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Doing Good Feels Good: Run Your Non-Profit on Zyro for Free

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For months now, we have wrangled with the decision on whether Zyro should have a slogan. And if it did have one, what would it be? 

Our unofficial slogan-in-progress is this – ‘Zyro gives a darn about you.’

Ok, ‘darn’ isn’t the exact word that we’ve come up with… 🙊 But it just goes to show with what determination and tirelessness we obsess about our clients here.

We want to make every idea of theirs happen online, from launching an online store to running email campaigns for it, and everything in between. 

And we don’t want geographic location, or one’s lack of skills or resources to prevent someone from becoming successful online. 

That’s why launched our Zyro Creates Zyro initiative recently, allowing non-profits to get free access to our website and online store builder. 

Interested? Contact our customer success team with your story to apply. 

Then, read on to find out about the very first non-profit that we’ve supported here at Zyro and about our festive initiative that’s launching soon

This non-profit is out of this world 🌎🌹

Roziu Planeta Online Store Screenshot

Even though we want Zyro’s services to be available to everyone in the world, we thought that starting local was the right first step. 

So when ‘Rožių Planeta’ (Lithuanian for The Planet of Roses) got in touch to ask whether they’d be able to create an eCommerce website with Zyro for free, we immediately said yes.

It’s a charity that runs summer camps and weekend activities for autistic children, as well as children with other spectrum disorders. Kids from the ages of 3 all the way to 20 learn how to socialize in groups, visit public places, and discover their passions in life.

“Needless to say, autism causes many difficulties for a family. Not only is there still the societal stigma in Lithuania – autistic kids are often considered rude and their parents are judged for not being able to manage them well in public,” says Rita Karvelienė, the coordinator of ‘Rožių Planeta.’

Eventually, these kids run into the problem of developing skills, and having a professional path in life. 

That’s why the non-profit take a highly individualised approach to each of the children, since everyone’s needs are varied.

“Through music and art therapy and through working in groups, the children develop the many skills they need to thrive in a society. Some even pick up new skills that they could eventually monetize in life, e.g. making coffee or putting together bouquets of flowers.” 

With hopes of the kids that they support becoming self-sufficient members of the society, ‘Rožių Planeta’ has launched their online store.

In it, they sell a variety of home decor items, self-care products, and other goods that will help support their charity cause and help even more children and their families. 

And we sure hope they can use their new online store to their best advantage. 

Gift your non-profit a website this Christmas

Zyro Creates Zyro - Festive Event

Although ‘Rožių Planeta’ was the first stepping stone on Zyro’s social responsibility journey, we’re definitely not going to stop there. 

So, how would you like to get your non-profit organization online? 

It could help you spread your message further and wider, attract donations, or you could even start selling products online – just as ‘Rožių Planeta’ has done. 

The great news is that we have a festive season project running here at Zyro, where we will design and build websites or online stores for our chosen non-profits, all for free of course.


Submit your non-profit organization for us to consider via this form, or contact our customer success team.

Not only will we give you access to our website builder for free (including a free domain and web hosting), but we will fully design the website, produce content, and build it for you too. 

We will base our decision not on some solidly formed criteria, but on the overall impact that the non-profit organization has in their local community, so make sure to describe it really well. 

Now, go on and tell everyone about the good that you do, and we’ll be right here helping you spread the word. 

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