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13 Best Linktree Alternatives for Link in Bio in 2022

Has your social media management become a continuous battle of ensuring your links are updated across different platforms? 

You’ve probably heard of Linktree, a micropage builder that’s as popular as ever on Instagram when it comes to sharing links with the rest of the community. 

But with limitations and security concerns, Linktree isn’t everyone’s first pick. Did you know that there are plenty of options out there when it comes to powering up your Instagram bio and keeping your audience engaged? 

Chances are that with a little bit of research, you can find a Linktree alternative that suits your specific needs and, most importantly, your budget. 

With our shortlist of the 13 best Linktree alternatives for small business owners and freelancers, you’re bound to find a tool that has the best features for your brand. 

What are some of Linktree’s limitations?

There’s no denying that Linktree pioneered the way users are able to include links in their social media bios. But, like most things in life, it’s not an almighty tool that fixes all of your problems.

In fact, there are plenty of alternatives that do better on many fronts and help you market your brand and business more effectively online.

Limited functionality ❌

Here’s the deal: Linktree’s free version has very limited functionality. If you want to make any substantial changes to the look and feel of your Linktree page, you need to upgrade to a paid version. 

What’s more, compared to many other alternatives, Linktree itself only allows users to create micro landing pages. 

Want to include something else other than links to your social media platforms in your bio link? Chances are that you simply can’t. 

Limited design options 🎨

Want to make your Linktree page truly reflect your business and brand? 

That might not be possible. It will, at least, be more difficult than with many Linktree alternatives. 

Even with the premium version, you’re not able to create a truly custom landing page that includes all of the features you might want to have. 

Safety concerns 🔓

The thing about a Linktree landing page is that there’s always a possibility that platforms like Instagram consider the bio link as spam. 

And nobody who relies on Instagram posts as part of their marketing or sales wants to risk their account, right? 

Many other Linktree alternatives make it easy to create a custom landing page with all the security features you’d expect a website to have, from SSL certificates to the most up-to-date HTTPS protocols.  

What are the best Linktree alternatives?

If you’re looking for Linktree alternatives that give you more bang for your buck, you’re in the right place. 

Depending on whether you’re simply looking for a more versatile micro landing page bio tool, or want to upgrade to a fully-fledged website, we have options for every price point.

1. Zyro  

Zyro landing page

Why use a simple link in bio tool, when you could have a proper website instead? 

Zyro is the best Linktree alternative for anyone who wants to move away from a cookie-cutter bio link tool and create a bespoke one-page website. 


On top of making it easy for anyone to create their own landing page with a custom URL, Zyro’s drag-and-drop interface makes it intuitive to customize your link in bio page. 

Unlike other Instagram bio link tools, this landing page builder allows you to add images, and videos, and embed your social media feeds as part of your bio link. 

You can also integrate your website with various marketing tools to gather in-depth information about your audience and optimize your website for search engines. 

Fancy tracking how your Facebook campaigns are impacting your website traffic? That’s easy with the Facebook Pixel integration. 

Or maybe you want to touch up a potential background image for your site? Use Zyro’s powerful AI tools for free to touch up your graphics and create SEO-optimized content.  


  • Try before you buy. Select a template you like and explore the builder features for free, and only pay when you’re ready to publish your website. 
  • 24/7 customer support. Unlike many other Linktree alternatives, Zyro’s customer support is manned by real humans, who are ready to jump on any case around the clock. 
  • All you need under one roof. Have complete control over your landing pages: all plans come with everything you need to succeed online, from a custom domain to web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and server space. 
  • eCommerce tools. If you decide you’d like to try selling on Instagram, Zyro makes it possible for you to manage all your eCommerce channels from a single dashboard.

Pricing: Website plans start from less than $3/month, while business and online store plans go from $5 per month.  

Taplink landing page

As far as Linktree alternatives go, one you’re most likely to have heard of is Taplink (previously known as ContactInBio). 

Branding itself as the tool that helps users create high-converting landing pages, Taplink takes Linktree’s functionality one step further with questions and answers blocks, text blocks, and more.  


While Taplink, similarly to Linktree, offers unlimited links in the free version, there’s much more freedom when it comes to text editing from the start. 

Unlike Linktree, Taplink makes it easier and cheaper to create a microsite that has a bit more content than Linktree’s free counterpart. You can add headlines, text boxes, and different sections to your landing page. 

Customization of the design is also cheaper, thanks to Taplink’s affordable pricing structure. 

The higher tiers also offer things like countdown timers, custom domains, and even a CRM system. 


  • More customization options. Even the free version offers you more customization options when it comes to text blocks and having multiple links on your landing page. 
  • Various content blocks. The affordable paid plans come with many different page elements, like images, videos, and map blocks.  
  • More affordable. Compared to Linktree, Taplink is considerably cheaper but still comes jam-packed with different features. 

Pricing: Start for free, or go for the pro and business plans starting from $2/month. 

3. Shorby

Shorby mockup
Source: Shorby

If you just need a simple link in bio tool, Shorby could be your Linktree alternative of choice. 

The platform focuses on URL shortening and offering micro landing pages, but also allows users to link directly to various messenger apps and even phone numbers. 


One thing that sets Shorby apart from other Linktree alternatives is the way you can add unlimited links onto a landing page and use powerful analytics to understand audience behavior. 

Unlike your typical link in bio tool, Shorby doesn’t offer a free version – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With Facebook pixel integration, unlimited clicks, personalized URLs, background image customization, and direct messenger buttons, you’ll be getting your money’s worth. 

The interface is easy to use, and we especially love how you can add different thumbnails above your links. 

Needless to say that Shorby makes it easy to create a link landing page that reflects your brand and creates a seamless user experience from your Instagram feed all the way to your YouTube channel, or vice versa.


  • Easy to use. Who has time to figure out a complex user interface? Shorby gets points for an intuitive UI.
  • Messenger integration. Don’t lose your audience – messenger integrations help you be available for your customers at all times.
  • Google Analytics integration. Some plans offer native GA integration, making it extra easy to track clicks and traffic. 

Pricing: You can get started from $12/month, but plans go up to $82/month for agencies and bigger teams. 

4. Hypage

Hypage landing page

Looking for a Linktree alternative that also supports donations and community memberships? 

Hypage could be just the link in bio tool you need to grow your community. With eCommerce functionality and no hidden service fees, Hypage makes it easy to include a real revenue aspect to your bio link overall. 


Branding itself as Linktree, Patreon, and Gumroad in one, Hypage offers serious tools for creators and online businesses who focus on making money online. 

From accepting donations to offering memberships and selling digital products, Hypage is one of those Linktree alternatives that offer creators a fully-fledged landing page, rather than just a micro link site. 

Plus, the platform has been built especially with mobile users in mind, making it perfect for anyone with a serious Instagram account and online entrepreneurial spirit. 

Also, compared to other link in bio tools, Hypage takes a feature first, then design approach to landing page design. 

This means that you basically choose the features you want to have on your landing page, and customize the design to your liking later.


  • eCommerce functionality. Hypage makes it easy to sell digital products to your audience and potential customers from your bio link. 
  • Donations and memberships. Instead of using your bio link to link to your Patreon, you can collect donations and get your audience signed up for community memberships on your Hypabe landing page. 
  • No hidden fees. The best part about Hypage is that there are no extra fees for the different seller tools. 

Pricing: Get started with the free version, or upgrade to the pro plan for $19/month. For bigger teams, the enterprise plans start from $39/month. 

5. TapKit 

Tapkit landing page

Looking for a link in profile tools that specialize in QR codes? TapKit could be your answer. 

This QR code generator and microsite builder is a Linktree alternative that makes it easy to run and manage marketing campaigns that rely heavily on QR codes. 


TapKit goes beyond just being a Linktree alternative. 

Advertising itself as the bridge between physical and digital customer experiences, TapKit helps users create links and landing pages that work especially well for QR codes. 

If you ship physical products or goods to your customers, you can include QR codes in your product packaging and redirect users to your micro landing page in an instant. 

TapKit makes it possible to create unique and seamless customer experiences with on-brand designs. 


  • QR codes. If you’re selling physical items or operate in a country that uses QR codes heavily, TapKit’s QR code generator is your friend. 
  • Quizzes. TapKit has in-built quiz features, meaning that you can get to know your audience better and tailor your services and products to their tastes.
  • TV campaigns. Bigger brands and agencies can benefit from more concrete analytics from TV campaigns, thanks to QR code technology.

Pricing: You can get started with the free plan, but the paid plans (starting from $15/month) include more QR codes, landing pages, and so on. landing page

Looking for a simple and free Linktree alternative for your Instagram profile? has your back. 

If you just need the core features of a bio link tool, look no further – promises to give you a single link to rule all of your social media links and profiles. 


Compared to other Linktree alternatives on our list, might seem a bit basic on the surface. 

The free plan gives you unlimited links, 1 pre-designed site design, and 1 account overall. The paid versions give more freedom when it comes to customizing your landing page design, having multiple accounts, and access to analytics. 

You won’t get a custom domain, Messenger links, or things like payment links. As far as an Instagram marketing platform goes, is a basic link in bio landing page tool for users and creators who want to streamline their social inks in general. 


  • Great for beginners. If you’re new to Instagram bio links, offers a simple no-nonsense service for a single link to include on your social media platforms. 
  • Ready-made landing page templates. has plenty of templates to choose from, saving you time and effort when it comes to designing your microsite. 
  • Unlimited links. Like many other link in bio tools, with you can have as many links on your landing page as you like. 

Pricing: Get started with the free plan, choose from the individual paid plans (starting from $9/per month), or opt for the enterprise plans if you’re an agency or a bigger company. 

7. Pallyy

Pallyy landing page

Pallyy is by far one of the best Linktree alternatives for agencies looking for comprehensive social media marketing tools. 

Marketing itself as the Instagram post scheduler tool, Pallyy’s repertoire also includes: 

  • Bio link tool
  • Instagram feed planner
  • Instagram comments tool
  • Comprehensive Instagram toolkit

And other useful tools that make the life of social media agencies an awful lot easier. 


Unlike many other tools mentioned here, Pallyy caters to not just Instagram accounts when it comes to content scheduling but also covers Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok. 

It’s an ideal solution for a brand that is serious about taking over its social media channels or agencies that serve various niches and platforms depending on the project and client. 

Being easy to use, Pallyy makes sure that even if you get stuck, there are plenty of resources available for you to make the most out of your social media marketing. 

Pallyy also offers in-built analytics for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Because of this, it’s definitely a tool that helps you understand your Instagram audience better and create, say, Instagram stories that truly make a difference to your conversion rates. 


  • Best Linktree alternative for agencies. If you’re managing multiple social media accounts and campaigns, Pallyy’s scheduling and analytics tools will save you time and money. 
  • Scheduling is available for individuals. You don’t have to be a business owner to enjoy Pallyy – in fact, the free plan focuses on social media scheduling exclusively. 
  • Bio link – Instagram grid style. Pallyy doesn’t just offer microsites for your social links – you can make your link page in the same grid style as your Instagram feed. 

Pricing: Choose between the free plan or paid plans for both individuals and agencies alike (from $15/month per social set). 

8. LynxInBio

Lynxinbio landing page

Here’s the deal: if you’re just looking for the best Linktree alternatives to create landing pages and an Instagram bio link, check out LynxInBio. 

This basic Instagram bio tool is perfect for creators who are new to the link in bio scene and need to share multiple links with their audiences across different platforms. 


As an Instagram bio tool LynxInBio does what it says on the tin: it makes it possible for users to create a landing page with multiple links and share that link in their Instagram bio or YouTube channel. 

Offering both a free plan and a premium plan, freemium users are capped to 5 links and a random URL. If you want to have as many links on your landing page as possible and use a custom domain, it’s better to opt for the premium plan from the start. 

The premium plan also offers more flexibility when it comes to customizing your microsite, too.


  • Free plan. You’d be surprised, but it’s not a given that your favorite Instagram bio link tools work on a freemium model. Thankfully, LynxInBio does, making it an accessible choice for all budgets. 
  • Track link clicks. The premium plan offers advanced click and link tracking, making it easier to understand which social links are the most appealing to your audience. 
  • Easy interface. LynxInBio is made with beginners in mind, so the tool interface is simple and easy to use. 

Pricing: Choose between a free plan and a premium plan for $5/month for complete control over your page design and all the links you could dream of. 

9. Linkjoy 

Linkjoy landing page

Here’s a Linktree alternative with a big promise: Linkjoy claims to help you get 10 times more out of your digital presence. 

Like all best Linktree alternatives, Linkjoy is much more than just a landing page builder: it’s more like a social media marketing management tool. 


If you have a serious budget to spend and need a tool that helps you manage the whole marketing process, Linkjoy could be your perfect match. 

With features such as custom script support, link retargeting, A/B testing, and meta and keyword support, you’ll be able to strategically approach your social media campaigns a make data-driven decisions. 

Linkjoy makes it easy to create a custom URL for your landing page and build credibility for your brand. Especially if you manage multiple Instagram accounts, having a simple page where you can add multiple links both streamlines and simplifies the overall user experience for your customers. 


  • GDPR conscious. If you serve the European market, Linkjoy has specific GDPR settings to help you be fully compliant with your customers’ data. 
  • Custom domains. Linkjoy doesn’t give you just one custom domain – even the lite version comes with 3 custom domains, meaning you can serve more than one Instagram profile or bio landing page. 
  • Extensive support. Unlimited links are all nice and dandy, but what if you run into problems while setting up tag links? Linkjoy offers an extensive knowledge base, as well as email and chat support for its customers. 

Pricing: The Lite version starts from $79/month, but if you need more bang for your buck, consider the Pro plan ($99/month) or the Ultimate plan ($199/month).

10. Tap Bio 

Tap Bio landing page

Looking for a tool that will help you elevate your Instagram posts? Consider opting for Tap Bio. 

Tap Bio is a standard ‘one link in profile’ tool that allows you to create a single page and add links to it, eliminating the hassle of having to update all of your social media profiles individually. 


Tap Bio brands itself as the tool that helps creators and brands connect their audiences with the things they are promoting elsewhere online. 

And thanks to its simplicity and raving reviews, it’s hard to not agree with this link in profile tool. 

The starter plan is free of charge and offers enough tools to get beginners and smaller brands off the ground, while the silver and gold plans include extras like in-built Google Analytics statistics, additional link pages, and no ads. 

All plans make it possible to add links to as many things you want to promote at any given time: you can link to your YouTube videos, your online store, or an event you’re hosting. Simply add links to your Tap Bio link page and you’re good to go. 


  • All plans feature unlimited links. Unlike some link in profile tools, Tap Bio has no caps on the number of links you can include on your link page, making it the perfect choice for folks on a budget.
  • Track link clicks and other stats. With the paid plans, you benefit from Google Analytics data to help you understand your audience behavior better and see which smart links convert, and which don’t. 
  • One link to include in all of your Instagram posts. Instead of having to remember to change the link in your Instagram bio every time you promote a new product or publish a new blog post, you can simply add the link to your Tap Bio link page and get on with your day. 

Pricing: You can get started for free, or opt for the silver or gold plans if you need statistics and additional Instagram accounts (from $5 to $12 per month). 

11. landing page

If you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur and want more from your link in bio page, consider giving a go. 

This landing page builder makes it easy to build a single page that includes all the information you want to share with potential clients, customers, and business partners. 

Features offers users a bio page and an email signature for free, making it easy to build a dedicated page that describes your brand and business in more detail. 

If you need more from your link page, the pro version gives you access to various lead capturing tools, a custom domain, zero ads, and additional pages like testimonials, a portfolio section, and the possibility to embed YouTube videos to a dedicated video page. 

Unlike many other Instagram bio and social media profile link tools on our list, is geared more towards professionals who want to complement their social media presence with an ‘about me’ page. 


  • Modern page design. No web page should look like it’s from the dawn of the internet, and that goes for link pages, too. does a good job in offering users a small selection of modern page designs to choose from. 
  • Intuitive onboarding. doesn’t simply drop you in a complicated dashboard and leave you hanging after you’ve signed up – instead, the onboarding process is fast and intuitive, and leaves you with a finished web page later. 
  • Auto-generated copy. Thanks to the AI-powered onboarding flow, you’re not stuck writing all of the copy on your ‘about me’ page yourself – instead, the AI makes clear and concise sentences based on your answers during the onboarding process. 

Pricing: Get started for free, or opt for the pro plan for $6.58 per month. 

Everlinks landing page

Everlinks makes it easy to feature unlimited links in your Instagram bio. 

Offering video embedding, links scheduling, and a rich text editor, it’s a serious contender for a Linktree alternative for creative professionals. 


Everlinks takes link landing pages one step further by focusing on offering multimedia embedding to its users. 

From embedding videos to other strings of code, like Facebook Pixel or Facebook Messenger button, you can create a truly customizable link page for your social networks. 

With Everlinks, users can also tag links that they want to appear with special animation, and use a WYSIWYG text editor for maximum flexibility. 


  • Focus on customization. From code embedding to rich text editing and a pre-made design library, Everlinks is all about creating a link page that suits your brand. 
  • Link animations. Make it easy for users to identify the most important links with link animations. 
  • Link scheduling. Save time by scheduling time-sensitive links to appear and disappear from your link page beforehand. 

Pricing: Start using Everlinks for free, or opt for the pro plan from $7/month. Agencies can also use the agency plan, with prices starting from $17/month. 

13. Campsite Bio landing page

If you need a link page tool that offers design flexibility as well as extensive link-specific functionality, Campsite Bio might be just the tool for you. 

From content warnings to different built-in integrations with many other popular tools, Campsite Bio makes it easy to manage and track your links from one place.  


Campsite Bio is a comprehensive link page tool that helps you streamline and focus your online activities. 

With Campsite Bio, you can build a link landing page that’s an extension to your brand elsewhere online. Display your links and content on your link page in carousels or use dividers to organize different sections of your page. 

You can embed social media feeds and videos to your landing page, and use forms to collect more details about your visitors. 

The extensive integrations from Google Analytics to Mailchimp and Spotify help you connect all of your online accounts and make the overall user experience seamless and easy.


  • Integrations for everyone. Want to use Facebook Pixel to re-target those users who visit your Campsite Bio page? Go for it. Want to collect traffic data from your link page to Google Analytics? Easy – with dozens of integrations to choose from, Campsite Bio makes it easy to make data-driven decisions regardless of the tools you’re using. 
  • Content warnings. Add sensitive content warnings to your links to comply with the terms and conditions of the social networks you’re using. 
  • Feed embedding. Your link page doesn’t need to be bleak and uninspiring. Embed  YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo videos, among others, or connect your Campsite Bio profile with Blogger, Medium, or Tumblr to inject some personality to your page.  

Pricing: Choose between the free forever plan or go pro from $7 per month and get more features and statistics. 

How to choose the best Linktree alternatives for you?

With so many alternatives out there, how are you meant to know which one is the best for your business and brand? 

After all, most social media platforms don’t support multiple links in your bio section. 

The right alternative for you depends on your needs and what you’re looking for. You can ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you value simplicity and ease of use over a complicated dashboard with lots of features? 
  • How much do you want to be able to change and customize the design of your landing page? 
  • What’s your budget? Do you need a simple tool to do the job, or do you have a few dollars to spare every month? 
  • Do you plan on scaling your business anytime soon? 
  • How much data do you want to have access to? 

Ideally, no matter what you’re doing online, you should be thinking about growing your brand and business in the future. 

And to do that in the most effective way, you’re better off with a fully-fledged website you can customize to suit your needs at any given moment in time.

Since Zyro is a one-for-all pitstop when it comes to website builders, you can create a landing page with unlimited links for your link in bio. 

But, later on, Zyro allows you to grow and create landing pages for different things, from online store pages to a blog and other more advanced features like SEO and custom code. 

So, which Linktree alternatives are best for you?

Rather than displaying a random URL and having to change the one link in your social media bios every single time you upload new YouTube videos, Linktree alternatives make it easy to curate all the important links for your brand to one landing page. 

Depending on your plans for the future and current budget constraints, there are plenty of options for people looking to create bespoke landing pages for their online content. 

Whether you have an Instagram account only, or an online business with a presence on various social media platforms, the right link in bio tool should fit your budget and have the right customization options for your needs. 

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