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3 Wise Marketing Tactics to Boost Christmas Online Sales

Christmas marketing tactics

Gold, frankincense, and myrrh might make decent gifts for the infant messiah, but they’re a questionable offering for anyone hoping to cash in on the shopping rush in the days before Christmas. 

Christmas represents not only the busiest shopping season of the year but also the most competitive among traditional and online retailers. 

To make sure that your brand gets noticed by the right people at the right time in the run-up to the festive season, we advise you pull out all the stops. 

Here are Zyro’s 3 Christmas marketing tactics which we suggest you try out this year. 

1. Target holiday-related keywords 

It’s worth remembering that Christmas shopping is hard, and loads of potential customers will actually have little to no idea of what they want to buy for most of the people they need to gift to. 

While the rest of the year-round, your SEO strategy might be to target keywords directly related to your product, service, or industry, during the holiday season you may find it more effective to target broader keywords related to Christmas.

Person writing a blog on a laptop

It’ll help you attract traffic with a high intention of making a purchase. 

Conduct keyword research

Like all effective SEO projects, the targeting of Christmas themed keywords starts off with you finding out the most effective keywords for you to target. 

You might start off by brainstorming likely keywords yours. For example, if your demographic is men aged 35-60, you might list keywords like:

  • Christmas gifts for men
  • What to get dad for Christmas
  • Best presents for men

Think about what you would search for if you were buying for your target demographic. 

You can expand out your list of target keywords using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs. These tools will help suggest related keywords to the ones you’ve already identified. 

Write Blogs 

Once you’ve got your keywords identified, you might want to start creating blog content related to your Christmas keywords. 

Try to think up blog topics that will not only help you fit in your keywords, but also offer genuine value to users who come to read them. 

You might base blogs around concepts like:

  • Lists of unique gift ideas (including suggestions from your own store
  • Tips of the top-selling gifts from previous years
  • Product comparisons of items that make good gifts 
  • Reviews of products  
  • Tips on identifying the right gifts for the right people 

Create landing pages

As well as creating blog content that appeals to specific keywords, you might also want to create landing pages that appeal to the same keywords. 

Build a website with Zyro banner

While blog content is great for casting a wide net and sucking up traffic, landing pages should be more clearly focused on driving conversions. 

If you’re designing landing pages that use your target keywords, make sure to include clear calls to action and design the layout to drive users to make a purchase. Be sure to also make everything as festive as possible; this is a seasonal landing page after all. 

2. Run an advent campaign

One of the most effective marketing techniques is to create urgency by giving customers the impression that there is a limited time to make a purchase. 

Luckily, with Christmas, there’s literally a built-in countdown that covers the whole period leading up: advent. 

Advent Christmas Gift

Why not run a campaign which counts down the time from the start of December all the way to Christmas, all the while offering opportunities to make purchases. 

Run it as an email campaign 

If you have a decent-sized database of customers who have already made a purchase from you, you can take advantage of these contacts to run your campaign via email. 

While a daily email is most likely going to lead to a bunch of recipients unsubscribing, regular emails throughout the advent period reminding customers of the deals you have on and inviting them to purchase will help create pressure to purchase. 

You could even provide recipients with a unique promotional code with each email so they feel they’re getting a good deal. 

Run it as a social media campaign 

Social media is another place where an advent campaign would be particularly effective.

Not only is it possible to post each day with news about the most recent deals, but your target audience is less likely to feel like they’re being spammed. 

You can integrate visuals or even video into your posts, making the entire series a multi-media treat. 

Use an on-site calendar 

Advent calendars are what create the most hype for kids in the countdown to Christmas. You can tap into this same energy by providing visitors which a visual countdown to Christmas on your website. 

You really just need a calendar or countdown timer to give a sense of time ticking down until the big day. 

3. Offer gift bundles 

While lots of us will treat ourselves with a little something around the holidays, the fact remains that the majority of shopping in the lead up to Christmas is for gifting. 

Bundle and discount 

The first step in putting together a killer Christmas bundle is to identify which products you should include. 

Pink makeup brand product display

Here’s a sneaky tip for you: if you have products you’ve been struggling to sell all year, bundle them up with some more popular products to encourage sales. 

Once you know what you’re selling, all you need to do is decide on the price. Remember, you need consumers to feel like they’re getting a great deal from you, but you also need to turn a profit. 

Try and discount the bundle as much as you can without ripping yourself off in the process. 

Tell the world

There’s really no point greeting a killer gift bundle if you then keep news of the package to yourself. 

After you’ve decided which products to include in the package, and how much of a deal you’re going to offer, it’s important to then share news of the bundle with your customers. 

  • Make a big deal about it in social media posts
  • Email existing customers promoting the deal 
  • Run ads that make mention of the package
  • Create a video of someone unpacking the bundle 
  • Send a sample package to some influencers
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