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We’ve Been Busy: 6 New Zyro Features and Why You Should Use Them

This was a busy month for Zyro. 

We rolled out 6 new builder features so that you can have an even better website. 

Now, you can streamline your menu into a nifty dropdown, add custom code to your header, and showcase your favorite pictures in a gallery – plus much more.

And to top things off, the days of low-resolution images are gone: our team taught its artificial intelligence (AI) tools to upscale pictures like there is no tomorrow.

Background color overlay

Background color overlay mockup

This feature allows you to manually toggle the brightness of the background of your website.

It’s now possible to use your favorite images and colors without the risk of any text becoming impossible to read. Simply adjust the brightness.

Although it might seem like a tiny update, the implications are huge: 

  • You won’t need to compromise on the type of background images or colors you’re using.
  • Changing the typography on your website won’t mean you need to spend ages adjusting the rest of your page.
  • You can make sure your header sections follow your brand style guide.

Navigation dropdowns

Navigation dropdown menu GIF

Ever dreamed of hiding all of your pages under a dropdown menu?

Dream no longer: you can now keep your menu neat and stylish without sacrificing functionality. 

This navigation feature is perfect for bigger websites with plenty of important pages.  

You can highlight the most important navigational sections of your website (think pricing pages, services and products available, and contact pages) without cluttering up your menu bar and confusing your visitors.

Plus, a dropdown menu makes the overall user experience smoother and easier to digest. 

Custom code in <head>

Custom code in header mockup

Tracking your marketing efforts just got easier, thanks to the custom code update. 

It’s now possible to add custom code (like tracking pixels and links) to your website’s header. 

And the best part is that it’s not even that complicated: you just need to copy your tracking code and paste it to a field in your website settings, and you’re ready to go. 

Talk about easy, right? 

LIghtbox feature mockup

As a visual builder, being able to use an image gallery is huge news for all Zyro users.

It allows you to showcase your favorite pictures in a dynamic gallery view, and the lightbox feature dims the background whenever a user wants to view a picture full-screen.

You’ll be able to save valuable space on your page and display your top-selling products or strongest portfolio pieces beautifully.  

And since you can add, remove, and reorder your images within the website editor, fine-tuning and making changes to reflect seasonal offers and sales is both easy and fast. 

AI Image Upscaler

AI Image Upscaler mockup

Worrying about the resolution of your images is so 2020. With our newest AI tool, you can smooth up and sharpen low-resolution pictures in a matter of minutes. 

This means that if you’re strapped for cash, you can upcycle your older pictures and use them on your website – without looking like you’re taking a trip to 2006. 

We especially recommend using the AI Image Upscaler for: 

  • Staff pictures. Giving faces to names is particularly important when you’re running an online business. If you’re not able to get a professional photographer in straightaway, use your phone to snap profile pictures of your staff – and let the AI worry about the resolution. 
  • Older portfolio pieces. Just because you’ve been in the game for a while doesn’t mean that your portfolio has to look ragged. The Image Upscaler can transform otherwise decent (but a little blurry) pictures of yesterday into Instagrammable images of today. 
  • A quick website facelift. If you’re not one for stock photography and want to quickly tidy up the look and feel of your website (without having to spend time and money arranging for new photos), the Image Upscaler can get the job done in a few minutes instead. 


Slideshow mockup GIF

This has been one of the most anticipated and requested builder features yet, and we’re proud to say that slideshows are finally here.

You can create auto-looping slideshow sections to stop visitors in their tracks. 

Add text elements to each slide and toggle the color of the navigational arrows and buttons to match your web design perfectly. 

It’s perfect for highlighting your brand values, seasonal offers, and product uses, among other things. 

What other features do you need for your website? 💭

We’re all ears when it comes to creating new features; Zyro’s all about giving you what you actually want and need. 

So, is there a website feature that you’ve been wishing to use on your Zyro website? 

You can submit your ideas to our team directly through Zyro’s roadmap and feel the pulse of what’s to come.

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Matleena is a seasoned eCommerce writer, with a particular interest in emerging digital marketing trends, dropshipping, and growth hacking. She’s addicted to coming up with new eCommerce business ideas and making them a reality; she deserves her nickname of ‘print on demand business mogul.' In her free time, she enjoys cups of good coffee, tends to her balcony garden, and studies Japanese.

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