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7 Best Business No-Code Apps and Tools

While it’s certainly true that your business will need its own online presence to fund success online, there’s no reason that your lack of knowledge writing code or lack of experience in design should hold you back. That’s where no code apps come in handy. 

No matter what kind of digital infrastructure you need — whether you’re building a website, designing workflow automations, or developing your own app — no code development solutions give you the ability to grow an online business without coding. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most professional, functional, and easy to use no code apps which can transform you from a novice to a creator in moments. 

What is a no-code platform?

Picture this: you’ve come up with an amazing business concept, and idea to improve your user experience, or a way to streamline your existing business processes. The problem is, you have no coding experience and lack the resources to pay for a developer to do the coding for you. 

Luckily, no code development tools are here to help you create your cloud based web applications through to implementation, without the need for writing code. 

This means you can use a no code app development platform without the need for software developers, and still create apps and websites that give your end users the best experience of your business. 

These solutions, which often work on a drag and drop basis, empower you to grow without relying on coding skills. 

This isn’t just about application development for user-facing purposes. You can also build a product that helps with data collection, helping manage interactions with your customers, building workflow automations, or manage the transformation of your business. 

In the list below, you’ll find 7 of the the most useful no code apps, that can help you build any application, website, or interface you need without developers. 

1. Zyro

Zyro Website Builder
Source: Zyro

Our first entry in our list of no code platforms is a no code website builder. 

Zyro allows you to create your entire website or store online with visual components, removing the need to find code solutions. 

Just because Zyro is a no code app, that doesn’t mean Zyro websites are simple. You can create websites with professional design, powerful marketing and eCommerce solutions, and easy to use SEO tools. 

This no code development application allows anyone to design and build a beautiful website from their browser. 

Key Zyro info:

  • Zyro plans start from $2.90 per month
  • Business and online stores from Zyro start at $4.90 per month 
  • Zyro is a visual website builder 
  • Zyro gives your business all all the tools it needs to succeed online
  • You can add custom code to Zyro websites but don’t have to
  • You need to purchase a domain to publish a Zyro website

2. Adalo

Source: Adalo

Like Zyro, Adalo is a no code, drag and drop builder, but instead of websites, Adelo allows you to build entire mobile apps without writing code. 

This no code development solution for apps allows you to create reusable blocks which you can drag around to design your interface for mobile applications with ease. 

Any business idea can become a reality at the hands of citizen developers, who can create apps in just a few simple steps. The backend of your app is easy to manage to; if you can use basic spreadsheets, you’ll be able to make use of all of Adalo’s resources. 

Key Adalo info:

  • You can explore Adalo for free or pay $50 per month for a basic plan 
  • Business plans start at $200 per month
  • You can publish Adalo apps on Google Play and the App Store
  • Adalo is community-based, with users able to share their projects 
  • Adalo features over 25 reusable blocks and dozens of dynamic actions

3. Thunkable 

Source: Thunkable

Here’s another example of the new breed of application development platforms that lets you build mobile and web apps with no code. 

Thunkable is one of those startups that focuses on easy of use, and has made loads of helpful guide documents to help people building apps. 

Among its no code tools, Thunkable offers the ability for anyone to design seamless animations for actions on your app. This is one thing that helps it stand out from other app platforms. 

Key Thunkable info:

  • You can start using Thunkable for free
  • Pro pricing plans start at $21 per month
  • Build one app that works natively on iOS, Android, and web
  • There are a number of pre-built templates you can use to give you a head start with your app
  • Thunkable is a drag and drop app without the need for coding

4. Glide

Source: Glide

Glide is an app development platform that pulls data input from your Google spreadsheets.  

You build your apps visually, without any coding, then the platform takes info from your Google sheets to populate your app. Since they’re pulling directly from your Google sheets, they always stay synced and up to date with your data. 

Customers can build both web apps and apps for iOS and Android all at the same time. 

Key Glide info:

  • You can start building a personal app for free with limited tools
  • For $32 per month you can get a Pro plan with a lot more tools and resources
  • Glide products look unique thanks to extensive customization tools 
  • Its direct link to existing Google sheets makes data management easier
  • Glide allows for easy team collaboration on desktop and mobile 

5. Webflow

Source: Webflow

Here’s another way to build websites without the need to code. 

Webflow is a little more complicated to use than the other development platforms mentioned in this list, but you still don’t need to touch a line of code if you don’t want to. 

The platform doesn’t just help you build, either. Your website can be hosted through Webflow thanks to Amazon’s web services. 

Key Webflow info:

  • You can use a free version of Webflow with limited products for ever
  • Paid plans start at $12 for basic or $36 for business each month
  • Webflow can act as a basic builder, a CMS, or a way to manage eCommerce
  • It is one of the best know no code apps
  • While webflow requires no coding, its build and design tools may be hard to use for the inexperienced

6. bubble

Source: bubble

If you don’t need a full mobile app that works across multiple platforms, you could try our bubble, which allows people with no coding experience or knowledge of a programming language to create fully functional web applications. 

Bubble allows you to create free, prototype versions of your app before going into full production so you can see how it will perform before making a big investment.

When your applications are built with bubble, you have a constantly updated, robust infrastructure behind your product that will support the ongoing transformation of your business.  

Key bubble info:

  • There’s a free version of bubble and personal plans start at $25 per month 
  • Professional price plans start at $115 per month 
  • bubble provides tools to very easily control the way data is managed on apps
  • The user experience of apps built on bubble can be designed the way you want them
  • There are tons of other tools, APIs, and integrations you can use alongside bubble 

7. Voiceflow

Source: Voiceflow

Voiceflow helps your team prototype and create applications for launching voice actions or voice and chat bots. 

It operates in a similar way to the other apps mentioned above, but instead of creating sites or apps as you normally understand them, Voiceflow might help you create a chat bot, create functions for Google Assistants, generate in-car assistants, or any of the other voice tools we use in everyday life. 

The UX of Voiceflow is a little more complicated than the easy drag and drop builders in the list, but the process is relatively similar. You can start with something simple, and decide what input should trigger what action. 

Key Voiceflow info

  • You can use Voiceflow for personal projects for free 
  • Professional price plans start at $40 per month 
  • Voiceflow is all about creating memorable user experiences for your business
  • The process of creating voice apps with Voiceflow is straightforward but time consuming
  • It helps to use this platform if you know something about data already

Which no-code app builder is best for you?

So now it’s decision time. Which no code app option you choose to use is going to depend entirely on which action you want to achieve. With this in mind, check out our picks for the biggest apps categories below. 

Best for web development 

If you want to build a website without the hassle of coding, the easiest, fastest, and most affordable choice is the Zyro builder. 

With its beautiful templates, simple to use customisation tools, and powerful marketing integrations, this is definitely among the best apps for web development. 

Best for web apps 

Need to create apps for desktop and mobile browsers? We recommend you try out bubble. 

The customisation options are so extensive, that you can create a totally unique UX for your app visitors without looking like all the other web app products out there. 

Best for mobile apps 

For a quick start in mobile app development, we think Adalo is your best choice. 

This builder stands out primarily because of its ease of use. Each step in the building process is so simple, it quickly makes citizen developers out of all of us. 

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