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Now Or Never: Catching The Moment With Millaw Kids

Millaw Kids Cover Image

Milda Šimkuvienė is the brains behind Millaw Kids. A handmade children’s clothing business focused on getting the basics right.

At first, Milda was losing sleep about even letting people know that she was thinking about making a website, let alone starting a business.

Now, with the gloom of a return to the 9-5 on the horizon, Milda is selling out faster than she can make orders.

Here is the story of how Millaw Kids used a Zyro website to capture that now or never moment.

I know the struggle is real

When you’re raising two boys, trying to find quality clothes that will last longer than a couple of months can be a real struggle.

Couple that with the fact that I’m on maternity leave right now, and I have been with my kids 24/7 for the last three and a half years…

I needed something to take my mind off the kids. 

That was the moment when it all came together.

It’s now or never

Starting my own business has been on my mind for the last couple of years. 

Something was always in the way, but this was really my last shot.

I knew that as soon as I was back in my 9-5 that I would never do it. There was just no way that I would have the time or the energy to get it off the ground. 

So, with my maternity leave ending in a few months, I knew that I had to take it.

My kids are the final seal of approval

Millaw Kids Online Store

I am not a professional seamstress or anything, but it has always been a hobby, and I guess that the experience paid off.

Honestly, most of it is about knowing what kids actually need.

Soft. Oversize. Unisex. Comfortable. That’s all there is to it.

It is hand made here in Lithuania, and I really take my time to focus on the quality. 

I want to make something for everyone

Right at the start, I had the idea that every child should be able to wear any of the clothes.

My sizes run a little bit larger than regular kid’s clothes – and they definitely last longer – so my kids are usually happy to share.

The clothes are totally gender-neutral, and that was important to me too. I don’t like this old-fashioned thinking that one person should wear one thing or not.

You can give it to a sister or a brother or to your friends once your kids have grown out of it, and everyone will be happy.

I had even been thinking about doing some clothes for adults as well.

It’s time to make my website and start selling 

Millaw Kids Vitamin Sweatshirt

To be honest, I don’t know anything about making websites. All I knew was that I needed a platform where I could get it done.

I found Zyro, and I made my website, and it was effortless to use. I think I was done in around two days, from start to finish.

You can see on my website that I don’t make many things, but I try to make them well. A couple of sweaters, a few sweatshirts and that’s it. 

I didn’t need something super fancy I needed something that would work for me. Making clothes is still my hobby and with Zyro, I didn’t feel like I had started a business because it didn’t feel like work.

I’m not watching the clock anymore

I’m more motivated now than ever.

I have only had my website for a couple of months, but things are already starting to take off.

I can remember the first order on my website – someone bought a sweatshirt – and I was so happy and so excited.

I never felt that feeling before.

Now, I’m always checking in on my website and the app on my phone to see how things are going. 

I couldn’t sleep at night

It seems crazy now that my sweatshirts are selling out and shops in Finland are ordering in more stock.

But those first couple of days after I had first made my website were so scary.

All I could think about was that no one was going to care and that no one was going to want to buy anything from me.

To be honest, I didn’t make a lot of sweatshirts at the start because I just wanted to give it a try.

I didn’t want to invest too much money or time before I knew if people would be interested in it.

I was so surprised because now I’m totally sold out – I have to make things so fast because I’m getting so many orders. 

I’m only selling what I have


It’s essential to stay within your means – if I don’t have the materials to make something, I am sold out. 

I’m not thinking about taking pre-orders or doing anything too hard, and it’s similar with the website.

At first, I was thinking about Shopify and Wix, comparing them, but I finally chose Zyro because it looked easy for me to use.

The whole point of the business was just to do it finally.

All I want is that I’m making it, and I feel happy. I have a lot of ideas but not a lot of time. And at the end of the day, I’m just having fun with it.

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Damien is a self-professed, semi-obsessed, word-freak that wants nothing more than to tell small-business stories in a big way. Always scouring the market to find the right tools for the job, he is focused on finding creative ways to bring them to the people. When not writing, Damien is known to be a massive music bore, amateur-radio enthusiast, and woodland wanderer.

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