people. When not writing, Damien is known to be a massive music bore, amateur-radio enthusiast, and woodland wanderer.

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