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16 Modern Logo Ideas: Unforgettable Brands that Changed the Game

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A picture paints a thousand words, but you know that nobody has the time for that.

Let’s just say that brands like Google are not out there writing essays.

Modern logos that have a maximum visual impact are based on research. Like, how many colors should a modern logo have?

And really, what exactly is so special about the color blue? Or geometric shapes? 

So, get ready to be inspired and put your game face on as we zoom in on the best modern logos and show you exactly why they made them that way.

Bright colours in logos ✅

It used to be that if a business wanted to be taken seriously, it needed a logo with a classic style (and related design elements).

Since the advent of social media though, the lines between business and pleasure have become blurred and modern logo designers are taking advantage of the power of personality.

Gone are the days of greys and in its place is bold color.

These modern logo examples show you how the pros do it.


CNBC logo

The CNBC peacock logo is an example of the difference between a trend and a fad. The popular logo has been in use since 1986. 

The color palette conveys the diversity of programming on NBC which is a core part of the network’s brand identity. 

This logo is a perfect example of how bright color palettes can make a business logo seem modern even if it has been around for a long time.

2. Monday

Monday logo

The number one goal of workflow software is to make people more efficient. 

To do that, companies like Monday try to convey a brand message that work should be stimulating.

By employing bright colors in its logo design, the company is taking people’s negative feelings about going to work on a Monday morning and flipping it around.

It is a simple logo and approach but by using bright colors Monday has successfully changed the connotations of its own business name.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp logo

According to Collins – the designer who was consulted on the Mailchimp rebrand – it is easy to fall into the traps of “reductive over-simplified design trends.”

In their search for authenticity, Collins understood that Mailchimp was not just one of the biggest start-ups, but the market leader instead.

The designer wanted to show the respective owners of the organization that “growing up doesn’t mean erasing your peculiarities.”

That’s why Mailchimp’s modern logo is the best example of sheer design inspiration.

Gradient colors 👇🏾

A multicolor gradient style logo makes use of complementary hues on the color wheel that are different enough to suggest movement and change whilst retaining a coherent aesthetic quality.

Examples of logos that use color gradients in their graphic design are everywhere.

Sure, the most famous one is Instagram but many other brands use this design for the same effect.

1. Instagram

Instagram logo

In contrast to other social media platforms, Instagram has opted for a unique and colorful approach in their modern logo. 

Some have suggested that the logo represents the creative filters that users can apply to their photos, while a more likely explanation is that the icon design needs to represent the nature of the product – a picture repository, or a private photo book, if you may.

In the real world, things rarely change color rapidly. Landscapes are most often made up of subtle changes in gradient. Hence the design focus and concept for Instagram’s modern logo.

2. Tinder

Tinder logo

It’s a subtle gradient but it’s there. Simple logos work well and you would struggle to name a brand with a more recognizable modern logo than Tinder. 

Although Tinder uses a minimalist logo design, it still instantly feels modern. Since Tinder was designed for use on mobile devices, the graphic design needs to be simple enough to fit on an app icon whilst instantly showing the user what the app is all about.

In terms of modern logo design, it is a stroke of genius. Everyone around the world understands the brand identity of Tinder as soon as they see it. 

The point of the gradient in this modern logo is to convey movement, action, and change. And that’s exactly the type of unique approach what the brand is looking for 😘.

3. iTunes

iTunes logo

Apple’s flagship music software has had to transition from desktop to mobile in recent years. 

Each of the gradient logo examples has been for extremely popular apps.

More than mere logo design trends, gradients are tried and true ways to make your app symbol stand out in a sea of logos. 

Take a look at your cell phone, gradients are pretty much app logo templates by now.

Modern minimalist logos ☄️

That’s right, minimalism is still going strong.

In fact, the most common types of logos being made recently are minimalist.

But, the trend for minimalism can be traced back to the mid 20th century. 

Every professional designer has studied it. Whether it is simple geometric shapes or neutral color schemes, minimalist design is a symbol in and of itself.

So, why on earth are minimalistic logos still so popular?

Well, it works in modern logo design is because it combines all the elements that matter: functionality, elegance, and simplicity.

What more do you need?

It implies an idea that has been honed down to perfection and that is why it is as popular with real estate companies as it is with tech startups.

Minimalistic design makes for an elegant logo, effective business cards, and engaged customers. It is the gold standard for modern logo design.

1. Uber

Uber logo

Uber is the world’s most popular taxi app. As the organization has grown, it has streamlined its logo to become even more minimalistic.

It has become more confident in its market share and target audience, meaning there’s no need for complicated branding.

This modern look relying on simple typography and plenty of negative space is, in fact, a sign of strength.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb logo

Airbnb is all about ease of use. 

The business began as a modern way to make going on vacation as simple as possible and those ideas are represented in its logo design elements. 

It has a smooth concept and the name ‘Airbnb’ is represented by its modern flowing symbol.

Geometry and lines ⚛️

Symmetrical shapes are instantly recognizable and are pleasing to the eye.

It’s part of human nature and we have used geometric shapes as the foundations for almost everything we have ever built.

So, it stands to reason that geometric shapes and elements are also going to make good logo ideas.

Since it is so closely related to the natural world, geometry is among the leading design trends for natural products.

Take a look at the logo designs of these organic coffee companies for some instant inspiration.

1. The Queen

Queen logo

This organic coffee company uses a geometric logo design that is clean, simple, and more than a little bit familiar.

The overall design evokes the stripped-back nature of organic farming. It is about focusing on doing the basics right.

So, we’ve all agreed that The Queen is hardly one of the world’s most unique logos.

Still, that tongue-in-cheek reference shows a great understanding of brand identity and brand values.

Such a blatant rip-off of its mass-produced rival is sure to get a laugh out of anyone who actually cares about organic farming.

2. The Barn

Barn logo

Another geometric modern logo, and more coffee.

This time, the lines of the visual elements are given a subtle twist to add a little individuality to the template.

Designs like this are a trend in modern logos that want to appear approachable. 

The cohesive typography and modern take on overall logo design suggest a firm commitment to brand identity all the way from source to cup.

Animated, responsive logos 🙈

Animated logo design ideas can take many forms, from 3D typography to optical illusion – there is no end to the elements that you can animate.

This is more than a little bit of fun though.

All the marketing gurus out there are convinced that animated logos will be a big driver of brand performance in the near future.

Why? Well, just look at the kind of companies that use them to tell their brand’s story. 👇🏾

1. Kreatank


This modern animated logo style is one of the biggest trends of 2021.

Animation is a great method to make a logo modern while keeping your brand approachable and friendly.

Since Kreatank is a creative graphic design studio focused on creating animated logo designs it makes sense that they saved the best for themselves.

Animated logos are popular designs with startups. Many see them as a way to stand out from the crowd with a perfect logo design that is modern and quirky.

2. Hound studios


Hound studios is a video production company. So, it makes sense that their unique logo design is animated and has a bit of an optical illusion in it. 

The animated logo design is fun, friendly, and modern and instantly gives potential customers an idea of the talent of the people that work there.

If your company works in a creative field, hiring a graphic designer to create an animated logo design is among the biggest design tips in 2021.

Retro style logos ☮️

True, it might seem strange to include retro logos in a list of modern logos but you can’t deny that this style of logo design is making a comeback.

Retro logo designs are usually a way for big brands to play the nostalgia card.

However, for companies that have the history to back it up, retro logo designs can inspire authority and confidence in as few words as possible.

Take a look at our favorite modern logos with a retro twist for inspiration. 

1. Kodak

Kodak logo

Kodak’s retro logo design is iconic, even for a modern logo. 

This logo also uses color hues that are common in analog photography, and its shape is reminiscent of a roll of film, while the rounded sans-serif logo font gives the classic brand a modern edge.

If that doesn’t speak for its success then how about this: Kodak has been using this simple logo since 1987.

2. Wendy’s

Wendy's logo

The fast-food industry relies heavily on nostalgia in its branding and advertising, meaning that you’re bound to spot some retro vibes in the midst of the modern logos.

It’s real heartstrings stuff and Wendy’s modern logo design is no different.

The font used is slightly cartoonish, giving the logo a childlike, playful feel.

A retro design can make a customer feel like part of the family. When done right it brings a personal connection to a business.

Creative logos with bold typography 🆒

As a designer, bold typography is a way to make your words stand out.

Since relying on the right font has always been an effective tactic in design, creative logo designers have continued to use striking fonts when creating exceptional logos.

For example, the Facebook logo looks as if it could have been made by a free logo maker. After all, bold fonts are a big trend in modern logo design as they encourage authority. 

Get inspired by these elegant modern logo examples. 

1. Google

Google logo

Everybody knows the Google logo. It is among the most famous modern logo designs.

The iconic color scheme has recently been incorporated into a single-letter logo in old type. 

It is still so recognizable as Google, however, that even if you looked at your Google email inbox (which has a different modern logo but uses the same font), you would recognize it as Gmail.

2. Huge Inc.


Huge inc. are a digital marketing agency.

Their job is to turn a business around and get people to pay attention by creating impactful marketing campaigns and other design elements.

And how best to do that?

Show, don’t tell.

Designing a modern logo with Zyro’s AI Logo Maker

If your company is looking for options, logo makers could be exactly what you need.

There are plenty of free tools on the market that means you won’t have to worry about paying for design services and a logo maker is a great way to create a logo when you are just getting started.

Zyro’s AI Logo Maker helps you create modern logos in moments with no need for tutorials. 

Simply enter your business name and tagline and Zyro’s AI Logo Maker will create several logo templates for you to choose from.

Better yet, you can alter the logotype by choosing from a number of different options generated by powerful AI technology.

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